Lil' Bush

Season 1 Episode 1

Iraq / First Kiss

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 13, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • This was hilarious! I could not stop laughing! An excellent parody of Dubya. And they have so much material to work with too. Katrina, Libby, Fired US Attorneys, Vote suppression, Wiretapping, Chief Justice. I can't wait for more.

    This was hilarious! I could not stop laughing! An excellent parody of Dubya. And they have so much material to work with too. Katrina, Libby, Fired US Attorneys, Vote suppression, Wiretapping, the Chief Justice. I can't wait for more. I really liked how they miniaturized all of today's major political figures: Lil Foley, Lil Hillary, Lil Kim Jong Il; very ingenious. And Lil' Bush's "posse" is comic genius. Lil' Condi has a major unrequited love for Lil' Bush. The idiotic Lil' Cheney only growls incoherently instead of speaking. And Lil' Rummy (mini Donald Rumsfield) seems to be the voice of reason sadly. And Lil' Jeb, the even more stupid (if that's humanly possible) brother of Lil' Bush is extremely incompetent and can't talk. This is a hilarious show, and I highly recommend it.
  • Finally! A George W. Bush parody that you can Actually relate to! :idea:

    It's about time that Somebody realized what the world needs now more than ever is an Actual Bush parody that gets all of the important hot topics right & doesn't ignore the darker undertones that lie (and I do mean lie as in a lier :idea: ) underneath such characters like Richard Cheney & Condoleeza Rice. I think it was very accurate for this cartoon to portray Little Cheney as a heartless kid who rips the heads off animals & then drinks their blood! Not to mention the fact that Little Condoleeza wants Little Bush something bad but he Of course is completely oblivious to the African-American's desire (when isn't he? :roll: ) so I also thought it was accurate to depict Little Condoleeza as becoming a Lesbian once she grows up as an adult. Also, who knew Barbara Bush could get freaky with anyone as universally despised as Little Cheney? Of course, it doesn't surprise me, but then that's just my opinion. I think this cartoon is going to become a winner & I wouldn't be surprised if this cartoon won the newest, most original, most accurate portrayal of the political world of the year Emmy Award if such an Award exists! That's why I wrote this review, to discuss this new shows brillant new potential! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Lil George W. Bush decides to go to Iraq for a Father's Day Gift and makes a bet with his friends about who can get the first kiss from a girl.

    For a pilot not too bad and one can never get tired of any show that makes fun of the manipulative, and deceitful Bush

    “Tonight’s episode where I go to Iraq for some reason”..LMAO!!!!

    “Bad news on Iraq let’s see what else is on”-Lil Bush

    Senior Bush: “You kids know that you aren’t supposed to watch anything but Foxnews”

    Senior Bush: “The focus on the terrible bad stuff that we’re doing like torturing people and killing civilians and funneling millions of tax paying dollars.”

    This show was utterly hilarious. I love the fact that Cheney was made to sound like a damn duck. The Vice President comes across as a rabid animal in his interviews so I found this representation of him to be right on the money. Condoleeze Rice being made to look like an ugly girl nobody wants is a great representation of the way she is and the likes she’s been pedding for Bush.

    Lil Bush himself is a great replica of our current disgraced President if he was in grade school.

    I thought the jokes were decent and they capture the personality of the real life characters well. The only downpoint for me was the whole "Graduate" spoof with Barbara Bush and Cheney...ugh that was painful. We don't need to see that. The fictional account of Lil Bush meeting Lil Clinton and Hilary was also funny.

    Other than that though lots of laughs here. The pilot seems to have gotten mixed reactions but I still haven't heard a great reason as to why people hate it other than they are pro-bush supporters or this show took over another show's timeslot. Whatever. I can't complain much for a pilot it's watchable and hopefully the next episodes will be just as decent and fearless in delivering more truths about the administration through comedy.
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