Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 20, 2003 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode opens with two tourists are seeing the view. The woman enjoys the view while the man tires out, he drinks some water and throws it away and they both leave. The water pours down and into the experiment pod, the pod activates and while the tourists are walking down, the experiment appears in front of them, the tourists tries to walk around it but the experiment appears in front again and he knocks out the man while the woman is rushing to him. At Gantu\'s ship, Gantu notices there is an experiment loose. Meanwhile, Keoni is skateboarding and Lilo is watching his moves, while Stitch is looking inside Keoni\'s bag. Lilo is impressed with Keoni until he sees Stitch looking inside his bag. Lilo says that Stitch is ceurious, Stitch looks out of the bag wearing sunglasses, and then he throws things out of the bag and eats a shoe. Lilo says that he only eats the left ones. Stitch eats macadania nuts and Lilo is trying to have a go at skateboarding, Keoni says that he should give a couple of lessons first, Lilo says that she is a natural, Keoni gives the helmet to Lilo and she is trying to skate, she falls over and Keoni runs to stop the board. Keoni says she can try again, he pushes her on the board and tells her to lean forward, she falls over again and Keoni runs to her to check that she is okay. Lilo says skateboarding is stupid and Keoni says no pain no gain and he was about to teach her how to stop and Lilo says she is stopping skateboarding and she and Stitch walk off. Stitch spits out the shoe and walks off again. Lilo sees Stitch walking backwards and Stitch walks through a mail box. Lilo thinks Stitch needs a coffie break and gives him coffee, Lilo says if he is better, Stitch says Ih and walks backwards into the steps. Lilo notices two toursts have been beaten up, the woman says they were attacked by a purple pig with four arms, Lilo tells Stitch and he says it was one of his cousin. At home, Jumba reads about experiment 601 and says he picks fights and defeats with anyone he sees exept Stitch. Lilo and Stitch goes out looking for the experiment. Stitch is driving backwards and Lilo notices more toursts got beaten up, Lilo tells Stitch to drive faster and later stops, the experiment appears and Stitch gets out and stands doing nothing, Lilo yells Stitch is undefeatable and Stitch fell in the mud. Lilo approches and Stitch is unwell, Lilo yells at the experiment and the experiment was about to knock Lilo out until Gantu grabs his hand, the experiment takes on Gantu and Lilo and Stitch walks off and the experiment is beating Gantu. Back at home, Jumba is dignosing Stitch to see what is wrong with him, the results are ready, Jumba reads Stitch ate macadania nuts and the left tennis shoe causes Stitch to wipe out memories of training, Lilo tells Jumba that he could do it again but Jumba saids last training gave slipdisc, Lilo says \"Whos going to retrain Stitch, me?\" Jumba gives all the training manuals and wishes her good luck. Lilo trains Stitch three events, avoiding the fake experiment, grabbing tennis balls and going through a hula hoop. Stitch fails the first training and Lilo says no pain no gain. After three attempts of three events, Stitch has passed. Lilo says hes got one more training manual to go, fighting four armed monster. Stitch says hes ready and runs off before he was ready. Lilo runs borrows a skateboard and skates almost falling over, she goes past Keoni and he was surpised, Lilo says she can\'t stop and Keoni skates to save her. Keoni saves her almost going on to the road. Keoni says whats the big hurry, Lilo explains and Keoni tells her shes not going anywhere until he teaches her how to stop, Lilo groans says okay but hurry. At Gantu\'s ship, Gantu has a bad knee, Gantu says angrily he will capure him. At the beach, the experiment appears in the boxing ring and knocks the boxes out, the guys are trying to get him but knocks them out, the others run off and Stitch appears in the ring which leads to a match, the experiment knocks Stitch out and Lilo appears. Lilo teaches Stitch how to fight the experiment, while that, Gantu appears out of the bush waiting for them to tire out. After Stitch beats the experiment, he falls asleep. Lilo pushes them and Gantu appears in front of them, Lilo goes on the wharf and Gantu jumps on the ramp and falls of the ledge. When Lilo is back in town, Stitch says teaching is good, Lilo tells Stitch where they should do with Kixx, Stitch says teaching is good and Kixx is at the learning center and is showing how to learn kickboxing on tape. Gantu is learning by the ad on TV. 625 says \"Hey Stinkyhead, order the tape already.\" Gantu is fed up of hearing that name and walks on his bad knee and falls over in pain and the episode ends.
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