Lil' Bush

Season 2 Episode 1

St. Patrick's Day

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central



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    • L'il Rove: If you always say the opposite of what you mean, people will get so confused - you can get away with anything!
      Let's say, you want to allow the logging industry decimate our national forests for profit. What would you call that?
      L'il Bush: The "decimate our national forests for profit act"?
      L'il Rove: No. You call it the "Healthy Forests Initiative". Here's another one. Suppose you want to pollute up the skies. L'il Bush: Boy, would I ever.
      L'il Rove: You'd call that the "Clear Skies Act". Then you could do whatever you want to the crummy sky.
      L'il Cheney: rah rah rah, like Iraqi Freedom, rah rah. L'il Rove: Yes! So if you want to be non-inclusive...
      Lil' Bush: You have to make everyone think you're being non-outclusive. L'il Rove: Uh, close enough.

    • L'il Condi: Come on George - think!
      L'il Bush: I got a better idea. What if I use my "brain"? (referring to Rove)

    • L'il Rummy: (regarding Karl Rove) There is one thing, George. They say that once you give him control he'll own your brain forever pause (or until he steps down to spend time with his family).
      L'il Bush: Well that sounds crazy, but I ain't using this thing (points to brain) anyway.... so, uh, let's go.

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