Season 1 Episode 3

Let Her Go

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another great episode where you learn more about the conspiracy involving Charlie Crews. (Spoilers)

    This was another great episode of Life; an informative episode that shows more about the conspiracy involving Charlie Crews. I really enjoyed the chase scene that concludes with Charlie drawing his knife on a suspect. I like those little moments that Charlie shows some anger. Reese is starting to become a partner to Charlie Crews, by backing him up and lying to the captain about him drawing a knife on the suspect. I'm glad that Charlie learns more and more about the conspiracy involving him with every episode. I hope we continue to learn more as the episodes go on. Overall, I give Let Her Go, an 8.5 out of 10.
  • New car. One handed clap!

    This story line was not my favourite, but the banter was top class as usual.

    New car - Crewes gets a new car. Not my favourite - dammit! What was wrong for something like a Ferrari/Porsche/Aston Martin? Damn muscle cars.

    Coyotes - we learn that they are the only indigenous animals to outlive the invading ones brought along by colonials. Also, Ted absolutely hates them. Crewe's reaction to the fence was telling of his prison memories.

    One handed clap = slap.

    The case was boring, but the way they nabbed fatty was pretty cool.

    Reese finally starts acting like a partner when she tries to cover Crewe's knife indescretion. He takes full responsibility for it, but his smile was telling.

    Please wreck the car soon.
  • good episode...

    Crews and his partner investigate the murder of a woman that was shot in her car. It turned out that her husband was a coward and his wife tried to fight off the gunman, but she died. I didn't really like the case in this episode. It wasn't very interesting and it was really sad. I didn't think it was that original either. I liked all of the character developments in this episode though. The whole thing with Crews and the lead detective of his case was interesting and so were his interactions with his wife. I really loved the part when Crews was chasing after the suspect; that was great. Also, the whole coyote thing was great. Overall, not an interesting case, but everything else was great.
  • Review

    I like how the show can so easily bounce from the current episode storyline to Charlies past life and revealing things about that. I thought the best scene in this epsiode was when Charlie met his wife in the car after once again pulling over her husband for some random traffic violation. Im not sure why the writers decided to put the kiss in there, maybe just to make the scene a little bit more awkward then it all ready was. I love the writers talen for making Charlie act in such a way in situations that really don't call for it. I'm not sure what he was like in his life before prison, but his attitude comes across as part genius and part immaturity. Im not sure what to make of it yet. Didnt like the case as much as I liked the wedding one, but I did like the overall theme to Charlie the most in this one. He doesn't really learn anything new, but he does go to see the detective and his ex-wife that I mentioned a bit earlier. The big puzzle is coming together very slowly, but the character interactions while he does it 12 years later is really well written and acted by everyone involved. When the writers and actors do it well enough to the point where I do feel that there is a 12 year history between individuals I think they did there job. Overall, very good episode with the only flaws being at times the case felt a little slow moving.
  • Crews wonders where the daughter was.

    I thought that this was a really great episode of Life and that is pretty good seeing how it is a new seires and a few episodes into the season. I thought that the storyline with the husband and wife who was murdered was really sad and that the husband was not able to remember at the time of the murder. I was happy that Crews was able to confront the lead detective who accused of murder that he did not commit. Evan though it did get him into trouble with his lawyer. I thought that it was funny that ted was afraid of coyote and that Crews pulled a knife on someone.
  • Crews and Reese investigate a carjacking that seems strange

    I really like the storyline in this show about Det. Crews and who set him up and why. I also love that Reese (who I still want to call Carmen from the L Word btw) is starting to trust him and see him as her partner and protect him. His way of looking at things is really interesting and I think the longer the show stays on, it will become more eand more enthralling in terms of what happened to him and his reintegration into society and his quest. I didn't love the storyline with the guy letting his wife get killed because he was a coward, I mean, it was kind of a silly way to end something they made so suspenseful, but oh well. The rest of the show especially Crews and Reese is really good. I am also really interested in that picture that he showed the cop that handled his case. I can't wait to see where they go with what happened to him.
  • Didn't quite enjoy the story arc, but loved the development of the main story.

    The story arc of the murdered wife and silent husband was a bit bland for me. It really didn't interest me much, partly because it didn't really seem to matter much to Crews, or maybe less so in this episode versus the previous episodes. But the main story of Crew's obsession in finding out who framed him, that was very well done in this episode. The great thing is seeing this obsessions through other characters, such as the confrontation with Constance or his ex wife. The cool thing that I thought the writers did great with this episode was to present the contrast between Detective Carl Ames dislike of Crews and Dani Reese's loyalty for her partner and having Crews prison life entering into real life via ted's fence or the knife fight with Manny. I hope they continue to do these contrast for the rest of the series.
  • Another great episode once again Life is not so much about the cases but how they affect Crews. This time we see Crews pushed to his limits almost getting into a knife fight with a suspect ala prison yard scuffles. Crews also made contact

    Another great episode once again Life is not so much about the cases but how they affect Crews. This time we see Crews pushed to his limits almost getting into a knife fight with a suspect ala prison yard scuffles. Crews also made contact with the detective that put him away and discovered a witness in his case that's been hidden and can tell who the real killers were. The only part I didn't like was Crews obsession with his ex-wife. She moved on sad but stopping her husband for warrant-less traffic stops is childish. This episode gave us all of what we like and showed us some new possibilities for the plot to take.
  • Show just shows the acting talents of Damian Lewish!

    Damien Lewis is a great actor and makes his cop character look like that he is for real. As he and his partner, whom she doesn't seem to like at all but has since, kind of trying to take a liking to him. Investigate the carjacking of a husband and wife. While the wife is murdered, the suspiscion falls on the husband. Who won't identify the suspect in the line-up as they are forced to let the suspect flee. Meanwhile, Charlie goes to the cop in charge of his case. Charlie kind of reminds me of Vincent D Onfrio of Law & Order CI. They use words rather than guns and weapons. Quirky kind of humor. But makes Charlie believeable I think and very real!
  • I noticed a lot of errors of how they filmed this episode: (Continued).....

    #1 when Detective Crews and his partner were in the room with the guilty one and he had that bandage on his head one second the bandage was on the left side then the camera flashed back to Crews and then back to him and then the bandage was on the Right side and then the camera flashed back to him and the bandage was on the left again. #2 The camera came in direct sunlight in a scene and you could not see a thing. And I noticed a lot more errors so it would take too long to get into them right now. On a scale of 1 to 100 I rate this episode 1.
  • Good episode.

    Good episode I still think Charlie is really wierd which is what I guess makes him a good detective. Next week's episode looks funny I particularly like Charlie's response to "the man in the tree" "See the gun! Don't you see the gun!?". Everything looks good so far still very well written and well acted. I like the new undercover cop car that Charlie has and how he keeps pulling over his ex-wifes new husband. Everyone does so really good acting in the show. Since the series is still new everything still is pretty original. A very wierd and well written case is worked out this episode definately worth watching.