Season 2 Episode 10

Evil...and His Brother Ziggy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2008 on NBC
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A sheriff's deputy is found dead on an Indian reservation, Crews and Reese are in the middle of a turf war between Tribal police and the county sheriff's department. The team learns that the victim was not well-liked on the reservation. Meanwhile, Crews attends a fundraiser thrown by Mickey Rayborn, one of Crews' suspects involved in the conspiracy against him.moreless

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  • A great episode with loads of drama as well as genuinely funny moments.

    What an excellent episode of Life served up to us this week! The relationship between Tidwell and Reese brought a huge number of laughs. The main story set on the reservation was almost overshadowed by the Reese and Tidwell story. The scene where Tidwell phones up was hilarious and Charlie's reactions were absolutely priceless.

    The main story is also moving along now thanks to the scenes with Mickey Rayborn. Rachel also made an appearance after being absent for a while. Ted admitted he's in love with Charlie's father's fiancee. Realy this episode had everything your heart could desire in a cop show of tis calibre.moreless
  • Cool stuff

    So the plot is really leaping along this week. I felt this is a good episode. Its interesting because the characters are out of their normal environment. Tidwell and Reese are now clearly having a relationship, which Charlie has now discovered. I like that Charlie deals with it by not mentioning it or dealing with it at all. It seems very Charlie to me. Charlie is also making progress on the conspiracy. I look forward to seeing who is involved in the conspiracy and how they stole the money. Life is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Can't wait until next week.moreless
  • Dude!

    Hahaha! Tidwell putting his foot in his mouth is simply delightful. And how he does it repeatedly is pure comic heaven. Have to say that his short hair is weird.

    Phone: Crewes' face when he answers the phone was incredible. More where that came from, please.

    Dinner table: That is a series classic moment. All 4 people around a table spilt their secrets on poor Crewes. "White people!" - how apt.

    Zen?!: Crewes sees the dead sheriff everywhere. Possibly due to the bump on the head from being kidnaped? Interesting angle to something uber-surreal - I would love to see more of it!

    Eval: Well written plot. I really liked the parallel to Crewes-Rachel.

    Main plot: So much went on that I forgot all about the kidnapping and the cliff hanger. Will be interesting to hear what happens next.

    This show is getting to some serious highs. I want Rachel to get more air time, and the main story to take more of a back-seat. More Zen also - it is not too much to ask!moreless
Adam Arkin

Adam Arkin

Ted Earley

Donal Logue

Donal Logue

Captain Kevin Tidwell (Season 2-)

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

Charlie Crews

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi

Dani Reese

Brent Sexton

Brent Sexton

Bobby Stark

William Atherton

William Atherton

Mickey Rayborn

Guest Star

Timilee Romolini

Timilee Romolini


Guest Star

Malaya Rivera Drew

Malaya Rivera Drew


Guest Star

Jessy Schram

Jessy Schram

Rachel Seybolt

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Tidwell: Eval wanted to hire the gunsmith to work on the reservation full time converting rifles.
      Crews: As in converting semi-automatic rifles to fully automatic?
      Tidwell: No, he was hopping to convert them to Judaism.

    • Ted: I'm in love with Olivia, Charlie. I'm in love with the woman who's going to marry your father.

    • Whitehat (talking about Rachel): This isn't your daughter?
      Charlie: No. She's not my niece. And there's not a boy not playing the guitar on the other end of a phone call.

    • (The phone rings.)
      Charlie: Phone's ringing.
      Dani (from the shower): Well can't you get it?
      Charlie: I don't think I can. Phone.
      Dani: Crews, answer the phone.
      Charlie: Reese I really don't think I can.
      Dani (coming out of the bathroom): Oh what's wrong with you? You can't pick up the phone? God, is everything with you something? Is it a Zen thing to not pick up the phone? (She picks up the phone.) Hello.
      Tidwell: Why did you hang up on me? I was just asking about your panties.
      Dani: I didn' hang up on you. I was just in ... (She trails off and looks at Charlie.)

    • (The phone rings and Charlie picks it up.)
      Tidwell: You wearing those little purple panties? Oh, wait. You can't be wearing them because you left them here and I have them right in my little hand -
      (Charlie slams down the phone.)

    • Charlie: Thirty percent of our food supplies are dependent on bee polination. Fruits, nuts, vegetables. All need bees.
      Dani: I'm pretty sure you don't need bees to make a bacon cheeseburger.

    • Dani: That guy's got his hand in a beehive, you'd think that would be something you'd try to avoid.

    • Charlie: The taxi wants us to come indulge ourselves. Reese, when was the last time you indulged yourself? (She looks away and does not answer). Using only the tools the taxi provides, I have found out something new about my partner.

    • Charlie (looking at the blood and the ants): Using only the tools that Mother Nature provides, I found a clue.
      Whitehat: And using the tools that only the postal system provides, I'll mail it to the lab for analysis.

    • Whitehat: Deputy Hawes found a lot of reasons to be in hot pursuit.
      Charlie: Any hot pursuits hotter than other hot pursuits?

    • Dani: The New York attitude I can handle.
      Tidwell: That's four generations of cop.
      Dani: The three ex-wives who all love you, I can handle.
      Tidwell: Well they're an excelent resource if you have any questions about me.
      Dani: This sleeping with a superior officer I can handle.
      Tidwell: Yeah you can.
      Dani: And when you call yourseolf 'Tidwell' I can even handle that but the hair ... it has to go.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vražda v rezervaci (Murder in Reservation)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Finland: May 25, 2009 on MTV3
      United Kingdom: August 5, 2009 on ITV3
      Czech Republic: February 16, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: June 24, 2010 on JOJ

    • Music in this episode:
      "Morning Wonder" by The Earlies
      "Then You'll Know" by Wotlie
      "Reckoner" by Radiohead
      "Wet Cigarette" (aka "Na Na Na Na") by Wotlie
      "Yadnus" by !!! (Chk Chik Chick)