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  • Christmas Movies

    My wife and enjoy Christmas movies. Last night Dec 23rd, we were watching a movie from 6:00 to 8:00 on channel 48 and when the commercial came on we were appalled. It was a very sexually oriented scene of a women advertising "DECADENCE" perfume by Mark Jacobs, I believe. The next one was about a very violent TV program which is slated to preview.. Since this is the time when many children are watching TV I think the networks should show more discretion in what commercials they Prime Time. I was offended as any person with a family should be. There is a time and a place for such ads..

    Synopsis revealed.

    For the longest time I have been waiting for the return of one of TV's best shows, LIFE starring Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews Jnr.

    At the closure of season 2, we discovered the Charlie was 'the chosen one', but for what ?

    Let me draw your attention to a singular episode and a catch phrase noted:

    "There were 6, now there is 5, it could easily be 4 !".

    These are words spoken to Jack Reese by an unknown man sitting in the back seat of Jacks Cadillac. It is assumed that this man was the leader for the original 6. So far, we only had 3 of the 6 identified during season 2, they were Jack Reese; James Dunn (deceased), and Mickey Rayborn. The remaining 3 are still unknown. These were the original 6 that were members of the tac team that robbed the Bank of Los Angeles, where in my minds eye, this really all began long before Crews was jailed for 12 years.

    We know what happened to James Dunn, he committed suicide. The handgun he was cleaning did not go off accidentally. Mickey Rayborn went on to be a high society power monger, while Jack Reese did not keep any of his money instead donating a the $4M he was given to charity, anonymously.

    Rayborn turned his share into millions more. More than Charlie, and more than Ted Earley, self confessed by Ted himself. Somewhere in all of this, Roman Nerikov was out of pocket. My question is how ? Roman Nevikov was too young to be apart of the original 6 when the Bank of Los Angeles was robbed, so too was Charlie Crews, so both of these guys are out. Mickey Rayborn said he saw Crews at the Academy and knew he was the one to lead for the future. What does that mean exactly ? And to lead what ???

    The Bank of Los Angeles $18M was divided among who besides Jack and Mickey ? That leaves 4 shares, we are to assume James Dunn received nothing, otherwise Crews would have found out. Crews Bar partner, Tom Seyboldt was supposed to be laundering money for the original 6. Apparently he could not be bought, and Crews determined this in the almost final episodes Season2. He still believed him to be a good man. But, why would they need to launder money through Seyboldt ? They already had 6 bent cops on the take, why would they need Charlie Crews at all ? This brings me to the plan to frame Crews for the slaying of Tom and his family which ensued.

    There is another question which I find myself to be in unfamiliar territory, why was Lt. Karen Davies relieved of duty and demoted to detective and partnered up with (SAM) The detective whose stripper wife left him and replaced by Capt Tidwell (Donal Logue) a non Californian ?

    Special Agent Paul Bodner was on Nevikov's payroll, but to what end ? Bodner sent his family away, he wasn't living a high life and yet continued to pander to Roman's every whim. What was it that Nevikov had over Bodner in the first place ?

    We also know that Carl Aimes framed Crews for the slaying of the Seybodt family members and he arranged to have Rachael hidden. That Jack Reese had him killed because he was a drunk and on the border to reveal the entire plan. We know that Jack arranged it, because he was the man that orchestrated Kyle Hollis' cover. He knew where to reach out and find Kyle Hollis at anytime, further that he and Aimes had Rachael hidden in the Hostel for her gunshot recovery. AT no time has Aimes been indicated in the original 6 in the photo referred to.

    So that leaves us with Lt. Karen Davies, Retired Detective Carl Aimes, being removed from the equation completely, she is still upright just demoted, WHY !!

    Was it Nevikovs role to launder the money stolen from the Bank of LA after the Seaboldt slaying ? We are not privildged to know this. In the final episode, both Charlie and Roman are at a stand off, in what I presume to be Charlie and Toms old Bar. Crews realises that Rayborn was to choose one of the other to lead them, but lead what ?

    How does Roman fit into this aside being a mobster, killer and all round tool ?

    Roman was never listed or indicated as such to be ion the Academy, so why did Rayborn have to CHOOSE between either of them in the first place ?

    Rayborn arranged his own death, why, who was he running from ? Was it Roman ? What did Rayborn have that Roman wanted besides the power, the list, and the money ? Why did Roman believe that Rayborn owed him in the first place ?

    There are so many unanswered questions in this. The final question I have is this:

    How could Ted Earley, who was sent to jail once, paroled, sent back in by Bogner via a pair of bent cops handled by Roman Nevikov suddenly say " Going to Spain" to be with Olivia ? Surely he would not have a passport to leave the country, after all, he is still on parole and in violation to his terms of release he did still have 4 years left if memory serves me correctly!

    Who was the man still unknown to us in the back of Jack Reese car ?

    Surely Jack Reese was a protected man, why on earth did Roman reveal he killed him to Dani Reese and say, your father cried just before I killed him ? Seems very out of character for someone like Jack Reese to cry !!

    Not much else was revealed with Rachael after Charlie put her on the plane.

    Where did she go? She had no one in her corner and if Roman had so much reach, surely she would have been exposed completely?

    What was Charlie's mother name ?

    What did Charlie Senior do he appeared to be quite wealthy in his own right. Why would Olivia someone perhaps half his age marry him anyway?

    How was it that Ted Earley went back to prison, spent perhaps 8 weeks inside, came out after Charlie shot Bodner in the thigh, and resumed his position as a teacher without compromise to the position? I would have thought he would have been replaced instantly!

    Who taught the students in his absence anyway?

    The final catch phrase:

    ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE This meant love.

    Therefore Reese and Crews were meant to spent the rest of there time together, instead we cut away to looking into the sun at the Orange Farm. How was Tidwell going to feel about that little nugget ?

    So tell, me why were we only given a show that finished with so many unanswered questions which in the end did not add up to a hill of beans ? Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant show, with brilliant casting, but I have like so many im sure been left feeling robbed. I WANT MY LIFE BACK, just like Crews did!

    The aftermath:

    Since the show was cancelled, Damian Lewis went on to make atleast 3 movies and another show Homeland.

    Sarah Shahi went on to make two additional tv shows, both of which are now finalised, Persons of Interest and .

    I can only assume by the fact she spent a great deal of time sitting in a chair during the final episodes of LIFE and only saw her from the mid section up because she fell pregnant, and dispensed with the idea of continuing LIFE for that reason, and that alone. It could have easily been written into the script with her and Tidwell continuing there onscreen relationship, after all they were practically living together anyway.

  • Bring Back Life

    This was one of the few intellectual programs on tv. The acting was superb. Cancel some of the inane reality tv programming and get this program back with the same cast. Kristy
  • Bring "LIFE" back

    I started again to watch the show "Life" 2007-2009, what an outstanding show. Excellent acting, brilliantly written, captivating characters and top that with a stellar cast; Damian Lewis and Sara Shahi. "Life" was indeed an exceptional show, but with time slot mismanagement and some what a head of its time, it did not reach its potential.

    Rolling forward to today and with Damian Lewis exceptional performance in "Homeland", I do urge NBC to give it some consideration in to reviving "Life" in 2015-2016. I totally understand the complexity and strain of the corporate world, but beyond doubt "Life" time is here, now and with aforementioned characteristics it is a recipe for succeed.

  • Bring Back Life

    Just watched series 1&2 brilliant, googled to see when series 3 was coming and can't believe it was made so long ago and was cancelled after 2. I love shows like this, Damien Lewis and cast are brilliant in this, on the back of Damian Lewis's recent success this show should be reinstated. Sad there is no more.
  • Life should make a comeback

    i wish they would bring this show back for a 3rd season...
  • Further Proof That NBC Has No Idea What A Goog Show Is.

    Once more NBC has proven that they Has No Idea What A Goog Show Is. How on earth did this show not get renewed & sufficient advertising to raise iit's numbers up.
  • Storyline


    Acutally it was a triple homicide, mom, dad and son. And he spent 12 years in prison.
  • Great show that should not have been cancelled

    Life is a one of a kind cop show that centers around a detective named Charlie Crews who was wrongfully imprisoned 10 years for a double homicide he did not commit. While he was in prison he became a Zen Master of sorts and was one with everything around him. His partner is Detective Dani Reese and she is reluctant at first to work with him, but she had no choice. As time goes on, she sees that Charlie is a great detective and starts to accept him. Charlie spends much of his time off duty running his own investigation into who framed him for murder and where the little girl of the couple he supposedly killed disappeared too. He finds many clues that tie many people together, but then realizes that there is a much larger conspiracy that he has to solve.
  • Great show with Detective Crews's Zen outlook on life and his hard boiled partner Reece. The two made a great pair and of course his story of an innocent man who after being exonerated sues his way back into the LAPD.

    Great show with Detective Crews's Zen outlook on life and his hard boiled partner Reece. The two made a great pair and of course his story of an innocent man who after being exonerated sues his way back into the LAPD. Crew's quirks kept the show moving using deflection to get to the truth and avoid allowing rage to take him over. Reece had a typical checkered past which made for great stories and conflicts. Her rigid outlook collided often with Crews's eastern philosophy but in the end they were devoted to each. Going against the brass and even sometimes there own families in favor of being good partners. If your looking for great characters and stories I would advise picking this on up on dvd. It was a breath of fresh air to the tv landscape providing a new type of protagonist and wonderful mature stories.
  • I love this show.

    It was a really great show. I love it. I love every stars in the show. Would be very happy, if it has not been canceled... going to missing you guys very much, especially Charlie Crews. He is one of the most smart and special detective I've ever seen. I like the way he handle the case. I like the way he talked. And there was something really funny... It was one of very few shows which can make me laugh a lot. And most importantly, it is not in the lousy way. It had a very sepcial angle. Please put it back on.
  • A brilliant show with a smart cast,brilliant script and intelligent plotlines.....cancelled after a season.But what a pity the powers that be didnt take into consideration that some tv viewers actually have brains.....

    Well what can i say!There is few plot driven and full charactered cop shows out there and this was one of them.A cop gets wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't commit,gets out on an appeal and financially compensated for his troubles,except that wasn't the end of his troubles.The people who framed him want his silence but he refuses to stop digging for the truth.Cant praise the cast enough in this show they really made it shine.I couldnt find any fault with casting,directing or writing of this show so i suppose that the bottom dollar killed this unfortunately.What a waste-had another two seasons left in it at least!
  • This show is sooo great and smart!!Damian Lewis is Great as Detective Charlie Crews!This series keeps your Adrenaline in high.Those Guys from NBC are stupid.In NBC the last years always cut real good series!I can't understand why they canceled this show.

    This show is sooo great and smart!!Damian Lewis is Great as Detective Charlie Crews!The cast is very good and the dialogs are smart.This series keeps your Adrenaline in high.Those Guys from NBC are stupid.In NBC the last years always cut real good series!I can't understand why they canceled this show.Even with 5 million viewers per episode they are on the budget!They should start LIFE again from this September(2011)and they should support this show more,with more passion and sensitivity.Come on NBC start this show again!its unfair.NBC make on more season,we need to see what happens at the end of this show.
  • Everyone who loves this show, follow my lead and tell NBC just how much.

    We have to keep this show on the air. I have never written Into a network to keep a show on. Although I wish I had for arrested development. But we need quality tv back immediately!! I want actual stories and creativity back, no more reality tv. If we don't make ourselves heard. Please go to and "contact us" at the very bottom of the page. Tell them and we may be able to save it before it is too late. Please. Too many shows get cancelled before they really get a chance to grow. Watch this show and tell all your friends thank you
  • Life is one of the best shows on TV period every episode has its special moments.

    how can i begin i am truly disappointed and sad that NBC has canceled Life it is by far the best thing on TV the cast is phenomenal and the writers have done a amazing job in a short time to warp it up and give us a great ending to a great show. i already miss watching it every week with my family they all loved. My favourite character is Charlie Crews he is played by Damien Lewis
    he is funny,smart and very interesting especially the way he solves crimes.... i really hope some other network pick up life it will be a real loss if its not going to be on Tv anymore!
  • Thumbnail of derg38

    I'm pissed! That was nice show,for cheer people up. Why they destroy so many great series,Deadwood,Day break,Jericho,Rome,Carnivale before,New Amsterdam etc. I'm not sure what is with you people in USA? What are you watching?So many good show is low rating and they killed them. Some piece of s... like ER,Smallville,some mumbo-jambo things last in decades and nice shows dies. Jay Leno...why that (some bad words) just dont catch heartattack,mexican flue,slip on the ice and finish with his disguisting show - I watched two of them,'cause of Novak Djokovic and something else... It's just problem in heads with americans. What are you watching people/?And that's society of just profit,they start something and if it's not earning enough millions let's kill it,no matter millions of people who are spent time (and money)to watch it until that moment,without decent end and some sense of obligations and moral to respect that people. And then people in USA ask "why nobody likes us",thats why,'cause you acting gready and like just money and live the your small life,fatning yorself in front of tv watching Jay Leno,Jerry Springer and similar things.Majorit of people. I'm so disappointed.
  • Man fruit.

    I love this show, with some crimes such curious and rare. My favorite character is Charlie Crews. It's great, I always draw a laugh with comment that comes to mind. A question? Where do you draw the fruit? When a crime scene or at a track, or whatever, suddenly appears with an apple in your hand or any other fruit. I find it fun, take pockets full of fruit for the road? I do not know, anyway, I hope you do not cancel this show because it would be terrible. I would love to have a third season, will see Charlie with his ex-wife and Reese with Tidwall.
  • Can not live with out my "life". Ahead of its time, cutting edge, interesting, fantastic cast, and music is great. The ONLY show I watch religiously. MUST HAVE!

    At 48, I have never written about a TV show but I will today ONLY for my favorite show - "Life". It is spell binding, and there are not many of those. I was hooked the first time I saw it a couple of years ago - mourned it when it was off and was thrilled when it came back. Is this the end? What is wrong with people. This, by far, is one of the best shows out. Why can't people see that or is it because it is on too late for the average Joe to catch it... this should be prime time. Maybe NBS did it backwards. Stuck it on PrimeTime first, then late. People need time to acclimate to a new program or give up their favorites for a new. How about NOW taking it to PrimeTime. Give it another chance! P.S.not on a sticken Friday night either

    This show is fantastic. Don't let this one die!
  • TV began in Australia 1956(the Olympics)-Many great series in 53 years- Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, The Prisoner,the CSI's, Mentalist etc.If there was only 1 show I wld choose'LIFE'-quality writing,great acting One of the BEST EVER!DON'T END IT NOW!PLSE!!

    The last episode tied up many loose ends but was heartbreaking because it looked like the end of one of the best TV series ever-what a great great series - who can believe it didn't rate-what do you Americans want-simplistic crud?I would choose Life over anything else on TV currently.Charlie Crews is a great character and there are surely loose ends still to tie up! What about Tidwell and Reese-Reese and Crews and the whole conspiracy-has to be more. Come on USA-you can produce great TV when you want to-don't lose this one! Aren't you all sick of formula TV.
  • Another tragic cancellation. Maybe the official word hasn't come down yet - but we all know it's coming.

    For me it began with Sports Night on ABC over a decade ago. I'm sure it's been happening longer than that but when the American Broadcasting Company canceled the critically acclaimed Sports Night it was the first time I got angry about it. And it's been happening ever since. Like SN, LIFE is too intelligent for the average American. Most viewers want mindless crap - they're too lazy to think. It's sad and maddening.

    For what it's worth - props to the whole cast for doing a great show and props to the writers and producers and whole crew for doing the best they could to tie it up at the end. I suspect Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has suffered the same fate.

    "Thank you" LIFE. You did us 72 fans proud.
  • Muito perfeita está serie

    Author: MovieChickie from Calgary, Canada

    Charlie Crews is a former cop turned inmate who has just gotten out of jail after 12 years for a crime he didn't commit. He becomes a detective again upon his release as part of a settlement with the city. I just watched the pilot, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not some dumb action piece with big car chases and naked women. It also has a great relationship between the two lead characters, a man and a woman. They're detective partners, but there isn't any forced chemistry tacked on. You know, the whole they hate each other, but you can't deny the attraction...uggh. This avoids that perfectly. It also has some great actors, Damian Lewis is always great, since "Band of Brothers" he's displayed a remarkable talent for character roles. And this is most certainly a character drama. But unlike Shark or Monk or something where the character is the whole plot, there's also a great deal of other fantastic elements. The man was in jail from 1995-2007, so there's cute scenes about a sort of culture shock, mostly pertaining to technological advances. But there's also a darker side, as Crews was brutalized in prison (as a former cop) and has a vendetta against those who conspired to put him in jail. This is the overarching arc of the series, but smaller cases worked with his partner form the bulk of the story lines. I was really impressed and look forward to further episodes. I just hope that NBC manages to get this show enough ratings to keep it on the air. Kudos on a job well done.
  • In this last episode Crews finds out that Reese is still alive and so begins a run to get to her before Roman kills her. In doing so Charlie Crews finds out much more than he first expected.

    So, the last episode of the second season... The big question, will there be another one or is this the end? Well after this episode, I hope it'll go on for a long time. Smart, full of mysteries, funny, what could you ask for more??
    As always, Charlie finds more about his past and the puzzle unfolds. We see in this moment a Charlie much darker than before as he understands that he is just another piece in the puzzle that was going on even before he became a cop. Acting from our dear Damian Lewis amazing as the others in the series. I hope I speak for many others out there by saying the how wrong it'll be to cut out such a jewel!
  • Love this show. I have watched a lot of TV. It just seems that lately everthing is the same. Finally something with some originality.

    The story line is patent cop finds bad guys with a huge dose of orginality injected into it. Chemistry between the actors and characters is spot on. I'm not very wordy and this darn thing won't let me stop until I reach 100 words so here we go.

    I became a fan of Damian Lewis from "Band of Brothers." He completely delivers in this role. Smart and a little "off", exactly what this character needs.

    Adam Arkins character could be just another character thrown in for a little extra. Adam pulls off a smart performance to make his character belong.

    Sarah might very well have been given this job for her beauty. If so, producers got a heck of a lot more than they bargained for. The interaction between her and Lewis works. And not for that same old sexual tension BS that we are so tired of.

    What can I say. I really enjoy this show.
  • Absolutely love this show, it is my favorite! Keep up the good work!

    Freakin awesome show!! I love this show, I think it is my favorite show out there, I never miss an episode. It's a drama but also funny, Charlie Crews always makes me laugh atleat a couple of times on every show. His comments, his facial expressions, he is perfect for this role. Keep up the good work! And NBC, keep this show on, it is awesome!! I will watch this show forever. Anyone know why Reese hasn't been on that much? Is she getting ready to leave? Just wondering, and next week there bringing in a new detective, is she replacing Reese for good? I like Reese, her and Crews are great together!
  • Life is about a detective who was recently released from maximum security prison. After 12 years inside,he was found innocent of a crime he was previously found guilty for.Damian Lewis stars as Charlie Crews, in which the whole story is revolved around.

    This drama is basically very suitable for those who like cop shows but with an twist. It's like bad cop good cop except in this case the good cop goes into a zenish state and the way he tries to solve case are a shade different from nirmal cops and his partner also has a load of problems and they have to solve their own problems as well as solve the cases. It is interesting to see how a cop survives maximum security prison and befriends convicts and then use some of these contacts to solve cases. Unlike other cops shows, the lead actor is not in the good books of his superior but instead they are trying ways and means to get him out.
  • Seems like there is a different writer

    Last season was so fresh and different. Damian and Adam are a splendid 'Odd Couple'. And I agree the first season was the best. And it seemed like the writers weakened Adam Arkin's character way too much. I don't feel the constant mistakes and bouts of trouble Ted Earley gets into is consistent with the role he played in the first season. Still, 'Major Winters' captured my fanship long ago (well you know where) and his 'Charlie Crews' is at the same caliber. He is a master craftsman.

    Sarah Shahl is very good too. I hate sexual content in inappropriate places. She is tough on the streets. She is believable in her bitter and sarcastic way at work. And the sex scenes are minimal. Cagney and Lacey was popular for a reason, and it was women who were believable in their jobs and at home.
  • Charlie Crews is the coolsest yet strangest cop, it's always a blast watching him bust those criminals.

    I find that Charlie Crews does not show a random personality but a more complex curious personality who intimidates by showing no fear to those around.
    While watching this show i felt a lot like the curious side of Charlie, which makes it intriguing and in touch with him and find it enjoyable to watch.
    This show is one of my favourites and keeps on popping up with surprises, that keep in with either the plot of that episode or ones to come. This makes the show both enjoyable and as confusing as it can with the viewers still following the plot.
  • crews is my new favorite!!

    this show is sister told me about first i didnt caRE but i watched an episode and now im addicted...crews is so freaken awesome...i love his random personality..its wat makes the show so aweomse..i dont like how they keep accusing him of murders thou. its getting very annyoing...i also think him and reese should totally hook up...they have amazing chemistry...ppl say its a bad idea i think its great idea...the show would get more interesting plus they pretty much act like a couple already so why not...i dont really like crewes roommate thou..kinda weird guy or maybe thats just me
  • A real gem - if you enjoy a good cop show this should be on your viewing schedule.

    I have to say I've been surprised by this show - in a good way. So many cop shows are a rehash of previous shows (or one of the endless CSI shows) but I really like this one for its characters and stories. The cast is excellent, but its Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews that really brings this show to life. It's one I'm reccomending to my friends, though the show seems to have a really low profile. I'd never heard of it till I ran across the DVD set - but I can't get enough of it now. Here's hoping we get a season 3 of this excellent viewing.
  • This show is intelligent, funny, and interesting

    The actor playing Det. Crews, Damian Lewis, is very well known in British television and does a great job in this role, at once odd and perfectly normal given what he's been through. As he has done in other roles, Lewis can simultaneously display a range of emotions, and can be as sympathetic or loathsome as the role demands (definitely the former in this case).Detective Charlie Crews is played in a wonderfully quirky but understated way by actor Damian Lewis. Viewers are most likely to remember him from the WWII miniseries, 'Band of Brothers', where he also shined. Hopefully, if this series continues, Charlie may be able to develop into one of those great cop Andy Sipowicz or Lennie Briscoe.

    The rest of the cast also does a great job in their roles. Sarah Shahi plays Dani Reese with just the right balance of toughness and vulnerability. Crews' financial adviser, Ted Earley (Adam Arkin), boss, Lieutenant Karen Davis, and attorney, Constance Griffiths (Brooke Langton), provide solid if short performances. Lewis, however, is the anchor of the show and truly holds this show together. The show is also interspersed with documentary-like scenes about Charlie's time in prison, with interviews from his former partner, his ex-wife (who divorced him while he was in jail), and various others.

    The show also makes fun references to how much technology has changed in such a short time span. Crews, having been in prison for twelve years, has no clue that there are such things as camera phones and instant messages. It's interesting to have a character who is very smart, but a little hapless in the modern era.

    I should point out that this show may not seem to be so great at first but once you've gotten to know the characters you'll find yourself waiting anxiously for the next episode. This is a show you grow into.
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