Life with Derek

Season 4 Episode 1

Two Kisses One Party

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Two Kisses One Party
Derek refuses to help out with Marti's birthday party despite being asked by Sally. Casey wants to get back together with Max, but he is hesitant about the whole idea.

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  • This episode is when Derek Doesn't want to help Sally with Marti's B-day party and Casey Wants an official closer with Max then wants to get back together.but then Max doesn't want to get back together because he is with somebody else.moreless

    I love this episode. I really only watch Life With Derek because of Max(Robbie Amell).He is so HOT!But other than that I love the show!It's hilarious.Its the best show on Disney Channel. i try to look over the Guide on the tv and go over to the next Date to see if life with Derek is on the next day with Max on it.and thats why i love it alll soo much.I lovee itt. i love casey i l;ove derek i love lizz,i love edwin, i love marti, i love MAXXX.(FAV. CHARACTER)i love Gerorge, i love Nora, well not so much the parents.lolmoreless
  • Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................

    It is Marti's eighth birthday, and Nora is feeling over worked, so Sally volunteers to throw Marti a princess birthday party. She wants Derek to help, but the stubborn boy refuses to every time she asks. Sally is very annoyed with him, not helping his little sister. Casey has lingering feelings for Max, and Sally suggests closure. She meets him at a hallway at school and tries to give him all of his stuff back, but he won't accept anoy of it, he says it is all Casey's now, and that she should keep it. But, it's still closure. Then, Casey says she wants to get back together with him! Max shows up at Marti's party and the two talk, they decide it would not be a good idea for them to go out with each other again. They are just too different. Sally finally gets Derek to help at the party, and the two stop fighting. Marti has a great party, with Derek as her perfect wizard big bro!moreless
  • Poor Casey

    This episode was both pain full to watch and silly at the same time. The pain full thing about it was that Casey and Max don't get back together and the silly part was that George was afraid of a girls party and all the girls at Marti's party were having a cruch on Edwin which was pretty cool. Derek is such a jerk in this episode to Sally and poor Sally that she has to deal with Derek not helping Marti with her party which is bad then later when they talk Derek decideds to help them with the party. This episode gets a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • A great season-opener.

    I think this is going to be one of the best episodes of Season 4. I absolutley loved this episode because I love Sally & I know she is going to be in most of the season. I really hope Sally & Derek do nnot break up. Mrti looked so diferent. I loved how Sally tried to fdo the pary by herself, & everyone was having relationship problems. I really liked it when Casey yeels out "Or we can get back together" That was so funny. Even though I don't really like the whole Max/Casey relationship, it was still really sad, Max is such a jerk though. A great way to start the season.moreless
Loren Amaral

Loren Amaral

Little Girl

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Nicole Samantha Huff

Nicole Samantha Huff


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Shadia Simmons

Shadia Simmons

Emily Davis

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Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell

Max Miller

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Kate Todd

Kate Todd


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    • Max: Casey, when you said you needed a break, it hurt and I kinda moved on.
      Casey: Moved on as in stopped thinking about me?
      Max: Moved on, as in... I started seeing someone else. I'm sorry.
      Casey: No, no, don't be. It's just, I... I feel so bad about what happened and... I still really like you.
      Max: I never stopped liking you Casey. I just stopped going out with you.

    • Yvette: Hi Prince Edwin.
      Edwin: Prince?
      Yvette: You know, I'm old for my age.
      Edwin: Okay.
      Yvette: My dad is ten years older than my mum and they're married.
      Edwin: You want to get married?
      Yvette: Okay!

    • Sally: Still can't believe that he would refuse to help out with his own sister's birthday party. You know, maybe he's not the guy I thought he was.
      Casey: Sounds exactly like the guy I know he is.

    • Casey: Ah! The fabulous sport of boy-watching.
      Emily: If only they had boy watching instead of square-dancing in gym.

    • Sally: Will you organize a game? Please? For me?
      Edwin: Ah! You know I can't say no to you.
      Derek: Really? 'Cause I can.

    • Casey: Carrots, celery, cheese strings and fruit bars? Ah, George, not to sound like a royal pain, but those aren't so... Princessy.
      George: You're right, you're right. I forgot the hard-boiled eggs.

    • Edwin: Welcome to Princess Marti's party. And you are...?
      Yvette: Yvette. And you're cute.
      Edwin: Thank you. Um, may I take your cape, Princess Yvette?
      Yvette: And a gentleman too.

    • Casey: Uh, princesses don't jump on the furniture in their own palace.
      Marti: Princesses can do whatever they want 'cause they rule the kingdom.

    • Sally: George, do you know where Nora left the loot bags?
      George: What loot bags?
      Sally: No loot bags? There have to be loot bags!
      George: I know! I know! I could just give out some dimes, hm? Postage stamps. Kids, they love stamps!

    • Edwin: (answering the doorbell) Announcing the arrival of princess... Max?

    • (Max and Derek are turning the jump rope for the party goers)
      Max: Then what are we doing?
      Derek: I don't know.
      Little Girl: (gives Derek another jump rope) I know! Double Dutch!
      Derek: Double who?

    • George: I went to the dollar store and I got 14 mugs for the loot bags, 14 hand towels and 14 fridge magnets!
      Marti: Well, the loot bags Nora left in my room were better.
      George: Oh for Pete's sake.

    • Marti: Guess what? My eighth birthday is this weekend!
      Sally: It is? Well, what are we going to get Marti?
      Derek: I dunno.
      Marti: Don't ask Derek. He gets me a big fat nothing.
      Derek: That's not true. I signed the card last year.
      Edwin: Actually, no! I signed it for you.

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