Season 2 Episode 15

I Heart Mom

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • Dead under a no roof house.

    Other than the killing of Roy, this episode is alot about the right and wrong of how to treat people. Roy is found shot dead on the top floor of a house with no roof, with a mouth full of 20 dollar bills. The roof work was being done be a company owned by Ian and Sasha, but Roy was using many company names and ripping people off. One of the people who were ripped off was and elderly lady named Mary Ford. Mary had a son name William, aka Sweet William who had committed multiple crimes. William tells Crews and Reese to check with Sasha. When they go back to check with Sasha, Ian says he gave her a gun and she goes to get it. Crews and Reese interrogate Ian who actually shot Roy.

    Mickey Rayburn gives Crews more information after inviting him to his boat. Later the boat that Mickey was with Crews on earlier, if found with a large pool of blood and no body. It is apparently Mickey Rayburn's blood and Crews could be in some trouble since he was the last person on the boat with him.