Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 30


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Dec 22, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Experiment 158: FINDER Lilo & Stitch find 158 who is designed to find anything. Lilo takes him to show-and-tell, at hula, and he's a huge hit, upstaging Mertle.

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  • Finder is cute finder is cute it is actually 458 not 158!!!

    Finder is cute finder is cute it is actually 458 not 158!!! I liked this episode it is so funny especially when Hamsterveil got caught by Mertle ha ha ha you deserve it and Hamsterveil is cute she thinks it is a talking jerble ha ha ha I just can't help myself!!!
  • Hamsterviel escapes but not permanently why that..

    Why did hamsterviel have to be recaptured again

    and classified as dangerous? when he actually isnt its only gantu (wich he hired) i think that that galactic alliance are simply being mean to him he is just a gerbil

    and at the end he is just used as a show and tell then back to the prison to live a boring life and live off icky rations

    did it ever occur that hamsterviel can be good and would be a great scientist.

    finder was a good experiment original and the sound he makes is a party whistle thing........moreless
  • Hamsterviel escapes? Didn't that already happen?

    Hamsterviel escapes. Again. What is with the security in the galaxy's highest security prison?

    Besides which, apparently the Grand Councilwoman is aware that Hamsterviel has been communicating with Gantu, and since they know Gantu is on Earth, they've probably figured out that Hamsterviel is stockpiling experiments. And yet nobody does anything?

    One intersting thing about the episode was the Councilwoman's exasperation at Gantu's 'problem with ethics'. It might show some backstory into another mission Gantu has failed by accidently kidnapping other innocent children, or something of the sort.

    I can see Jumba's need to produce a finding experiment, to both test his genius-ness and help him find instruments around his (probably) messy laboratory. But it's a shame Finder couldn't have been put to greater use than teaching Stitch he can't be good at everything.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • In this episode, Mertle says she never had a pet. What ever happened to Gigi?
      -- Finder probably took place before she got Gigi

    • Goof: I thought that Gantu's ship was disabled by Sparky in the movie how come in this one it can fly when in later episodes it couldn't???

    • In Spring 2004, Disney Channel ran a 'Fan-tastic Marathon' to find out the Top 10 fan-favorite experiments. 'Experiment 158: Finder' was #6 on the Top 10 list.

    • Not all of Jumba's experiments were evil.

      Hammerface and Felix (even though Felix is evil, through a design flaw) were created to perform tasks around Jumba's house. It can be assumed Finder is another one of these experiments.

      Most likely Jumba was too busy to do some things around the home and created some experiments to help around the house.

    • Hamsterville climbs up the ladder and pokes the hamster watering thing, and a little pours out, but when he climbs fully atop the platform, the puddle of water has disappeared.

    • Finder is called Experiment 458 in this episode. This is an error. He is actually 158.

    • One of the hula girls was missing a cat and finder found it showing that the socks in it's forepaws where white. a few seconds later when the hula girls were praising Finder, if you look at the cat the socks turned grey before turning back to white resting in the hula girls' arms, and the girl wasn't even moving to cause the paws to change colors.

    • How did Gantu know that Hamsterveil was in Mertle's house?

      When Hamsterveil landed on Earth he had no way to communicate to Gantu. He had no phone and no transcom. How could Gantu find Hamsterveil if he didn't know where he was with no communication?

    • Jumba never mentioned the evil implications of Finder, as he usually so proudly does with his experiments.

      Could it be that Jumba didn't create him with any evil intentions?

    • We all know how uppity Mertle is about anything 'weird', so why on earth would she adopt Dr. Hamsterviel? Doesn't she find a talking hamster-like thing with red eyes weird?

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  • NOTES (4)

    • Toon Disney had a marathon to scout out the Top 10 experiments, coming in at #9 was "Finder".

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

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      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Wed 02/11/04, Tue 04/06/04, Sun 05/23/04, Sat 05/29/04, Mon 05/31/04, Fri 07/23/04, Mon 10/04/04, Sat 11/13/04, Mon 11/29/04, Tue 01/25/05, Fri 02/11/05, Thu 04/21/05, Thu 06/30/05, Wed 07/20/05, Wed 08/24/05, Tue 10/18/05, Mon 11/28/05, Wed 01/18/06, Fri 02/24/06

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    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> Along with finding things, Finder's other power is that he can fly!
      --> Gantu's ship isn't in CGI like it was in Stitch!The Movie. It now has white outlines
      --> Dr. Hamsterviel escapes from jail!

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Finder
      Number: 158 (called 458 in error)
      Pod Colour: Unknown
      Activated: Unknown
      Function: Designed to have expert tracking skills. He was given the ability to fly at the last minute to ensure total tracking ability.
      Gender: Male
      One True Place: work at the Lost and Found

      Experiment Cameos Richter, Yin, Yang, Cannonball
      Who is missing?
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

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