Lights Out (1949) - Season 3

NBC (ended 1952)




Episode Guide

  • Follow Me
    Follow Me
    Episode 52
  • The Man With the Watch
    A New York City detective is investigating the disappearance of over 200 people. Before vanishing into thin air, each person has reported a dream involving a fat man with a bizarre watch who convinces them to join him on his planet of Aleria.
  • The Faceless Man
    The Faceless Man
    Episode 50

    Francis Carvel visits a plastic surgeon to erase a lifetime of ugliness from his face. Now handsome, he returns to the French inn where, a year earlier, a lovely woman had spurned his affection. Complicating Carvel's plans is a new traveling companion, a disfigured man in bandages who knows everything about him.

  • The Fingers
    The Fingers
    Episode 49
  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour
    Episode 48
    A mother thinks her child's invisible friend from outer space is just a harmless kid's game. It soon becomes clear that children are actually helping aliens invade and take over Earth.
  • The Devil In Glencairn
    Steenie, the best piper in all of Scotland, is about to be evicted if he doesn't pay his owed rent. After selling his pipes to raise the money, a mysterious stranger appears, ready with a deal: it involves Steenie's money, bagpipes--and his immortal soul.
  • The Meddlers
    The Meddlers
    Episode 46

    Cecil Crofton shows up at the backwoods, hillbilly shack of Purdy with a wild proposition on how the two can split a million dollars. Crofton as figured out that a ton gold that once belonged to the Confederacy is buried locally, in the cellar of a house that had burned down and was rebuilt. Purdy figures rightly that it's the old Larro place, but the abandoned house is cursed by the ghosts of Larro ancestors from the Civil War.

  • And Adam Begot
    And Adam Begot
    Episode 45
    The car carrying cultured Geoffrey, brutish Claude and eligible Kay swerves off a cliff and into a mysterious valley. Surprised by the weird vegetation and climate, they come to believe they've traveled back in time 50,000 years. An encounter with an unfriendly caveman reults in all three being held captive in the wild man's cave.moreless
  • The Passage Beyond
    The Passage Beyond
    Episode 44

    The ghost of Lady Anne continues to walk down the stairs, knife in hand, and into the secret passage where she murdered her domineering husband. She vividly demonstrates her disapproval of Rodney's attempt to conduct an affair with a visiting friend of his wife.

  • Dead Freight
    Dead Freight
    Episode 43
  • Pit of the Dead
    Pit of the Dead
    Episode 42
    A pair of scientists excavating Aztec ruins in Mexico unearth an unwelcome encounter with vampires.
  • The Martian Eyes (restaged)
    An odd professor claims he can spot Martians, who masquerade as humans, using a pair of infrared glasses he wears. Only then can you see the third eyeball in the middle of their forehead. He relates his wild theory to a photographer sitting by him in a bar--and the man believes him. While playing around with infrared film, the photographer says he's snapped a shot of a man with three eyes. The two team up to convince authorities of their find.moreless
  • The Pattern
    The Pattern
    Episode 40
    Al March is tortured by his failure to have stopped the bombing of an Army barracks in 1945 Germany. Awaiting surgery, he tells his sister that the two men and a woman he killed the night before were the same ones who had planted the explosives. Even though they had died in the blast, they had been chasing him for the past six years because he lived and they didn't.moreless
  • Cat's Cradle
    Cat's Cradle
    Episode 39
    Former hometown football star George Logan pays an unexpected late night visit on Phyllis and Bob at their country home. Down on his luck, he's obsessed with having never fit in, and holds a grudge against the world. His one talent is weaving a string into a cat's cradle and, he claims, using it to cast spells and murder people who get in his way. A skeptical Bob call it nonsense so an irate George is determined to prove him wrong.moreless
  • Dead Man's Coat
    Dead Man's Coat
    Episode 38
    By opening the grave of a recently deceased man and putting on his coat, you will supposedly be granted invisibility. A bitter man with scores to settle decides to put the superstition to the test. He forces his reluctant butler to join him in his scheme of grave-robbing and murder.
  • The Lost Will of Dr. Rant
    A dear old woman is supposed to inherit the fortune of her uncle, Dr. John Rant, as soon as she finds his will. He tells her only that it's in a book and that she probably won't recognize it when she sees it. This cryptic clue results in the inheritance going to another relative, and the late Dr. Rant is not happy about this.moreless
  • Grey Reminder
    Grey Reminder
    Episode 36

    Charlotte is distressed by the letters addressed tor her new husband that mysteriously appear at their door. Kenneth refuses to discuss their contents, but they clearly disturb him. Fearing he's seeing another woman, Charlotte demands to know who's writing them. She's shocked to find they're from his domineering first wife who seems intent on controlling him even in death.

  • The Fonceville Curse
    An American writer, Paul, travels with his wife Dee to her family's English castle. There, creepy Aunt Mendekip informs him of the family's dark secret. Deranged ancestor Baron Fonceville, who killed his own wife in the very bed Paul and Dee are sleeping in, cursed all future generations of Fonceville women to death. Against his will, Paul begins to fall under the spell of a pendent belonging to the Baron. When wearing it around his neck, the late Baron appears and instructs Paul to kill sleeping wife by choking her to death.moreless
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 34
    A group of senators conducting a hearing attempt to pin a murder on a belligerent witness. The ghost of the dead man appears and leads the senators to a warehouse where his corpse is hidden behind a locked door.
  • The Crushed Rose
    The Crushed Rose
    Episode 33
    A scientist creates a robotic man that can speak and think.
  • The Mad Dullaghan
    The Mad Dullaghan
    Episode 32
    A man finds his missing fiance in a mental hospital. She believes she's possessed a Dullaghan, a spirit of Irish folklore, that jumped to her from her late father when she kissed him farewell at his funeral. The finance investigates and learns that her parent had been a famous ventriloquist and his dummy was named Mr. Dullagham.moreless
  • The Power of the Brute
  • Western Night
    Western Night
    Episode 30
  • Leda's Portrait
    Leda's Portrait
    Episode 29
  • The Man With the Astrakhan Hat
    A man wearing an unusual hat confesses to police that he's killed a man simply by wishing it to happen.
  • The Dispossessed
    The Dispossessed
    Episode 27
    A schizophrenic man with dual personalities seemingly dies as his wife looks on. He reawakens, this time with a completely different personality.
  • Strange Legacy
    Strange Legacy
    Episode 26
    After a car accident near the Chester Bay Lighthouse, Steve is taken to rest at a cottage owned by an elderly man and his lovely daughter. The daughter, Allison, informs him that it was a year ago that night that her talented husband had died, leaving behind an unfinished piano score, an airplane model, a sculpture--and his will. Years later, after becoming an award-winning sculptor, Steve meets two other men who also had car wrecks at the same spot, had met Allison, and achieved greatness as a composer and an airplane designer.moreless
  • Curtain Call
    Curtain Call
    Episode 25
    Master thespian Carlton Dane makes his grand return to the Shakesperean stage. His performance is ruined by the voice of his late wife, an actress named Alexis, charging him with her murder. When the show resumes, his daughter, Lydia, receives great acclaim from the crowd. This does not sit well with a drunken Carlton; there's room for only one star in this family.moreless
  • The House of Dust
    The House of Dust
    Episode 24
    Nina Foch plays one of the two survivors of a nuclear bomb blast, living in a stocked bomb shelter in Chicago. The other sole survivor arrives; a young man has been pursued from California by a hoard of starving rats. The rats close in on their shelter, gnawing and clawing, to get at the last two edible creatures alive.moreless
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • For Release Today
    For Release Today
    Episode 22

    Maggie, the press agent for actor Henry Crawford, is horrified by his lifeless performances during dress rehearsals for his new play. She comments that he seems dead, to which his wife, Elaine, declares that he is. A year earlier, Elaine's ex-fiance Balsamo had cursed Henry when he stole her away, promising Henry that he'd be through in one year. In desperation, Maggie goes to confront Balsamo and discovers his black magic efforts to kill Henry on opening night.

  • The Bottle Imp
    The Bottle Imp
    Episode 21
    The famous Robert Louis Stevenson story is dramatized. A bottle contains a magic imp that grants wishes to the person who has purchase it. When the owner sells the bottle, it must be for less than he purchased it, otherwise he will be sentenced to eternal damnation.
  • Bird of Time
    Bird of Time
    Episode 20
  • The Haunted Skyscraper
  • Jasper
    Episode 18
    Songwriter Charlie has suffered with "writer's block" since he and his wife moved to the country. Betty wants them to sell the house to pay the bills, but Charlie doesn't want to part with the family estate. His late ancestor, Jasper, isn't thrilled with the idea either.
  • The Men On the Mountain

    The Japanese army traps a group of American soldiers on a mountain top in the Philippines during World War II.  The ghost of a deceased comrade appears to help his buddies escape their dire situation.

  • Masque
    Episode 16
  • Beware This Woman
    Beware This Woman
    Episode 15
    Beguiling Mercy Device implores science-minded Dr. Lawson to rid her home of a pesky poltergeist. After witnessing crazy shenanigans like an endlessly ringing phone and a talking skeleton, Lawson's co-hort, Pearly, convinces him that the woman's a witch. They discover that one Mercy Device was hanged in Salem during the famous witch trials.moreless
  • The Mule Man
    The Mule Man
    Episode 14
  • Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
    Dr. Heidegger tests out his "fountain of youth" elixir on several older individuals. One husband regains the looks he had decades earlier, driving his wife to obsess over her appearance. Another elderly woman is suddenly pursued by her daughter's boyfriend because he mistakes her for his sweetheart. The effects of the formula eventually wear off and the users decided to leave well enough alone.moreless
  • The Waxwork
    The Waxwork
    Episode 12
    A reporter finds danger when he spends the night in the Murderer's Row display at a wax museum.
  • The Half Pint Flask
  • The Martian Eyes
    The Martian Eyes
    Episode 10
    An odd professor claims he can spot Martians, who masquerade as humans, using a pair of infrared glasses he wears. Only then can you see the third eyeball in the middle of their forehead. He relates his wild theory to a photographer sitting by him in a bar--and the man believes him. While playing around with infrared film, the photographer says he's snapped a shot of a man with three eyes. The two team up to convince authorities of their find.moreless
  • The Skeptics
    The Skeptics
    Episode 9
  • The Thing Upstairs
  • Just What Happened
    Just What Happened
    Episode 7
    When attending a psychic demonstration by a yogi, Harry Maddox meets an odd fellow with vivid dreams of flying. Carlo Melius is convinced he can employ the power of his mind to break the bounds of gravity. When he's found dead on the street below his studio window, it's Harry who's charged with pushing him to his death. Harry, however, tells a very different story.moreless
  • The Posthumous Dead
  • Sisters of Shadow
  • The Leopard Lady
    The Leopard Lady
    Episode 4
  • The Dark Corner
    The Dark Corner
    Episode 3
  • Benuili Chant
    Benuili Chant
    Episode 2

    An ancient Arabic parchment allows its possessor to ascertain the thoughts of another.  A ruthless businessman uses the document to capitalize on the ideas of the company president, leaving said president with no ideas of his own left to use.

  • The Ides of April
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