Life with the Lyons

BBC (ended 1960)


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Life with the Lyons

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Life with the Lyons stars the American husband and wife duo Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels. Long resident in Britain, Lyon and Daniels came over in 1935 after having both enjoyed successful movie careers in Tinseltown, where they were known as 'Hollywood's happiest married couple. In Britain they became just as popular in films and several successful radio series, which included Life with the Lyons, a family sit-com that also featured their real-life children, Barbara and Richard. Not wanting to miss the chance of making yet another film with built-in audience appeal, Hammer secured the movie rights from the BBC. The film proved successful enough to provoke a sequel, The Lyons in Paris, which appeared the following year. The result was a cheap but cheerful romp centred on the Lyons family moving into their new home. They create such chaos that the landlord refuses to sign the lease. They try to persuade him, but disasters pile one on top of another. After a broken chandelier, a flooded basement, parties, craters in the garden, explosions in the kitchen, the landlord finally relents and signs the lease. -------------------------------------- Written by: Bebe Daniels, Bob Block, Ronnie Hanbury, Bob Ross, Richard Waring, Bill Harding Directed by: John Phillips, Joan Kemp-Welch --------------------------- Company credits: Production Companies * Associated-Rediffusion Television (1955-1956) * British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (1957-1960)moreless