Lil' Bush

Season 2 Episode 1

St. Patrick's Day

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • This episode showed why Lil Bush isn't worth watching anymore, it's really that bad.

    The 1st episode of the 1st season was ok, but episodes 2 and 3 were simply amazing because of the jokes and plots, I love those episodes. But episodes 4-6 were no where near as good as the 1st 3 and are really disappointing episodes. But they are awesome compared to this crap you call an "episode". I would rather watch episodes 4-6(ugh) than to watch 7 ever again. There are 2 problems with this episode:

    1. Plot-Unlike the last 6 episodes, it focuses on mainly one plot instead of 2 and has a side plot as well. This could have worked, if the storylines were interesting, but no, there not, at all. The main plot has the Lil Conies(Lil Bush and the gang) trying to ruin the parade since they don't want the Lil Dems(Hilary Clinton and others) to be a part of it(or something like that) with Lil Karl Rove's help while Barbra gets a tan that goes wrong. That's the plot to both of them and no, I'm not making this up. The main plot was just boring because hardly anything happens in the 1st segment. The 2nd segment has the Lil Conies meeting Lil Karl Rove and trying to get help from him. And the 3rd segment has the Lil Conies trying to ruin the parade by saving it from the Lil Dems. It's really hard to describe how bad the story is, but trust me, it's bad. There's a predictable twist at the end that you've seen a million times before and done better as well. It's hardly even a plot at all, seriously, there's not much more I can explain about it. The side plot is so bland, pointless and forgettable that you probably didn't know it exist. Overall, it's just bad.

    2. Jokes-I thought the jokes in episodes 4-6 were bad, but this episode makes the jokes in episodes 4-6 very funny, and those episodes aren't even(that) funny. This episode is not funny at all. The jokes are old, dull, stale, boring, nonsensical, stupid, awful, bad, annoying, unfunny, and repetitive. These jokes would have been hilarious if this episode along with the show was made 10 years ago, they are far too outdated. None of the jokes are clever or creative in anyway, it's like watching Meet the Spartans, the worst parody comedy movie ever made IMO. It's like they picked a random joke, threw it in there, didn't bother reading the script and writing, and aired this garbage. It's one painful joke after another in what seems like the longest 22 minutes ever. I even knew this episode was going to be bad when a gay joke shows up in the 1st 20 seconds of the show. And the songs that they sing in each episode were good in episodes 2 and 3, bad in 4-6 and just plain horrible in this episode because it's not entertaining or funny. Overall, it's just not a funny episode.

    Overall, this episode was the future of the newer episodes, and that's not a good sign at all. This is not only the worst episode on the show, but the worst episode I have ever seen in any TV show ever. I lose all faith in this show when this episode was made. It really deserves a zero IMO, because this episode was one word: nothing. R.I.P. Lil Bush, you lost a fan.
  • so-so

    bad start to the season. The little dems attempt to create a saint patricks day parade that will include people of all nationalities and disabilities. Of course, Lil Bush and his Lil cronies do not like this idea as the other republicans do not. So the lil republicans hatch a brilliant scheme to do away with the lil dems, with a little help from lil Karl Rove (guest star K-Fed) overall this show had a few funny moments that saves it from an abysmal for me, but I believe that they have some talented voice actors and writers, and they could do a lot better then this.