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Deadline For Stitch and Angel To Return To U.S.TV

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    NOVEMBER 8, 2010!

    That is the date I have calculated for Stitch and Angel to return to a Disney U.S. TV network. That date is the deadline!

    How did I come up with that date?

    Based on the last time "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" had been off the air for a long period of time- summer 2007 when the show was missing for its 12:00 Noon time slot- I determined the show was off that time period for 18 weeks before it returned. So, I would calcualte it would be 18 weeks by NOVEMBER 8 which would be the pre-determined deadline date for either the return of 'Lilo & Stitch: The Series" or the long-awaited U.S. TV Premiere of the 'Stitch! Adventures' anime series.

    If Stitch and Angel are not back on U.S. TV in a regular time period by NOVEMBER 8...........then we can officially close the book on Stitch and Angel's U.S. TV careers, disappointing everyone who had been wanting the duo to return by then.

    The countdown has begun to possibly Stitch and Angel fading into oblivion! But let's hope it doesn't happen! Cross your fingers for the hopeful comeback for Stitch and Angel by NOVEMBER 8!


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