Lil' Bush

Season 2 Episode 6

Weekend at Saddamy's

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Apr 17, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • George Sr. takes Lil Bush on a camping trip to Iraq while showing viewers the torture and lack of organization of Iraq.

    "Iraq is choke full of fun people to torture"- George Sr.

    "Fix Iraq? That's Crazy!!!"-Lil Condileeza Rice

    Funny stuff haven't had the honor to watch all season two episodes with college and work but this episode might be the best episode of season 2 cleverly written with a lot of metaphors of the mess that Bush and his cronies have made in Iraq.

    For instance, the metaphor of Bush, his Dad and the Republicans partying it up in Iraq is exactly what the administration has been doing since 2003 that is profiting of the war, laughing and partying all the way to the bank while a lot of dead marines and Iraqis pay the price.

    If you pay attention you'll see a short shot that has several Iraqis/or Saudis naked with masks over their head (an obvious reference to the Abu Ghraib scandal) of which the military and the administration tried to keep quite over. (Dick Cheney would continue to spread the lie that the US doesn't engage in torture when they do)

    Lil Rice's comment about "Fixing Iraq" is funny as hell because that's exactly what the Bush administration has been promising, alluding to doing but in reality the administration has made Iraq more instable than ever. The key thing to remember is that the US intervention in Iraq is not about giving the Iraqi's democracy but occupation. The intention was not really to help the Iraqis (although that's how the mainstream media played it) but invading Iraq for other motives (Oil, setting up military bases etc).

    Another great joke delivered in this episode "huh our very own puppet dictator" by George Sr. which is an obvious reference to the true life ties the US has to real life dictators like General Pinochet (now a dead war criminal in Chile), Somoza in Nicaragua and of course the dead Saddam Hussein.

    Of course people who complain about this show bashing Republicans will forget to point how this episodes also makes fun of Democrats (who have gone on vacation to South Padre Island for Spring Break) obvious reference that despite the fact that the Democrats have disapproved of what the administration has done they've done very little to stop them.

    This was an excellent episode.
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