Life with Louie

FOX (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Project: Mother's Day

      Ora gets very sick and no one can help her around the house because she always does the most hard jobs at home. So, Louie must help her around the house.But if he does that,he will have no time to get a present for his mother because it's Mother's day.

    • Do it or Donut
      Do it or Donut
      Episode 12
    • Blinded By Love
      Blinded By Love
      Episode 11
      Louie falls in love with a girl at school.
    • Family Portrait
      Family Portrait
      Episode 10
      The Anderson family decides that they will take a family picture but Louie and Tommy decide that they don't want to participate in the family picture.
    • The Kiss is the Thing
      Louie gets his first kiss.
    • Close Encounters of the Louie Kind
    • Mr. Louie's Wild Ride
      The Anderson family decides to go to Sniffer Land.But it is very far.On their way,they were in danger,they had a lot of fun.They traveled by train,but it broke,then they travel by plane,by bus,by ballon...But the most exciting part was when Louie fell in the water and snake almost bite him!When they manage to Sniffer land,it was closed.But that doesn't matter,because Louie actually had the most exciting vacation of all kids in the town.moreless
    • Louie's Harrowing Halloween
      Louie recalls a Halloween from when he was a kid.
    • The Undergraduate
      Louie's teacher is sick,so new teacher arrives,Mrs.Robertson.She is very pretty and every boy falls in love with her.To get her for himself,Louie starts to read books like Romeo and Juliet.Now he knows everything about that and Mrs.Robertson starts to like him very much.But when Andy finds about that,he goes to the principal to tell her she must fire the new teacher.But he actually finds out that she also knows much about wars.So,he helps her.and she is now hired at the Military Academy.moreless
    • Go Packers
      Go Packers
      Episode 4
      Louie and his father attend a football game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.
    • Military Reunion
      Military Reunion
      Episode 3
      It's Military Reunion,and teacher of history wants from kids to write their report about thair parents when they were in war.Louie is so happy,beacuse dad will be so proud of him when he tells him all the story about the war.When he tells him,Louie writes a lot of notebooks about Andy in war.When he reads it at school,everybody is impressed,but Melvin proves that's impossible.So,Louie actually finds out that that story isn't correct.For the finale,Military Reunion is opened,but the fire starts to burn on the ship,and Andy saves the ship.Other military men recognize him and Louie finds out the real story about his father.moreless
    • The Making of a President
      It's election day.There are three candidates,Melvin,Toddler and Mike.Louie is Mike's campaign manager.But,he doesn't know what to do now.So he asks his his parents for help.While he is lookinf for help,Andy is bowling with his friends.He tells Louie that he isn't loser because Andersons often lose,he tells him that he's a winner.Mike's idea is that they mustn't eat lima beans for lunch in cafeteria,while Toodler's idea is that reces must be longer.Anyway,Melvin wins so neither Toodler gets anything,neither Mike.moreless
    • Louie's Gate
      Louie's Gate
      Episode 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 1