Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 27

Leroy & Stitch (VIDEO)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 23, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • How could Leroy have captured Glitch (Experiment 223) if he (Glitch) was imprisioned in Lilo's video game?
      Edit: He probably got him out of it.

    • Major Goof: Perhaps the biggest goof that occured in the movie was an animation error in the Aloha Oe musical. During the scene where the screen closes in on the experiments that are cheering during the song, if you play that scene slow enough you will see Angel and Bonnie's animation with major errors. Angel's lips seemed to have been oversized and her teeth has been removed, and Bonnie's eyelashes have been removed.

    • Goof: Leroy's uniform is ripped when he brings out his second pair of arms. However, when he poses as Stitch to fool Lilo, the holes made by Leroy's arms are gone, only to reappear in the next scene when Leroy is back to his normal self.
      Edit: Maybe since he can shapeshift into Stitch, he can also shapeshift away the holes.

    • Trivia- 625 (Reuben) reforms when Lilo names him, teaches him about Aloha spirit and gets him to help her fix Gantu's ship, Gantu reforms after Hamsterveil is really mean to him and Reuben explains Aloha spirit to him, Mertle is still somewhat mean but seems to be a little more accepting of Lilo in the end when she finds out the truth about her dog Gigi (experiment 007 I think) when Gigi talks

    • Cool Trivia- In order to defeat Leroy all 626 experiments, Lilo, Jumba, Pleakly and Gantu fight together and win by singing Elvis song "Aloha Oe"

    • How can Mr. Stenchy be back on Earth since Jumba sent him to live on Pleakley's home planet.

    • Trivia- 625 (Reuben) finally taps into his powers to help Lilo when she names him and tells him to make something of himself

    • During the credits a remake of Elvis Presley's hit song, "Don't Be Cruel" is sung by the girl group, Everlife, who are on the Disney label.

    • Angel and Reuben finally fight.

    • The final number in the film is "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley.

    • Ploot appears in his monster form...

    • Slimy is blue in this movie, instead of his normal color, green. This is the third color change for him, in Stitch! The Movie, he was large with dark green coloring, in the series he was small with lighter green, now he is a darkish-blue....

    • Phoon appears twice at the same time, in both her mutated form and her normal form...

    • Phoon makes an appearence... But why does she appear in her mutated form?

    • Leroy does not have a number.

  • Quotes

    • This is the last line of the entire franchise
      Lilo: This is it! The last photo in my book - a group shot! Everybody say "Alo-ha!"
      All: Alo-ha!

    • Mertle: It's just a bad dream.
      Squeak: I had a bad dream once. I went to school, I was naked, I fell off a cliff, I couldn't scream...

    • Dr. Hamsterveil: It has taken Leroy a poltry few hours to succed where you took three years to fail. What is wrong with you?''
      Gantu: Well I have a bad knee.
      Dr. Hamsterveil: No that was a rhetorical question you don't answer it! Now will you get me down from this chair?
      Gantu: Uh, was that a rhetorical question?
      Dr. Hamsterveil: NO! That was not... Get me down! Get me down!

    • 625: So, we're, uh, taking the ol' two-man shuttle, huh? Hey, hey! You want I should fix a picnic lunch for the trip?
      Gantu: There's only room for two on the two man shuttle: me, and Dr. Hamsterviel. I'm breaking him out of prison.
      625: What?!
      Gantu: This is my last chance to redeem myself. If I succeed, my future is secured.
      625: What about MY future? How am I supposed to pay the bills?
      Gantu: Why not make sandwiches? It's all that you're good at.
      625: (angrily) Maybe I will.
      Gantu: Fine.
      625: You're gonna miss my egg salad!
      Gantu: Not enough mayonnaise. And too much dill weed!
      625: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!!?

    • Hamsterveil: (Refering to Leroy) Oh he is so beauitful with his nastiness! I shall mimic the earth girl and give him a name of my own! I shall call you...Spike!
      Gantu: Heh, the little girl already used that one.
      Hamsterveil: Very well, Kixx!
      Gantu: Used it.
      Hamsterveil: Slugger.
      Gantu: Done.
      Hamsterveil: Cannonball?
      Gantu: He jumps in the water. Creates awesome waves.
      (Hamsterveil groans)

    • Reuben: You know, turns out I'm pretty strong. I could maybe open this. (Cell door opens) I did it! Ha, ha! I am strong!
      Gantu: You didn't open the cell, I did!

    • Lilo: You are as strong as Stitch!
      Reuben: Now, we reroute the ignition conduit...
      (Reuben climbs on the wall)
      Lilo: And you can walk on the ceiling!
      (Reuben falls)
      Reuben: I'm a little out of practice.

    • Lilo: You're number 625, the closest one to Stitch. If you wanted to, you could have all of his powers. You've just got to stop making sandwiches and start making something of yourself.

    • Lilo: Reuben. There's a fake Stitch driving the Big Red Battleship! Do you know what that means?
      Reuben: I don't know...It's lunchtime?
      Lilo: No.

    • Lilo: I brought you something.
      Reuben: Peanut-Butter and Jelly? Gee, nobody's ever made me a sandwich before. Heh, heh...Hey! What do you want?

    • Lilo: Where's Gantu?
      Reuben: He left. But, I'm naming a sandwich after him...the "Open-Faced Double-Decker Blubber Butt".
      Lilo: I won't ask what's in it.

    • Jumba: Why not just call him 627?
      Gantu: You already made a 627.
      Jumba: I did?

    • Lilo: Leroy?
      Hamsterviel: What's wrong with the name Leroy?!
      Lilo: Nothing, I like it.
      Hamsterviel: (Looks at Gantu) See?

    • Reuben: From now on, I'm looking out for number 625!
      Lilo: 625? I never gave you a name, did I?
      Reuben: A name? For me?
      Lilo: How about Patty, short for Patty Melt? (625 gives Lilo a funny look) Or...Monte? Like a Monte Cristo? (625 plugs his nose) Or Pita Pita Sandwich Eata.
      Reuben: (Sarcastic chuckle) I don't think so.
      Lilo: I know! Reuben.
      Reuben: Huh. The classic corned beef with sauerkraut on rye. Reuben. Ooh, I like that! So, uh, does this give me official "cousin" status? You know, full Ohana rights? All that Aloha stuff?
      Lilo: Depends. You have to give Aloha to get some back. So, you want to help me fix the videophone?
      Reuben: Sure, why not? It's Lilo, right?

    • Stitch: Aloha, gerbil boy!

    • Lilo: What does B.R.B. stand for?
      Stitch: Big Red Battleship!

    • Gantu: Now that I think of it, the little girl never did capture you.
      Reuben: I guess that means my one true place is with my blubber butt buddy, Gantu.
      Gantu: Maybe that was my problem all along.
      Reuben: What? Your blubber butt?

    • (when Reuben fixes the videophone for Lilo)
      Reuben: You may thank me later.
      Lilo: I'll thank you now. (hugs him) Mahalo, Reuben!
      Reuben: (pleasently taken aback) Why, uh, no problem, Lilo.

    • Lilo: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Stitch: Rock 'n roll baby!

    • Stitch: Ow! My head...!

    • Gantu: You never did know the meaning of Aloha, did you?
      Hamsterviel: Well, I think it means...
      Gantu: Um, that was a rhetorical question.

    • Gigi: Nice one, cousin!
      Mertle: You can talk?

    • Gantu: 625, when did you learn to climb ceilings?
      Reuben: The Reuben.

    • Hamsterville: (To Leroy, who is picking his nose with his tongue) Quit picking your nose!

    • Lilo: You belong out in space.

    • Hamsterviel: I shall call you, Leroy!!! (Gantu and Jumba laugh) What?! It's genius name.

    • Grandcouncil Woman: Lilo and Stitch, you have successfully captured all 625 of Jumba's illegal genetic experiments, turned them from bad to good, and found each a place where they can belong.

  • Notes

    • During the trailer for the movie, Leroy is given the name Experiment 628. However 628 is already taken, as revealed during the end of 627.

    • This movie was nominated for the 2007 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing in a Direct to Video Project".

    • Before being named Leroy, the names almost given to him were Spike, Kixx, Slugger, Cannonball (Gantu even mentions the real Cannonball's power), and 627. All those names are, of course, already taken.

    • We finally see images of Planet Turo's surface in this movie.

    • Experiment 001 was christened "Shrink"

    • Other names Lilo went through, only to be rejected by Reuben, were Patty (short for Patty Melt), Monte (for Monte Cristo), and Pita Pita Sandwich Eata.

    • In this movie Gantu's ship is finally fixed by Lilo and Reuben (625) when Lilo needs a ride to go and save Stitch and that was the only ship around although the final fate of the ship is unknown because it is left behind when Jumba, Pleakly and Stitch arrived and they never said if Gantu took it back afterwards

    • We learn that Jumba and Hamsterviel opened a joke shop together once and that Hamsterviel was the one who ratted Jumba out to the Galactic Federation about his illegal genetic experimentations.

    • We learn that Gigi can talk.

    • Ruben (625), Gantu, and even Mertle (sort of) all reform in this movie.

    • This marks the first and only time Reuben has ever used his powers... Except when he kicked Gantu in "Phoon"...

    • The fates of Hamsterviel, Leroy, and the clones of Leroy is being locked up in the galactic prison.

    • Hamsterviel berating Gantu about it taking him three years to fail at capturing the experiments, whereas it only took Leroy a few minutes to succeed, confirms that all the events of Lilo & Stitch took place in the span of three years.

    • Running Gags:
      (1) Everyone laughing at Hamsterviel for naming the experiment "Leroy" (Except Lilo, who likes the name)
      (2) Gantu or Hamsterviel asking each other a rhetorical question, only to have to remind them that it was such.

    • When Myrtle is insulting Lilo saying that Stitch ran away and is never coming back, her friend says "Just like Myrtle's dad!" Meaning Myrtle's father probably walked out on her family, explaining why she is mean.

    • At the beginning, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakly leave to go back to space. However, in the end of the episode, they all decide to go back to earth.

    • Every experiment now has found where it truly belongs on earth.

    • On the end credits, it lists every experiment Jumba created, from 001-626. The ones made after Stitch weren't shown.

    • The Leroy grunts spotting and chasing Gantu is very reminiscient of Metal Gear Solid.

      (Replace Gantu with Solid Snake)

    • The theme to "Hawaii Five-O" is heard during Leroy's siege.

    • Gantu is recomissioned as Captain and Reuben becomes his Galley Officer.

    • Leroy's kill switch is "Aloha Oe." Upon hearing the tune, the Leroy grunts glitch and shut down.

    • 628's pod was shown at the end of "627"

    • Pix is shown twice in the same scene...

    • There are several never before seen experiments in this movie.

    • 625 is given a name == Reuben

    • Lilo and Stitch get seperated but come back together because of Leroy.

    • We learn that Hamsterveil named Leroy.

    • Experiment Cameos: Snooty, Sparky, Amnesio, Babyfier, Slushy, Splodyhead, Richter, Yin, Yang, Cannonball, Poki, Fibber, Topper, Shredder, Doubledip, Ploot, Deforestator, Mr.Stenchy, Sample, Clip, Swirly, Phoon, Shortstuff, Hammerface, Zap, Tank, Jam, Sprout, Holio, Finder, Drowsy, Felix, Phantasmo, Melty, Hunkahunka, Bonnie, Clyde, Gotchu, Slugger, Kixx, Shush, Babyfier, Heat, Belle, Checkers, Spats, Mary, Backhoe, Squeak, Digger, Skip, Dupe, Gigi, PJ, Remmy, Plasmoid, Frenchfry, Felix, Heckler, Lax, Houdini, Bugby, Woops, Slimy, Slick, Woody, Elastico, Amnesio, Spooky, Angel, 625(Reuben).

      Note: There are several unknown experiments in this movie.

      (So far, these are the only experiment cameos in the preview. More experiments may be revealed as time goes by.)

    • This raps up the series.

      (Edit: This raps up the entire thing, not just the series.)

  • Allusions

    • Timon and Pumba from Disney's The Lion King can be seen during the scene where all of the experiments are glaring at Hamsterviel after the Leroys are defeated.

    • Carpool Van: (engaging hyperdrive)
      The way the "camera" faces the van from directly behind, as it makes the jump to hyperspeed, is a reference to the Star Wars movies.

    • Shortstuff is attacked by the Leroy grunts a la The Empire Strikes Back, from the scene where the snowspeeders use tow cables to bring down the AT-ATs. Stitch used the same tactic on him, during his premiering episode.

    • Appropriately, Experiment 625 is named after a sandwich. The "Reuben" is a grilled corned beef sandwich on rye bread with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.

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