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  • This is one of the bbc's hidden gem

    this is defiantly one of the bbc hidden gem that I feel would of benefited from some more marketing and on a better time slot.
    All that aside this is one of the few new shows that I genuinely want to have a second series and it should defiantly have one.
    It focus on the family dynamic,love, dealing with the loss of family members and the fall out of a unplanned unmarried mother of those times and the prejudices they face This show has a very strong cast with a equally strong script so you never know what’s happening and is never predictable
  • Set in the post WWI in England, it tells the story of three sisters, and their family, and their struggles with daily life between big and small historical events.

    I didn't know well what to expect from this show but I must say that BBC provided with an high quality cast and storyline. The plot runs strong and never easily; you are not going to say "seen that" about this show. It doesn't protect your eyes from an harsh reality but at the same time doesn't use gore details just to fill some minutes. Every detail is well structured and planned and part of the storyline. It's a show for a mature audience given its sexual references and sometimes descriptive images but it feels real and fresh in a tv-world full of revisited ideas. Lilies is a great show and I hope it will get more viewers every day!