Season 2 Episode 16

Hit Me Baby

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Crews investigates a brutally murdered man, and it leads him all the way to Claudia, an uncatchable hit woman. Meanwhile, Reese is polygraphed by the FBI before joining a Task Force.

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Allison McAtee

Allison McAtee


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Helen McCrory

Helen McCrory

Amanda Puryer

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Erick Avari

Erick Avari

Master Pigeon Fancier

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Dani and Crewes are looking around the desk of the first murder victim, Crewes finds the victim's business card. The word financial is spelled wrong on the card, on the card it is spelled finacial.

    • In this episode Sarah Shahi, who plays Dani Reese had to stop vigorous work due to being pregnant. So she is often shown behind a table or from the front, with no side shots.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Charlie: It's a hitmanwoman.
      Kevin: A hitmanwoman?
      Charlie: A hitwoman.

    • Bobby: How that guy described her breast?
      Crews: Slightly pronounced.
      Bobby: Yeaah, wish he hadn't said that.

    • Crews: They were perfect for each other.
      (Tidwell and Bobby both looking questioningly at Crews)
      Crews: Jerome Rafts and Alexa. You've ever meet a perfect girl?
      (Tidwell and Bobby both nodding heads.)
      Crews: When you were sober?
      (Tidwell and Bobby both shaking heads.)

    • Bobby: Don't understand keeping an animal most people payed to exterminate.
      Crews: Bobby, how come you never see a baby pigeon? You're downtown all those years you ever see a baby pigeon?
      Bobby: You know, you are right. Where the hell are all baby pigeons?

    • Crews: He is a financial adviser specializing in derivatives. Do you know what a derivative is?
      Tidwell: A derivative is when you don't invest in a thing but you.. kind of.. invest in a thing like the thing you are investing in.
      Crews: Yeah, me neither.

    • (Bobby is choking after swallowing a pill that Claudia spat into his mouth.)
      Claudia: How does it feel? I made it from mushrooms that grew under my sink.

    • Charlie: How are you doing without Reese? Maybe you should talk to someone.
      Kevin: Maybe you should talk to someone.
      Charlie: Oh I am. A woman from Tech Support.
      Kevin: You're talking to a woman from LAPD Tech Support?
      Charlie: No, for the bluetooth in my car. Still, seems to be helping.

    • Pigeon expert: She resembles Alexa, but I couldn't say for sure. She seems so different.
      Bobby: Oh come on. What about the vvid eyes, the slightly pronounced breast?
      Pigeon expert: No, the eyes are vivid but the breast is less pronounced. To tell truth, I have a tough time telling humans apart.

    • Claudia: What has this pigeon raiser done?
      Bobby: We just want to ask you a few questions.
      Charlie: We think she's a contract killer.
      Claudia: A contract ...?
      Charlie: A hit man. Woman. A hit woman.
      Claudia: Raises birds and kills people.
      Charlie: Gets paid for it. Just the killing people part.

    • Bobby: (referring to a pigeon) How that guy describe her breast?
      Charlie: Slightly pronounced.
      Bobby: Yeah, I wish he hadn't of said that.

    • Charlie: (to Kevin and Bobby) You ever meet the perfect girl? (They both nod.) When you were sober? (They both shake their heads.)

    • Amanda: Can I tell you the real reason why I want to take your class?
      Ted: No. I ... I want you to lie to me.

    • Charlie: Do you know what a derivative is?
      Kevin: A derivative is when you don't invest in a thing but you, kind of, invest in a thing like the thing you're investing in.
      Charlie: Yeah, me neither.

    • Charlie: (to Dani) You get ripped off, you bring a gun or a pipe. Oh yeah, a pipe is good. Then you can feel it, you know, when the bone breaks. Too much information?

    • Dani: He drinks the wine.
      Charlie: Someone watches him stumble across the room.
      Dani: And someone pins him to the wall.
      Charlie: Man on a stick.

    • Charlie: My phone is supposed to sync up with my car so I can talk hands-free. It's against the law for me to hold my phone while I'm driving. And I would hate to break the law. Because I'm kind of a cop.
      Deepa: Kind of? I would think that either you are a cop or you are not a cop.
      Charlie: I'm a cop.

    • Deepa: (on the phone) Is it a new car?
      Charlie: No. Yes. No. No, I mean it used to be my car but then I gave it to this girl. Then I got another car, but then I wanted this car back because the other one was full of bullet holes and people kept telling me I shouldn't be driving a car full of bullet holes. So I bought this one back, but she painted flowers on it. I had the flowers taken off and now the phone won't sync up.

  • NOTES (3)


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    What Would You Do?
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