Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 31


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jan 09, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Experiment 010: FELIX

Experiment 010 is a neat-freak, named Felix. So when it won't stop cleaning things, Jumba tries to reprogram it.

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  • This episode is based on experiment 010

    A green experiment with a small body, mouth, arms and legs, a thin tail with a brushy fuzz at the end, a vacuum-like trunk that can fire lasers, dark eyes, short ears, and three dark-tipped spines. Designed to sterilize, disinfect, and clean everything in sight. However, he had a problem with doing these tasks: he threw away anything, assuming it was trash, and tried to "sterilize" anyone, assuming they were germs. 010 was upgraded to try to be less of a neat-freak. Instead, he turned into a dirt-maker (renamed Oscar), so Lilo gave him to Gantu. Gantu sent 010 to Hämsterviel, who didn't like him and sent him back. Gantu set him free, and Lilo and Stitch found him. Later, after he was upgraded, they sent him back to Gantu, who sent him back to Hämsterviel, who sent him back to Gantu when Woops almost broke his cover. Felix/Oscar was rescued later in "Snafu." Both of 010's names are a reference to the main characters of The Odd Couple.moreless
  • Not really that good it is quite sad because I was expecting that Felix would be in a janitor's association but on the plus side it has lesson don't get things too much!!! But still overall this episode is not that good!moreless

    Not really that good it is quite sad because I was expecting that Felix would be in a janitor's association but on the plus side it has lesson don't get things too much!!! But still overall this episode is not that good! It is not really that much appealing and because of the gift they gave to Gantu Felix got captured that is just so sad!!!
  • dirty, dirty, dirty!!!!

    This episode was great, an early experiment whose purpose was to clean anything dirty...

    soon he tries to kill lilo and stitch and jumba with his cleaning acids!

    Pleakley actually gets ticked off for once in this episode, and I'm meaning walking zombie ticked off, he was REALLY ticked off!

    And Felix kept on going 'dirty, dirty, dirty!'

    Later he managed to be redesigned so he wouldn't kill anyone. Unfortunately, his polarity is reversed too much and he becomes a total dirt freak!

    The funniest part in this episode is probably when lilo and stitch are in the bathtub together washing each other!! that was kind of weird.moreless

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    • Toon Disney held a marathon to find the Top 10 episodes, this episode was #5

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      Mon 02/16/04, Fri 04/09/04, Thu 06/03/04, Sun 06/13/04, Sat 06/19/04, Wed 07/28/04, Thu 10/07/04, Sun 11/21/04, Thu 12/02/04, Fri 01/28/05, Wed 02/16/05, Tue 04/26/05, Tue 07/05/05, Mon 07/25/05, Mon 08/29/05, Fri 10/21/05, Thu 12/01/05, Mon 01/23/06

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    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Felix
      Number: 010
      Pod Color: Unknown
      Activated: Unknown, but he came from Hamsterviel
      Function: Designed to clean and sterilize everything in sight. However he was reprogrammed and he began to make messes instead.
      Gender: Male
      One True Place: Unknown. Gantu got him.

      Experiment Cameos Cannonball
      Who is missing?
      Moral: It's good to be clean, but not obsessively clean.
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

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    • TRON
      When Felix fires his laser the first three times, a sound can be heard from the 1982 movie Tron. [The sound made as a program is de-rezzed by a disc]

    • The Odd Couple Felix and Oscar were the two mis-matched men who shared an apartment in the The Odd Couple sitcom. Felix was a neat freak, while Oscar was a slob. However, Felix was never officially renamed or renumbered.