Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 13, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • This Episode has the "Heart" Of the Movie.....

    With The"Aloha Sand Sulpure Exhibition"Coming To the Lahui Beach Lilo's Class Plans to do one.But Lilo's Entry A "Aloha Tiki That sometimes eats People" Was picked over Myrtle's "Duke Kahanamoku" Hawaii's Great Athlete And Ambassador of Aloha. Which makes Lilo Feels bad(It was cute to See Stitch's old Anger come out in this Drawings of Myrtle's deaths)To cheer Lilo up David And Nani Take(And Sneak)In to The Pool At "Birds Of Paradise Hotel" Stitch's Act at the Pool Was the best, Close to his old ways in the Movie,He stole Towels Sunglasses and Other things to make Him self a Supersut.He also was Hiting on a Lady(Much the same way he did in a "Inter-Stitch-alTrailer for the movie)After seeing Experiment 520, A big butt And Wavemaker Experiment, Lilo has to pull Stitch away from His Lovely Lady friend to get to 520. After 520 makes a mess of the pool Stitch and Gantu Fight over 520. Stitch ficked 520 with a tree faraway.Useing his Super Brain he finds were he landed.(It was cute when Lilo was talking about Her "Smartest" pet being a Goldfish named KoKo) After Trying to get Nani's Car, Jumba shows the two The New updated Dune Buggy now called the X-buggy. Stitch go's to Waita reservoir and useing his almost robot-like eye to Zoom in on 520 and find him.After Tricking Gantu And Stitch Cutely Playing dead They make fireds with 520 nicknamed "Cannonball" And after a close one with Gantu Stitch"s SandSulpure(That he used to Hide from Gantu)Wins. "Cannonball"s one true place in making waves for Surfers at the beach.We also find out in this Episode that 625 Took a class in "Avanced applied blasting A great Episode with lots of new Info on the Guys.