Lilo & Stitch: The Series

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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch (VIDEO)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 30, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch (VIDEO)

Direct to Video Sequel to the first movie. Hit stores Aug 30/05

Before all 625 other experiments landed in Hawaii, Stitch was enjoying his new "Ohana" with Lilo and Nani. It may have seemed like paradise, but little did they know something strange was about to happen. ...


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  • I Have to say this can never be the TRUE sequel to "Lilo & Stitch" Too Many Goofs in Names ,Places The way the Characters feel and act... If you want a TRUE sequel try "Stitch The Movie"moreless

    It seems that Stitch's molecules were never fully charged and Now He Is reverting to his old destructive programming and it will ultimately destroy him. The "Glitch" Starts as Bad dreams Of him Killing Lilo then Gets more destructive. This is Not good for Lilo Who is trying to win the May Day festival Just like her Mother. Jumba trys to make a charging pod but the first time it dose not work. The Badness chart From the Original Has a Big Part in this movie Stitch Adds more blue in for Being good and takes some out If his "Glitch" comes on.(Note In STM The Chart was never Taken out of the Book.) They do hula based on the legend of Hi'iaka. It wich Stitch's Character Is Killed off and then Comes Back. Then after a Bad Glitch Lilo gets mad And kicks Stitch out of the Hula. Before Her Hula Stitch Came to say Sorry but Has a Glich and cuts Lilo on the cheek like one of his bad Dreams so he runs. Lilo now knows that theres something Wrong with Stitch Jumba Then tells her That is they do not find him he will die. The Gang Trys to find him and find the Chart with a red X on it. They also find The Ship gone and see Stitch trying to Fly to the dead planet Z-13. But He Has the Death Glich and Brings down the Ship(The ship was fine in the Series) Lilo Finds him Almost Dead And puts him in the charging pod and they do a Rip-off of Star Trek 2's Spock's death Scene. with Stitch in the Glass pod And They both have there hands(Stitch's Paw) to the glass. Then From Lilos Love (Maybe) Stitch comes Back from the Dead and the whole Family dose the legend of Hi'iaka Hula...The end was a Bit cornny But It was OKmoreless
  • Stitch has a glitch-lilo and stitch 2 is worthy to hold the title of 'plot-god'

    It was absolutely the best thing ever, and was sort of sad near the end, everyone who watched this knew he wouldn't die though since this is a disney movie, also there's the fact of the series existence.

    I loved the songs like 'hawaaiian roller coster ride' and 'I will love you, I will love you, always...' and 'I need your love tonight'

    This was all about lilo and stitch and their undying love, their friendship as close as two can be, and how a glitch starts to come between it. It's pure genius. I would watch it again and again and again and again.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Pleakley is retrieving items for Jumba's fusion chamber, he retrieves a toaster from the kitchen. The toaster has no electrical plug, yet when the toaster is placed back on the kitchen counter and shown, the toaster has a plug. (When pleakley had the toaster in his hands you could see that the electrical plug was never attatched to begin with, in fact you never see the electrical plug whenever the toaster was lifted up, but if you see the toaster when it was placed on the table when pleakley was making toast, there you saw the electrical plug attatched to the toaster. When Nani talks to david about the toast in the house, you could see pleakley overheard her and the toaster is in his hands, but without the electrical plug attatched again.)

    • In this movie, Lilo's room is different from their room in the series. Here, they have an ordinary room, but in the series, thier room is a rooftop dome. How can this be? Did the house blow up and did they have to rebuilt it for the series?

    • In 'The Origin Of Stitch' Jumba was lifting a soccer ball and giving it to stitch: take a look at Jumba's fingernails, they're black, and when he passes the ball back to Stitch, his fingernails are white again.

    • In the scene where Lilo is caring for Stitch and her family comes running to them, how did they get up that mountain so quick? When Lilo chases after Stitch and heads towards the tall mountain, how do they climb up so fast?

    • Lilo's house is green and at the end of Lilo and Stitch (1st film), it was another color.

    • During the "Origin of Stitch" special, one of the experiments appears twice on the list while they are flashing in front of Stitch and Jumba.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Lilo: I can't believe my butt is in the shadow of the butt of Elvis Presley.

    • Jumba: Stitch is having another episode!

    • Lilo: Mertle is goin' down! She's goin' way down!
      Nani: No more pro wrestling for you!

    • Lilo: Hmm...veeery interesting. Why don't you tell me what happened next?
      Stitch: WELL, Atishigaba, andena bam bam bam bam anden a AIEEE!!!
      anden ashiganalagulaag ana >gasp!< ....That's it... no more....

    • Lilo: (sigh), I wonder if Elvis had these kind of problems.

    • Nani: Oh and boys...
      Jumba & Pleakley: Mm?
      Nani: Don't play with the toaster.

    • Nani: My sister is very sorry and didn't mean it. Right?
      Lilo: Yeah, I'm very sorry...but I did mean it.

    • (Chicken walks by)
      Lilo: I got it, Elvis is telling us to do a hula about a chicken!
      (The chicken squaks and Stitch grabs Lilo's arm)
      Stitch: No he's not.

    • Nani: All right, you can take the hover car...if you can find it.
      (Lilo and Stitch run off to look for it. Nani talks to Pleakley.)
      Nani: They'll never find it, I hid it extra good this time.
      (Lilo and Stitch drive off in the hover car and wave goodbye.)
      Lilo: Thanks Nani!
      Nani: I need to find a better hiding spot for that thing.

    • Stitch: She's touching me!
      Lilo: I'm not touching you.
      (Lilo moves her hand a little closer to Stitch)
      Stitch: She's touching me!
      Lilo: I'm not touching him.
      (Lilo touches Stitch)
      Stitch: SHE'S TOUCHING ME!
      Lilo: It's free air.

    • Nani: No more crop circles!!
      Jumba: Aww... all the other aliens get to make them!

  • NOTES (16)

    • Awards and Nominations:

      - Won the 2006 Annie Award for "Best Home Entertainment Production"

      - Nominated for the 2006 Annie Award for "Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Production"

      - Nominated for the 2006 C.A.S. Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for DVD Original Programming"

    • This marks the first (and possibly only) time that Lilo, of all people, called Stitch a "Trog". The only other character who called him that was Gantu (who does not appear in this movie).

    • The lite blue fur on stitch has a green hew when he has a glitch episode.

    • Lilo and her hula classmates are all seven years old.

    • Mertle's father is named Carl, and he owns a successful souvenir store. (Mertle uses the hula contest to advertise for her father's store)

    • Taken from

      Presenting an all-new animated movie starring Lilo and Stitch!

      LILO & STITCH 2 features Dakota Fanning ("Hide and Seek") as Lilo, and welcomes back returning voice talents Chris Sanders as Stitch, Tia Carrere as Nani, David Ogden Stiers as Dr. Jumba, Kevin McDonald as agent Pleakley, and Jason Scott Lee as David.

      Before all 626 experiments landed in Hawaii, Stitch was enjoying his new "Ohana" with Lilo and Nani.

      It may have seemed like paradise, but little did they know something strange was about to happen.

      Stitch has a glitch! It appears his molecular makeup is out of whack, bringing out his bad behavior.

      Pleakley, Jumba, Nani and Lilo must find a way to restore his goodness level before he ruins everything!

      Filled with hysterical laughs and new music, plus some classic Elvis tunes, LILO & STITCH 2 is a treat for the entire family.

    • Quote from Jess WInfield

      You'll find lots of little differences between the universes of L&S 2 and the series.

      When Lilo and Stitch: The Series started production, we had a meeting with the L&S 2 producers, to make sure we weren't stepping on their story for Stitch: The Movie.

      We weren't, and while they spent three years noodling around with their story, we made Stitch: The Movie and about 50 episodes of the series.

      We were well into Leroy & Stitch when we (the series producers) were asked to look at an early version of L&S 2 to make sure there weren't any inconsistencies with the mythology we'd developed in the meantime.

      Well, there were quite a few. One was that they had created their own names for the hula girls. We told them what we had named them; we also pointed out the inconsistency regarding Mertle's dad. Apparently they didn't feel it was necessary to revise the L&S 2 to bring it into agreement with the series mythology.

    • We find out there is a river or pond of some sort behind Lilo's house.

      EDIT: It's the streamline of the waterfall near lilo's house. You can see that waterfall all the time in the series.

    • We discover what Lilo's mom used to look like as a child.

    • It is known that Stitch can die, only if he runs out of energy completely.

      (Edit--> Stitch doesn't actually die, he just shuts down.)

    • Kumu is Hawaiian for teacher

    • Set to coincide with the re-release of Lilo and Stitch as a two-disk special edition DVD in 2005.

      EDIT: NOT. In North America the release date has been moved to 2006

    • This may be the last Lilo and Stitch movie ever produced

      Edit: We now know this to be false. There is another planned to wrap up the series. Unless they meant THEATRICAL movie. Which is also not true because it has changed to straight-to-video

    • While the '2' is not in the title, this is in fact the long rumoured Lilo and Stitch 2.

      Edit: Actually, the '2' is in the title.

    • There are no experiments in this movie.

    • According to the Disney team, Daveigh Chase was busy working on Lilo and Stitch the series, that she allowed her best friend, Dakota Fanning to fill in as Lilo for this film.