Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on NBC
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The team investigates the murder of three Russians that are linked to the Russian mobster Roman Nevikov and Crews also thinks that he is linked to his own case. Meanwhile, Crews shoots an intruder who turns out to be someone he knows and Reese falls back into old habits.moreless

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  • Hallelujah!


    Well and truly back to form, this one takes us.

    Stuff that was awesome:

    Nevikov: Much more of him, I hope we have.

    Shooting dad: A fantasting running joke, that I hope to see much more of. Crewes really has not forgiven his old man, despite saying so. Once he overcomes this inner demon, he only has the ex-wife to deal with.

    Rachel: She was right that he is trying to carry on his reckless ways by protecting her. I wonder where he thinks is safe.

    Teddy: Hilarity ensues in prison.

    Stuff that was not so awesome:

    The murder itself: *yawn*. Character not well developed, not quirky and thus not interesting.

    Crazy black FBI guy: Not as threatening as boring. Please update his writers of their peers' work.

    All in all, a top notch stromer of an episode. Hope that cliffhanger will continue with an even better episode come Feb. We await the answers with interest.moreless
  • Trapdoor was the best one of the season.How do i count the ways ?Not one but five people get shot ,good to know the Crews lived thank god . Nice to see Reese could stop by and checkout Crews house .moreless

    I liked trapdoor so much i watched it four more times online .

    I liked meeting Teds new buddies in jail ..more pie Ted hahahaha i laughed everytime i saw that part.

    Roman Nevikov is there a cooler bad guy that him ?

    I enjoyed watching Reese asking Crews whats up with him and her dad the plot thickins !Reese and Tidwell

    is there a bigger train wreck than that ?I hope not i'm pulling for your both .I thinks shes do a good guy in her life hope he is the one in the end .

    Ok Crews do me this favor fix your car or buy a new one plz the bullet holes is not showing much class my brother.moreless
  • What a brilliant episode.

    I knew this would be a good episode before I saw it and I was not disappointed. This show definitely deserves more praise and attention that it currently receives. I only hope that it doesn't get dropped like so many good shows lately.

    This week we had a feast of a show. Ted in prison, all set to slug it out with two goons, when bodyguards, sent by Charlie, come to the rescue. I have a feeling he's going to milk the situation for all it's worth.

    Then there was Charlie shooting his father, and all the great comments that produced. Followed by the dramatic sending away of Rachael, and the run in with Roman.

    I can't wait for the next episode. I was "gob smacked" when the ending came. Give me more. Please.moreless
  • An exciting blend of action and humour make this episode a classic.

    This was another fantastic episode of Life which left off on the biggest cliffhanger possible. There was plenty of drama with the Russian mob story and the assassinated construction engineer and workers. There was also a lot of humour, particularly over the incident where Charlie shot his own father and also Ted's scenes in prison. Special Agent Barton, the FBI man, put in another appearance too. Life has been great this season just like the first it seems so harsh that we have to wait so long to find out what happened to Charlie. I can't wait for what's to come. I can't understand why this great series is so underappreciated.moreless
  • Charlie and Reese investigate the murders of three Russians, leading them back to a familiar but dangerous face.

    This was a pretty good episode like always, but it was the ending of course that put it over the top! The creepy Russian guy played his role well I actually was a little spooked by him. I loved the whole "You shot you father" thing it was really funny. I also enjoyed the part with Ted in prison, that was really smart of Charlie getting body guards for Ted like that. I felt really bad for Rachel thought having to disappear like that. I was seriously shaking at the end of the episode trying to figure out what happened although I can't all I can say is: WOW!, I will not be able to last for a month and a half not knowing because it's killing ma already!moreless
Adam Arkin

Adam Arkin

Ted Earley

Donal Logue

Donal Logue

Captain Kevin Tidwell (Season 2-)

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

Charlie Crews

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi

Dani Reese

Brent Sexton

Brent Sexton

Bobby Stark

Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

Roman Nevikov

Guest Star

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson


Guest Star

Geoff Pierson

Geoff Pierson

Charlie Crews Sr.

Guest Star

Jessy Schram

Jessy Schram

Rachel Seybolt

Recurring Role

William Atherton

William Atherton

Mickey Rayborn

Recurring Role

Shashawnee Hall

Shashawnee Hall

Special Agent Paul Bodner

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Charlie: Reese, how long have you been drinking?
      Dani: Since I was 12.
      Charlie: (pauses) I

    • Kevin: I want you back in meetings. 90 meetings in 90 days. 90 in 90.
      Reese: 90 in 90, copy that.

    • Kevin: Oh. You must be the grown-up.
      Barton: Special Agent Barton, FBI.
      Charlie: Are you all special agents? Because if you're all special then none of you are really special, right?
      Barton: Trust me. I'm special.

    • Kevin: Roman Navokov. We have a warrant to search the premises.
      Roman: Just the three of you. The new captain, the ex-con and the junkie.

    • Charlie: You are aware Roman Navokov is a federally protected informant?
      Kevin: The Feds can't find their ass with both hands.

    • Charlie: You sleep?
      Dani: Yeah.
      Charlie: You sober?
      Dani: Yeah. You wanna ask me any more questions?
      Charlie: You want me to? See. That was a question.

    • Charlie: Reese? You needed to drink to ask me about Roman or ask me about something else?
      Dani: I am drunk. Where's your bathroom?

    • Roman: Detective Crews. I read on the internet you shot your own father.

    • Kevin: You shot your father?
      Charlie: I didn't know it was him when I shot him.
      Bobby: The intruder seems to have gained access by breaking the window in the kitchen door. You shot your own father?

    • Charlie: What were you saying?
      Dani: Just forget it, its not important.
      Charlie: Oh it is. If it weren't important you wouldn't say it's not important so it must be pretty important for you to say that it's not important, right?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Inženýr musel zemřít (Engineer Had to Die)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Finland: June 8, 2009 on MTV3
      United Kingdom: August 19, 2009 on ITV3
      Czech Republic: March 2, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 1, 2010 on JOJ

    • Music in this episode:
      "Monkey" by Low
      "60 Revolutions" by Gogol Bordello
      "Together" by Khromozomes
      "Got It Bad" by The Broken West