Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jan 05, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Experiment 624: ANGEL

Experiment 624 has been activated by Gantu, and is used as a secret weapon to try to turn Stitch evil.

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  • Stitch falls in love with another Experiment. This could have been a great episode.

    In this episode Stitch falls in love with Experiment 624 also known as Angel. While some parts of this episode are very cute and the idea is interesting the whole romance was so rushed and could have been made much better. Stitch falls in love with Angel the moment he first sees her face. Love at first sight isn't unusual for Disney, however Stitch is so obsessed with the female Experiment that he doesn't care about other things and neglects Lilo. Sadly their is hardly anything about Angel you could love but her looks and her voice. We never see anything about her personality, she hardly speaks and if she does than it' the alien language Stitch and some of his cousins talk in but not in English. Her looks aren't very original since she looks just like Stitchs except for longer antennas, pink fur, a curvier body and eyelashes. In this episode Lilo distrusts Angel and it turns out that she was right since Angel was working for Gantu and Hamsterviel and turned some of Stitchs cousins evil again through a song (which is her function). Lilo finds out that she is evil when she sees Angel wearing a collar with Hamsterviel phone number on a tape Pleakley recorded. This is the only time we see Angel wearing this collar. She doesn't wear it before or after that scene. After Stitch finds out Angel was evil all the time he is hurt but still loves her. When Angel realizes that she likes him too she saves him by turning the other Experiments,that she turned evil again before and who are attacking Stitch, good. Stitch isn't angry at her for pretending to love him at first at all and even Lilo forgives her. However Gantu captures Angel and takes her to his ship. Instead of saving her at once Lilo only tells Stitch that he should believe in love. We don't see Angel again until the very last episode. So instead of letting her live with Stitch and maybe developing her personality she is just gone without Stitch or Lilo attempting to save her until the very end. As I said in the beginning the episode wasn't entirely bad but it could have been much better if they had developed Angels personality more.moreless
  • My second favorite episode, experiment 624 is the main evil experiment

    Stitch falls in love with a female experiment who Lilo is jealous of. As Pleakley records a movie of Stitch trying to win her heart, Lilo tries to find out what experiment 624, who Stitch calls Angel, was made for. Lilo's suspicions are confirmed when it's discovered that Angel is secretly working for Gantu and is using her siren song to turn good experiments back to evil. At the end Angel decides she loves Stitch and turns against Gantu.

    Kernel (014), Sparky (221), Yin (501), Yang (502), Ritcher (513), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Kixx (601), Angel (624)are all of the mentioned experiments.moreless
  • Stitch Has his First Feel of True Love...But It could lead to Pain ,Regret And even His Death....

    Lilo and Stitch find Gantu Looking for an Experiment,Experiment 624 a lovely pink fured Experiment with long antennaes and a white V-shaped symbol on her chest.And when 624 and 626 meet,Stitch fell in love with her even going as far as calling her his Boojibu.Lilo Not being to sure about 624 or"Angel" she went to talk to Jumba about her But before she can 624 sings her song to turn Jumba Evil.He lies to Lilo Not telling her About Her Evil Maker song.The Then Evil Jumba Gives 624 his experiment database. Theres also a Odd How-did-This-get-in-to-a Cartoon scene were Angel comes in Acting Sleepy and trys to lead Stitch away He tells Lilo He's sleepy too trying to followe her But Lilo Stops him. deep in the Night She leaves to gives to Gantu The Database who she was working for all the time.The next Day Stitch give her Flowers And She sings her song Not working on Him(For it willnot work on 625 or 626)She's shocked but still Happy He like her for Who she is. She runs away, and Stitch chases after her. She leads him around And Sings to the good Experiments truning then Evil as Stitch trys to impress her with romantic acts. Then She Leads Him to a Ship Were the now Evil Experiments wait.Lilo Finds out about 624 by her collar that she works for Gantu and Helps Fix Jumba and gets Pleakley to go save Stitch.Stitch soon Finds out he's Been Used And it was all a Lie and He is now Traped.But he still loves her, 625 feels the same way and they talk about How they both fell for her.Gantu sends the Evil Experiments to Kill him.When 513 Richter Is about to Give Stitch the death blow He picked his last words to be "Bye-Bye Boojibu"(Man what a TearJerker)Angel comes in and sings the song backwards Turning the Experiments good. Saving Stitch proveing Her love aswell.It ends Gantu Gets Her and Stitch says He will Save her one day.moreless
  • Stich in love? Need I say more?

    I am pretty sure I smiled throughout this entire episode. The idea of all the other experiments falling for the one alluring creature was great. I loved Stitch's reaction specifically. It was quite endearing to see him obsessively striving for Angel's affections. It was also rather humorous to see Lilo's reaction to Stitch "in love". Over all this was just a very sweet and adorable episode with just the right addition of slap stick comedy to keep you laughing. I will say this episode stirred in me an interest in seeing a mate created or all ready created for Stitch!moreless
  • Good.

    This is when Stitch finds a experiment who immeditly falls in love with. When it was the first time I watch it I thought Angel falls in love with Stitch just to turn him evil but it didn't work but at the end Angel falls in love with Stitch again. I liked the part near the end and at the end but not in the middle of the end because stupid Gantu kidnaps her. I think it was an okay episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Angel was supposed to turn all the experiments back to evil, but only Kixx, Sparky, Yin, Yang, Slushy, Richter and Cannonball were on Gantu's ship.

    • In Spring 2004, Disney Channel ran a 'Fan-tastic Marathon' to find out the Top 10 fan-favorite experiments. 'Experiment 624: Angel' was #1 on the Top 10 list and the voters' pick for the 'Series' Best Episode'.
      On June 26, 2006, Toon Disney followed suit in their first "Big Time Alien Roundup" countdown by selecting Angel as the #1 episode as well.

    • Angel's song only affects people (experiments and otherwise) who were formerly evil (like Jumba).

      Since Lilo and Pleakley were never evil, her song had no effect on them.

    • When Angel sang her song to Jumba, why didn't Lilo and Pleakley turned evil? Lilo and Pleakley would definitely be turned evil if Angel would've sang it to Jumba and everybody heard it! This is because Lilo and Pleakley were never evil to begin with.

    • Jumba actually calls Stitch by his name, not his experiment number in the episode.

    • When Gantu took Angel at the end, where were the other experiments, why didn't they save Angel?

      [Edit -- That has been saved for the 2nd season finale episode, "Snafu".]

    • We only see Angel's collar when Lilo notices the tag on it, however before and after this scene Angel's collar is nowhere to be seen.

    • When Lilo is watching a tape of Stitch and Angel, she zooms in to see the tag that Angel is wearing. The tag has the phone number "5550198293434533655882" but as Lilo recites it, she misses a 5, yet still dials the number correctly.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Lilo, Jumba, and Pleakley are watching the spaceship)
      Jumba: Funny. Ship is not flying in typical spaceship manner.
      (The ship starts to crash)
      Pleakley: (Looking through Jumba's camera) What an amazing 3-D effect! It's like it's coming right at us! (Realizes it is coming at them) AGGGH!

    • (Angel sings her beautiful song)
      Angel: Acoota Chimeeto Igata No Muta Nagatongnala Ichume Tiduka.
      Stitch: Egalagoo! Ooh, nice pipes.
      Angel: Huh?
      (Stitch gives her the flowers)

    • (Gantu is chasing Angel)
      Gantu: When it comes to catching experiments, Gantu never loses!
      625: Except when you lose, which happens to be most of the time.

    • Lilo: Stitch, how did you beat Angel? Bet you had to use your super strength to do her in!
      Stitch: Naga!
      (Angel comes out from the ship ruins, and takes Stitch by the arm)

      Stitch: Angel save Stitch!
      (Lilo stands dumbfounded)

      Lilo: No kidding!
      Stitch: You gotta believe in love!

    • (Gantu watches as the seemingly helpless Stitch gets cornered by his cousins.)
      Gantu: I've always wanted to see this... 626 disciplined by his very own cousins!

    • 625: Wait for me, gorgeous!

    • (After watching Stitch in peril)
      Angel: Nagga!!!!
      (Angel sings her song backwards)

      Gantu: No! You're turning them good!

    • (Pleakley is shivering)
      Pleakley: C-coffee break! T-take five!

    • (Angel sings her song)
      Stitch: Nice pipes.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Toon Disney held a marathon to find the Top 10 episodes, this episode was #1 in the first countdown on June 26, 2006.

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)


      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Tue 02/03/04, Mon 03/29/04, Sun 04/04/04, Sat 04/10/04, Fri 05/21/04, Thu 07/15/04, Fri 09/24/04, Sun 10/17/04, Fri 11/19/04, Mon 01/17/05, Thu 02/03/05, Sat 03/12/05, Wed 04/13/05, Wed 06/22/05, Tue 07/12/05, Mon 10/10/05, Fri 11/18/05, Tue 01/10/06, Thu 02/16/06, Tue 04/11/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)

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      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)

      Wed 11/02/05, Thu 11/03/05, Fri 11/11/05, Sat 11/12/05, Mon 11/21/05, Tue 11/22/05


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    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> Terminologies would denote that one million megapixels is one terapixel
      --> Angel's tentacles can be used as arms for out-of-reach objects
      --> This is the first time Lilo becomes jealous of an experiment.
      --> Hamsterviel's phone number is: 555-019-829-3434-533-65-5882
      --> Angel has a [V] shaped symbol on her chest like many other femaile experiments.
      --> When lying about Angel, Jumba uses the primary function of Experiment 014, aka Kernel, who doesn't appear until Leroy & Stitch. The said function is making popcorn for Jumba on movie nights.
      Angel's Song
      Jess Winfeld, the executive producer said the song went like this.

      no mootah,
      te dooka.

      He also gave us the translation:

      Heed me.
      You are in my power.
      Henceforth nothing shall be too cruel or too abominable for you.
      You can't escape.

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Angel
      Number: 624
      Pod Colour:
      Function: Angel is like an experimental siren; she is capable of recorrupting any experiment, numbered 001 to 623, from good to evil. (According to Jess Winfield, the female experiments are just as vulnerable to her as the males.)
      Gender: Female
      One True Place: With Gantu, possibly sent to Hamsterviel

      Experiment Cameos: Kixx, Sparky, Yin, Yang, Slushy, Richter and Cannonball.
      Who is missing?
      Moral: You got to believe in love.
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

      To discuss this episode go to: FORUMS, FIRST SEASON EPISODES


    • Lorelei, the Siren

      Angel is a parody of the famous Lorelei, a beautiful siren who sat on a cliff in Scotland and sang. All the ships who heard her song would sail to it and be immediately destroyed by the sharp rocks under the cliff.

      The Sirens: Mythology

      Angel is also a parody of these sirens

      The Devil in Desguise -- Elvis Song

      Angel can be described as the "Devil in Disquise". All the words in the song describe how she is. She may look like and angel, but deep down is a devil in disquise.