Lil' Bush

Wednesday 10:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Jun 13, 2007 In Season


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  • From the same idiots who brought you CatDog, and My Gym Partner's a Monkey, comes another complete disaster.

    If I was able to find the people who made Lil' Bush, I'd make them pay for wasting everyone's time with this so called comedy show. How can they take a concept as simple as making fun of the former president of the USA and screw it up? It's not like there were so many things they could've made fun of, but apparently this was WAY off its mark. In Lil' Bush, it centers around the former President of the USA, George W. Bush as a kid along with his administration such as Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, and so on who are also kids. They all go and have adventures that parody the events that went on during the Bush Administration. So it sounds like a solid show, a show making fun of one of the worst presidents of all time sounds up everyone's alley, but there's already an issue with this show. The same people who made CatDog and My Gym Partner's a Monkey were apparently behind this show. Already any chance of this show being good in the least bit is destroyed, but I digress. The first thing you'll notice is that this show acts a little like CatDog in terms of ripping off another successful show. CatDog ripped off Ren and Stimpy, and Lil' Bush here is nothing more than a complete South Park wannabe. Cheney acts like Kenny with how he speaks, Bush reminds me of Cartman, and even some of the character designs look similar to South Park. The rest of the characters are no better at all really and are just forgettable. As for plots? Each one is a parody of an event from the Bush Administration such as Hurricane Katrina and Iraq, and that's all good. The problem is that the way they are executed leaves so much to be desired, and don't fulfill the potential they have. Also some of them are really stupid. A kissing contest? Is this for real? As for humor, just forget about it. It's all jokes you seen or heard before on either South Park or MUCH better TV shows. Nothing is new nor original in this show, and nothing is the least bit funny which is a shame since this is a parody. The artwork is also another bad thing, as I mentioned the character designs don't look original and bland, but the set designs have no detail to them at all and look like they were something from a coloring book not like something an artist drew, and the coloring looks bland. The animation is no better at all and is choppy most of the time and lip syncs seem off. In the end, Lil' Bush fails in every way possible with bad stories, unfunny jokes, bad characters, and waste of potential. Seriously the same people who made CatDog couldn't even get a show like this right at all? How hard was it for these idiots there? It had a simple concept, but once again the people who made CatDog fail to deliver. Even the most hated Bush fan who wanted to a show like this wouldn't find it funny at all, and I'm glad this show is canceled for good and never coming back. Word of advice Comedy Central, next time you do a show like this, get people who can actually do a parody right and not these people. Lil' Bush is nothing more than a big failure, and is best left avoided.