Season 1 Episode 8

Going on the Stage

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1978 on ITV



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Oscar Wilde: An advertisement? You can't be serious.

      Lillie: I certainly am. It's for Pearl's Soap. They'll pay me 132 pounds for the picture and the signature saying I use the stuff.

      Oscar Wilde: One hundred and thirty-two pounds?

      Lillie: Yes, it's my weight. I didn't know what to ask for and Patsy said something about asking for my weight in gold.

    • Henrietta Labouchere: I made sure of one thing before I left. Mr Labouchere will miss me now that I've gone.

      Lillie: What do you mean, Henrietta?

      Henrietta Labouchere: I dismissed the cook and cut off all the buttons on his shirts.

      Lillie: You didn't?

      Henrietta Labouchere: Indeed I did. Well, he was always saying he'd get along perfectly without me. So I thought I'd teach him a lesson.

  • Notes

    • Annette Crosbie is the third actor to appear in both Edward the Seventh and Lillie. In contrast to the other two, she did have a substantial part in the earlier series, playing Queen Victoria.

    • It is generally accepted that, as portrayed in this series, Louis was Jeanne Marie's father. However, there is no actual historical proof of this. In other words none of the parties involved wrote anything down. Especially Lillie, whose autobiography is a fun read, more for what it doesn't say, then for what it does.

    • Henrietta LaBouchere (so brilliantly played by the ever wonderful Annette Crosbie) was married to Henry LaBouchere (bet they saved money when it came time to buy monogrammed towels and handkerchiefs) who was the Editor of "Truth" and an MP. It was his insertion of section 11 into the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 (roughly four years after this episodes events), which stated that acts of gross indecency between males in public OR PRIVATE was punishable by two years imprisonment. This was the law which Oscar Wilde would run afoul of in 1895.

  • Allusions

    • One of two plays Lillie performs at her debut is "Plot and Passion" by Tom Taylor. Tom Taylor (1817-1880) is mostly remembered as the author of "My American Cousin", the play President Lincold was watching as he was assassinated.

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