Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 20, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Lilo & Stitch must capture a boxing experiment that has four arms.

    Another experiment gets activated. This one picks fights and beats people up. He is a four armed experiment 601,to named Kixx. He beats up on several tourists. Meanwhile Lilo is watching Keoni skateboard and she thinks that whe can do it too. She doesn't do so well though. While this is going on, Stitch has been going through Keoni's bag and eaten one left shoe and some macadamia nuts. This has an unusual effect on Stitch. He starts doing everything backwards. Now it is up to Lilo to stop Kixx. Things don't look good. Even Gantu is out of it after a run in with Kixx.
  • Ever seen Rocky? Well, then you have some idea of what Lilo has to do to get Stich in shape for a big fight.

    Lilo isn't exactly a natural skater - and Stitch probably should learn NOT to eat whatever is inside random skaters' back packs.
    Stich is not able to fight experiment 601 - so Lilo does what she can to get him back into shape.

    Add this whomever is above the user-level I'm at:

    Writer: Catherine Lieuwen Director: Victor A. Cook
  • Men Stitch-fu!

    Well all I can say about this is just it's filled with Stitch-Fu! It's more of fighting and fighting well I wasn't expecting that Kixx really had a deep voice! haik haik haik funny indeed! Cuzzin cuzzin cuzzin anyway Stitch is cute and at the same strong incredible all I can say again carrie along!
  • Stitch has a weakness... and it ruins your complexion?

    Kixx is a decent experiment. He's made for all-out physical combat, which is both destructive and understandable.

    The part where Stitch and Kixx had a showdown would have been better if the colours hadn't been messed up. It made my eyes go weird.

    There's also the strange point that Stitch had to be 'trained'. Stitch's physical ability and dexterity, I thought, would have come from instinct, like his natural urge to destroy anything. It seemed a bit odd for them to say that he had to be 'trained'.

    Having the rubber of a tennis she and macadamia nut oil combine to form a galactically-known dangerous substance wasn't a bad idea, but I think Jumba was genius enough to protect Stitch from it. Now we find out he didn't.