Season 1 Episode 4

What They Saw

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on NBC
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Things get confusing when a man is found dead in his own home. As Crews and Reese interview the neighbors they get all different ideas about the murder. When a homeless man is taken into custody but swears he's innocent, Crews and Reese continue to investigate.

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  • Oh constance!

    Constance - the lawyer. And confirmed that she has deeper feelings for Crewes, and although he wants to return them, he cannot, because she is still married. Interesting dynamic.

    Homeless man - the star of this episode, undoubtedly. He was convincing as a desperate man - when he begged for Crewe's help broke my heart. He also interacted with Reese and Ted well - annoying both of them and trying to replace them to a certain degree. Hilarious stuff. And his fire-escape was particularly brilliant. As was his comment about trees and killing Ted.

    Gay couple - homophobia still exists! OMG. Come on guys. We need better sidestories.

    Overall a top notch episode. More homeless men please!moreless
  • good episode...

    The duo investigate the murder of a rich gay man in his home. Crews finds a homeless man that lives in the backyard and he becomes the key suspect, but Crews thinks he's innocent. In the end, it was just a plot to get money and frame other people to get away with. Naughty rich people ... I thought it was a good story. I liked Crews' interactions with the homeless man and I also like how Crews denied the lawyer. She was married; what was she thinking? Anyways, overall this episode had a good story and more good character development.moreless
  • Review

    Little advancement was made to Charlies overall plan of finding out what really happened that night until the end of the episode when he learned that Rachel seemed to never speak to anyone and that she often drew what see saw. Charlie is now convinced that Rachel saw the killer and was in fact in the house that night. The case is slowly coming together, which is fine as I expect it to be a very long 22 episode or so order before everything gets put together and Charlie figures out the mystery of why he spent 12 years in jail. I thought the case in the episode was pretty good too. I like how they give the weird cop a whole lot of weird characters to interact with. I think they gave the homeless guy a little too many scenes. He (along with Charlie) provided some of the humor for the episode, but at the end of the episode I did feel that he was a little overused to the overall plan of the episode. Liked the way that everything came together at the end. The husband of the gay guy and the wife of the other guy were both looking for massive amounts of money. I thought it was a believable ending to the story that I thought was going to go a different direction. The scene with Charlie and Constance was very moving and similar to the scene with reese in episode 2 really helped for both of their character devolopments. I thought it was interesting that Charlie was able to hold himself back from her and to be honest I didnt see this coming from her character. I like how every episode the little somethings you think you know about each character sort of changes into a little something else. Very interesting show - its got me moving onto episode 5.moreless
  • What the neighbors saw indeed!

    This is a great show and interesting each and every week. While Charlie and his reluctant partner try to solve cases, as Charlie is trying to solve his own case while he was sent to prison for twelve years. As they question the neighbors as a man is found dead. And they get different responses. Charlie feels sympathy for the homeless man having been in his shows before. While he learns that a guard was paid to take him out. Meanwhile, the lawyer that let him go, pays him a visit. Both seem to have feelings for one another. Great show along with great acting. Hope it will get even better.moreless
  • Another good episode with Crews getting closer to the conspiracy and meeting a friend. This case had a ton of odd characters to compliment Crews. You had a wife who swore up and down her husband was gay but wouldn't leave him, amoreless

    Another good episode with Crews getting closer to the conspiracy and meeting a friend. This case had a ton of odd characters to compliment Crews. You had a wife who swore up and down her husband was gay but wouldn't leave him, a homophobic security guard, a rarity on tv a gay couple, and a delusional drunk. The case had good twist and turns till we found the real killer and along the way more run ins with the man that put Crews away. His confrontations with him are rattling the detective and hopefully he'll make a mistake and help Crews find the answer to the conspiracy. As to his friend a cute character that kept calling him boss and was fun to watch with Crews. He left at the end of the show and hopefully he won't be back since we have so much to deal with already and another character will complicate things. On top of that we get complication on the growing romance between Crews and his lawyer. She married and Crews won't do adultery nice on his part. Fun episode once again the show manages not to disappoint.moreless
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Nick Hoffa


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Anil Kumar

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William Sanderson

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Charlie Crews: You do not throw things at the LAPD. You're lucky I'm enlightened.
      Danni Reese: Yeah, well. I'm not as enlightened as my partner (pushes Easley up against a tree)
      Charlie Crews: He was hiding down here. I identified myself, and he threw a toaster at me!
      Danni Reese: Throwing toasters at the LAPD is bad. Makes you look like you're guilty of something. Are you?

    • Crews: (about Rachel Seybolt) She saw him. She saw the killer.

    • Constance: (to Charlie) Whatever it is that you're doing is keeping you from being here. You're still in prison.

    • Crews: I need you to drop Neil Cudahy as a client.
      Constance: You need me to? What does that mean?
      Crews: You know what that means. Trying to save him Conny?
      Constance: I'm just defending him.
      Crews: You wanna save him like you saved me? Cause he's not me, Conny.

    • Crews: I just want you to drop Neil Cudahy.
      Constance: (drawing very close to him) You don't have the right to ask that. Unless you want that right. Do you, Charlie? (Charlie just looks at her) I was looking for you and I didn't even know it. And now you're here and I can't have you.
      Crews: You're married.
      Constance: And if I weren't?
      Crews: You have a husband.
      Constance: And I think about you when I'm with him. I need you to be all the way in. And if you can't be all the way in, then I need you all the way out.
      Crews: You know I can't do this.

    • (Reese holding her pen in front of Crews while walking)
      Reese: Here! Take it! Everything that goes down his pants, you're going to keep.
      (Crews takes the pen, Reese smells at her hands with disgust)

    • Crews: What were you trying to get away from?
      Easley: If I say, can I go?
      Reese: No.
      Easley: Can I get a drink?
      Reese: Noo! But if you confess we won't charge you for murder one or for assaulting Detective Crewes.
      Crews: Or for stealing Detective Reese's pen.
      (Reese searches for her pen, while Easley stands up, grabs in his pants and takes out the pen, handing it over to Dt. Reese)

    • Constance: I called, *twice* um.
      Crews: Phone; pool, Tina, Gina...

    • Ted: Our target demographic will be 18-29 year olds, at least initially, to create buzz.
      Easley: You gotta be 21 to drink.
      Ted: We're gonna serve tapas and sushi. You gotta get the young in and the old will then follow.
      Easley: I wouldn't drink there, it's too fancy.
      Ted: Yeah. You are not part of our demographic, okay? Our specialty will be coladas and daiquiris.
      Easley: Sounds fruity.
      Ted: You know what? Charlie happens to like fruit.

    • Reese: Who are you?
      Ted: I'm Charlie's roommate.
      Easley: No! I'm Charlie's roommate.
      Reese: Easley's staying at your house?
      Ted: Yeah, and he's been touching my stuff, Charlie. I think he used my toothbrush.
      Easley: Did not! Smell my breath. Hah! I ain't even close to minty. If I used your toothbrush, I'd be minty. I ain't the kind of guy who uses another guy's toothbrush.

    • Ted: Hey, excuse me? This is my plate. That's your plate, there.
      Easley: You weren't eating.
      Ted: Well, because I was talking.
      Easley: (to Crews) Can I work in your bar, boss?
      Ted: Okay, you know what? Here. You eat while the adults talk, okay?

    • Easley: I'm kinda hungry.
      Reese: Tough!
      Crews: I could eat some.
      Reese: What did I just say?
      Easley: Can we get burgers?
      Crews: I could go for burgers.
      Reese: No!
      Crews: We got to eat.
      Easley: Tacos?
      Crews: I could go for tacos.
      Reese: (after stopping the car) That's it! If either of you says another thing about food or about anything, I'll turn right back around and I'm taking him to jail.

    • Crews: (after Easley throws a toaster at him) What you got up there, CostCo? Cut it out. Now get down here or I'm coming up after you!

    • Easley: You oughta grow more trees outside, boss. Give you privacy. Nobody'll see when you kill Ted.

    • Reese: What's that smell?
      Easley: That's humanity, baby.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Na vlastní oči (On Someone Own Eyes)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 22, 2008 on TV3+
      Israel: May 26, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Sweden: May 27, 2008 on TV3
      Belgium: September 21, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: November 13, 2008 on ITV3
      Finland: January 26, 2009 on MTV3
      Poland: February 6, 2009 on TVP2
      Czech Republic: October 6, 2009 on Prima
      Slovakia: February 4, 2010 on JOJ

    • Featured Music:
      "Bloody Bunnies" by Gram Rabbit
      "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" by Beck
      "Goin' All Night" by 5 Alarm Music
      "Seven" by Will Derryberry

    • Robin Weigert (Lt. Davis) and Brent Sexton (Bobby Starks) did not appear in this episode and were not credited.