Life's a Zoo

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Life's a Zoo

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Seven animals live together in a mansion located in a Saskatchewan wheat field in this stop motion animated series. One animal is supposed to be voted off each week, with the last contestant standing winning the mansion they have been living in. The series won the 2009 Gemini Award for Best Animated Program or Series, and was also nominated for two Rockie Awards at the 2009 Banff Television Festival.

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Season 1 : Episode 13

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  • this show is so funny..just like a real reality show. It looks like an animated comedy version of Survivor.

    Life's a Zoo ... what can I say about this show? This show is so funny..just like a real reality show.

    It looks like an animated comedy version of Survivor.

    K that sounds funny initself. It makes me laugh...some good site gags. I watched this on teletoon during the adult comedy time. Yes this is for adults onky! ;)

    You have to see it at least once or you will surely miss out on a good animated adult comedy.

    Catch it on teletoon most nights. totaly worth a watch people. If yer into family guy.. aqua teen hunger force and other such adult cartoon comedys than tis is a show for youmoreless
  • Is it done?

    Is this show off the air now or being re tooled or something? I have not seen new episodes or ads for it in a very long time. I thought it was a great show and the animation was really awesome in it, some very high quality animation. The characters were funny in it too. I hope it is coming back but it does not look good right now for that I did not realize it had been so very long since the last episodes aired. It is too bad there are a lot of bad shows on the air and Teletoon had some great ones that now look like they are gone for good.moreless
  • Funny!

    This is a pretty funny animated show on Teletoon (not really animated, stop motion?) It looks great with good production values. It is on late nights on Teletoon and is a new show, the reason it's on late nights is that it is geared to adults with swearing, adult situations, etc. It is a pretty funny show with some good jokes. Much better than the other adult oriented show on Teletoon Tripping the Rift because the characters and jokes are much better written and even though it has adult oriented stuff it is more than just a bunch of sex jokes. The characters are great, Moreski is a Russian bear with an alcohol problem, Jake is a Canadian pig who is disgusting and depraved, Minu is the sexy diva, a panther, Chi Chi is a fat goodnatured Chinese panda bear, Ray is the party animal monkey, there is also a gay crocodile from south America and a penguin who thinks he is a super star rapper. The show is hosted by a vulture who obviously doesn't care about them at all.

    They all live in a mansion in Saskatchewan and the last person "extincted" from the show wins the mansion, and there are hundreds of cameras hidden around the mansion.

    The jokes are pretty good and this is a good show so check it out but it's not for kids there is adult content like I already said.moreless
  • Lifes a zoo and its true

    ok well this new show it it off with me and now its one of my altime favs for now, so i am the first person to review it.. .sweeeet. any way its based on a house hold were a pig lives a jaqewire and a penguin and a weird thing i dont know what it is a alcholc bear and a chines panda and a crock dile and the storys are told by a big volcher and yea in the first ep the pig was like inlove with a papia and like i wont spoile any thing Any way! it is a show you must try to watch it is simply halires.moreless