Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 24, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Experiment 540: PHOON Lilo quits experiment hunting go to Hula Hip Hop Fusion school. Meanwhile, Experiment 540 is unleashed, causing Gantu to take a bad blow to the head. Jumba new device causes Phoon to mutate into a giant monster. And Gantu thinks thing like 625 and Hamsterveil are just figments of his imagination.moreless

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  • Well this episode is really windy I am telling it to you right know and honesty don't forget!!!

    Well this episode is really windy I am telling it to you right know and honesty don't forget!!! And besides Lilo at least was able to put her enemies down ha ha

    Well this episode is really windy I am telling it to you right know and honesty don't forget!!! And besides Lilo at least was able to put her enemies down ha ha
  • Nothing special.

    Another one of those thing every single series in the universe must have - a montage where a major character tries out different personalities by way of their wardrobe.

    There isn't anything particularly memorable about the episode, an experiment is activated, they chase it, Lilo tries to fit in, yadda yadda yadda.

    Then there's this weird subplot about Gantu trying to find himself but ending up as 'uncle Chester' and kicking back on the beach. The animation is some places was quite poor. And I've never seen so many scene wipes. This has to be one of the most disjointed episodes, because the characters aren't on screen for more than 15 seconds, then the scene shifts.

    I will give it one point of praise though - Jumba's mathematics joke about his laser cannon was clever. Unless you're paying lots of attention you don't notice that the numbers early on in the episode don't quite add up.moreless
  • I thought this was a good episode.

    This was one of the best episodes this week. But why did lilohave to five up hunting experiments she could have just been cool and hunted experiments. Well I think there should have beensome cameo's because phoon became a huge rampaging monster, just like ploot. To wrap it up this episode I have been waiting for over 5 months.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the first and only episode that you see 625 using super strength (when he kicks Gantu) (you see him use it in Leroy and Stitch)

    • When Gantu gets hit on the head by a palm tree, 625 goes to check. Take a look at the makings on 625's back; they're shaped like Stitch's markings, instead of his hourglass shaped marking.

  • QUOTES (3)

  • NOTES (4)

    • Toon Disney held a marathon to search for the Top 10 episodes, Phoon came in #7

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)


      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Fri 03/18/05, Wed 04/06/05, Wed 04/27/05, Wed 05/18/05, Thu 05/19/05, Wed 06/08/05, Wed 07/27/05, Tue 08/16/05, Wed 09/21/05, Tue 11/15/05, Mon 12/26/05, Tue 02/14/06, Fri 03/10/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)


      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)

      Thu 10/27/05, Wed 11/09/05, Sun 11/20/05


      To be added

    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      -->We see an experiment "evolve" in this episode with Jumba's cannon
      She actually mutated!
      --> Phoon is short for Typhoon.
      --> Despite what Lilo said, Phoon is a female (Edit1: Do we know this for a fact?
      Edit2: Yes we do!

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Phoon
      Number: 540
      Pod Colour: Blue
      Activated: when it fell off the roof of a barn into a thing of water
      Function: Designed to create devastating wind blasts.
      Gender: Female
      One True Place: making wind for parasailers

      Experiment Cameos
      Who is missing?
      Character Nicknames


    • Due to the events involving Hurricane Katrina's touchdown in the Louisiana area around August 29, 2005, this episode may not be shown for a while, or at the worst, never again.

    • This episode was not shown on its original airdate, because of the tsunami that occurred in the far east in December of 2004 (World Events).

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