Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous

(ended 1995)


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  • Robin Leach scours wealthy people's houses, for the opulent, the weird and the just plain tacky.

    This show was around long before 'Cribs' and 'How I'm Living.' It was a funny and offbeat look into what, exactly, rich people, celebrities and other such types thought to do with their money. Gold plating everywhere, giant chandeliers, fur blankets, huge fluffy beds--the best of everything, on a scale ten times larger than life. Whatever you need, they needed more of it.

    Pools that would put major resorts to shame. Helicopter pads. Tennis courts in the basement. If it was big, shiny or costly out the wazoo, somebody had to do it. Oftentimes you'd watch the show just to guess what was coming next.

    It's a crazy world, and Robin Leach, who can be forgiven the strangest, loudest voice ever, made it a little more fun.