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Lights Out (1949)

NBC (ended 1952)



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Lights Out (1949)

Show Summary

The camera is tightly focused on a set of eyes. It slowly pulls out to reveal the disembodied head of the narrator, suspended in the darkness, ominously setting the stage for tonight's tale of horror or the supernatural. The narrator declares, "Lights out!", blows out a candle, and the story begins. This creepy anthology series began in 1934 on Chicago radio station WENR, the creation of writer Wyllis Cooper. Arch Oboler, however, is more closely associated as the series' writer/director, taking over after a couple of years when Cooper moved on to other projects. Lights Out was a pioneering television effort, with Fred Coe producing four episodes on WNBT-TV in New York during 1946. Once network television began in earnest in the late forties, the series was an early success, airing on NBC from 1949-1952.
Frank Gallop

Frank Gallop

Host/Narrator 1950-1952

Jack LaRue

Jack LaRue

Host/Narrator 1949-1950

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  • The series only ran for 3 seasons on television, after running for 12 years on radio. These supernational episodes were live and lights out. An interesting approach at the beginning. The audience would only see a pair of eyes and a hand full of blood.moreless

    The man with the black and white blood would say "Lights out, everybody" and then turns off the lights.

    The episodes had everything. Spooky houses, people returning from the dead, and when you were driving on a lonely road, it was your turn to "Lights Out"

    Boris Karloff, Burgess Meredith, Billie Burke, Leslie Nielsen, Basil Rathbone, Eddie Albert, Raymond Massey and Yvonne Decarlo of the munsters, all starred.

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