Lil' Bush

Season 1 Episode 3

Gay Friend/Mexican

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 27, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • My favorite episode so far!

    The Tony Blair episode was easily the funniest one of the series so far. "Mexicans" wasnt as good, but I still found it pretty funny. I loved the whole gay Tony Blair and Lil' Bush cheerleading in "Tony Blair." I also found it funny to find out Bush's dad was gay and his mom is made from dead presidents. The show still isnt super great, but if it keeps improving like this, Im sure lots of people will like it.
  • I love this show!!!

    I really like how this episode was about lil bush and lil tony blair's gay relationship. I think that it really showed how the goverment looks at gays. I also loved how lil bush was dressed up in that sequin cheerleading outfit. haha. I really really liked how it explained how lil bush's mother was made...out of the dead body parts of old presidants. Like she has george washingtons face, and betsy ross's 'lady parts' I think it is horribly disgusting in a really amazingly funny way. The other half of the episode wasent as funny aw the first, but I still liked it anyway.
  • Love in the first degree, with the wrong kind of partners! :lol:

    Can anybody else besides me describe how much they love this new show which continues to improve it's political parodying ability with every new episode? Because I can describe how much I like it! Is anyone else suprised that Little George W. likes Little Tony Blair in That way? Even though I wasn't, I'm so glad that somebody else Finally pointed it out to the public! This show has been saying so many things about this administration that I've been trying to tell to the public for 8 long years! Of course nobody has ever believed me, even though it always turns out that I'm right about everything I've ever said about them! It just feels So refreshing to see my beliefs be validated by this very accurate portrayal of actual events as they actually happen. That's why I love, & will continue to love this new show so much! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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