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What do moderate liberals and conservatives think of this show?

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    I consider myself a Democrat, but I'm pretty moderate. I don't always agree with them, nor do I always disagree with Republicans. Extremist liberals and conservatives are almost more annoying than terrorists. I've seen maybe 5 episodes of Lil' Bush... call it a guilty pleasure I indulge in every once in awhile. I think it's funny in many ways, but if they're gonna take the time to parody everyone left and right (literally) then they should at least get everyone down pat.

    Lil' Bush: His tone and accent are spot-on, but the speech patterns are totally off. He doesn't mis-pronounce words or display his horrid grammar skills enough. Maybe they're going just for story/political/current event satire and not true caricature parody. The selfishness and self-importance are still there, though. Put in some stuttering and random pauses during (anti-constituent) sentences and we'll have the perfect animated counterpart of the foremost American Idiot.

    Daddy Bush: He is spot-on and he's my favorite in the Lil' Bush family. Sooooooo Republican it's not even funny. Well, actually it is...

    Barbara Bush: Umm... yeah. In real life I think she's a decent lady. The show makes her seem as creepy as Cheny. And what's with the voice? It's horrid... just horrid.

    Lil' Jeb: I think I rolled my eyes the first episode when they showed him. I don't understand why they made him the retarded brother. He's *smarter* than George W., this cannot be debated because it is FACT (don't I sound like Bill-O? XD)

    Lil' Cheny: Dear LORD. For one, he is portrayed as submissive to Lil' Bush and his dumb ideas. That's about a light year from the truth. And despite the quacking being hilarious (though I will probably grow weary of it) I think devil horns would be more appropriate

    Lil' Condi: I don't like her. They almost portray her as a somewhat nicer version of Anne "Godless" Coulter whom I absolutely DESPISE. And Lil' Condi has a crush on Lil' Bush? When and why did this happen? And to think I actually took her adult self to be an intelligent, classy woman. Oh well.

    Lil' Bill Clinton: *sigh* Why must we go through this? The girl-chasing stereotype is just so old. Who cares? At least he was a better President than George W and his Daddy put together. My opinion? Yes. But if you really think about it you'd see that I and the other 100 million who agree with me just might just have a point...

    Lil' Al Gore: Loved him, lol. I actually liked his portrayal here better than in South Park (Trey and Matt are such closet Republicans, it's obvious. But I love them anyway ) South Park's Al Gore was just so weird and totally un-Al-Gore-like. "I'm SO serial." What was that all about? Getting off-topic, let's move on.

    Lil' Rumsfeld: They made him the most normal of the bunch? WTF? I don't understand his importance to the group. He was pretty much just a tag-along in every episode I saw. Maybe that's the point

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    i agree with most of what you are saying. i think rumsfeld is sorta the violent one whos the muscle and stuff but ya the membling is really annoying but in an interview the creator said "he mumbles because he has asolutley no respect for others" lol i am a Liberal
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