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Like Family

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Tanya (Holly Robinson Peete), Ed (Kevin Michael Richardson) and their kids, 16-year-old Danika (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and 12-year-old Bobby (B.J. Mitchell), are a loud but loving middle-class African-American family in suburban New Jersey. They have generously opened their home to Tanya's closest friend Maddie (Diane Farr) - a hard-working single mom who has recently hit a speed bump in the road of life - and her charming and mischievous 16-year-old son Keith (J. Mack Slaughter).

Tanya and Maddie grew up together and have always brought out the best in each other. These women have got each other's backs. To Maddie, Tanya is like a trusted big sister, always ready with advice and support, and always good for a laugh. Lately, Maddie's corporate job in New York City has been keeping her away from her son for long hours. She's worried that Keith has begun to hang out with the wrong crowd and is determined to keep him from getting into real trouble down the road. Maddie has decided that she and Keith both need the influence of a traditional family structure - and if traditional family structure is what you're looking for, Tanya and Ed's is the place to go.

Tanya had a successful career as a lawyer, but is taking a few years off to stay home with her growing family. Maddie admires Tanya's accomplishments and her loving marriage to Ed, a self-made man who runs his own landscaping business. Ed may look and sound intimidating, but his family knows he's a teddy bear at heart. Their young son Bobby sees Keith as the older white brother he never had, and couldn't be happier to have him living in the same house.

Bobby's older sister Danika, however, isn't so sure this new arrangement is a good idea. Keith and Danika have known each other since infancy, and their relationship is competitive, conflicted and, sometimes, a little flirtatious. Danika has blossomed into an all-American girl; pretty, smart, and self-confident. Now that they are living in the same house, these two teenagers are finding out a lot about each other - often, it's more than either one of them ever wanted to know.

Adding to the family circus is Ed's father, Pop (J. Anthony Brown), a youthful senior citizen with a keen interest in the opposite sex and a strong opinion on everything that goes on in the house. Pop may be 74 years old, but he is still the wildest member of the family. Extra people in the house mean extra tension, extra laughs and the occasional blow-up as kids and grown-ups work together to combine their worlds and become one big, happy family.

This family comedy was from co-executive producer Dan Fogelman with executive producers Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz (Mad About You, Two Guys And A Girl, Do Over) and Warren Littlefield (Keen Eddie, Do Over) for The Littlefield Co. in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.moreless

    Fogelman comedy pilot finds hero in NBC

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