Lights Out (1949)

Season 3 Episode 50

The Faceless Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 1951 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with London's top plastic surgeon removing the bandanges from Mr. Carvel's face. Carvell is a handsome man. He asks to see his "before" photograph, which reveals a rather grotesque man. Carvel demands that the photos be destroyed, but the doctor refuses. Carvel responds by stabbing the surgeon in the back and declaring, "Now, no one knows me!"
As Carvell leaves the office, he encounters one of the doctor's patients who is wearing a bizarre mask of bandages.
Carvel, now using the name Franklin Crane, checks into a small French inn. He meets the proprietor, Etienne, and his lovely daughter Laure, who feels she knows him fro somewhere. (She is the same girl he had met the year earlier, whose kindness he had mistaken for affection. He learns that her fiance, Rene, has since been killed.)
Entering his room, he finds the same bandaged man he'd met outside of the surgeon's office. The bandaged man says that Carvel had destroyed his chance at attractiveness when he stabbed the doctor. He tells Carvel that it is now poetic justice that he become the companion of a hideously disfigured man. He says he plans to stay with Carvel forever!
Carvell asks permission to present the a necklace to the innkeeper's daughter. He says it belonged to his mother, but he'd actually stolen it from the surgeon.
Back in his room, Carvel's bandaged companion telling him that he knows its the same woman who had rejected him a year earlier. He also surprises Carvel by telling him that he knows of his plans: to marry her and then torture soul her for the rest of her life. Carvel is becoming frigntened that the bandaged man knows everything about him.
Wooing Laure, he presents her with the gift. Then he surprises her with a sudden marriage proposal. After he leaves, she talks to her father about what just happened and opens the necklace case. Instead of jewels, it contains the rope used to strangle her late fiance. She realizes then that Mr. Crane is "the ugly one", Carvel. Her father goes up the stairs to confront him.
Back in the room, Carvel tells his friend that he's going to have to leave. If he's not gone by tonight, Carvel says he will kill him.
The father enters and asks Carel his why he'd presented her with the rope used to strangle Rene. A shocked Carvel rushes the father out, then confronts the bandanged man who knows all about how he'd strangled Laure's fiance a year earlier. Furious, Carvel yanks the bandages from the mans face and discovers that he has Carvel's old face. After choking the man, there's a knock on his room door. He opens it to find the same man again! The man announces that he is the horror of Carvel's own soul. A screaming Carvel falls out of the window.
The innkeeper and his daughter later find him dead on the rocks below. Looking at his face, they discover that Carvel's face has now changed back to its previous grotesque state.