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  • A decent way to continue

    If you liked or love the movie then I recommend it for you. From what I tell it followed the movie very well and if you are a Stitch fan then this adventure about Lilo, Stitch and others finding the other experiments (aka Stitch's kin) and finding a purpose for them. I personally didn't get into this show but it is much better than all those brainless sitcoms Disney Channel keeps making. It would've been better if they made more of this. 65 episodes isn't really enough for all those experiments.
  • My Childhood Show

    I Love this show I used to want to watch this show when I was very young.
  • I like it

    I watched an episode of the show on YouTube and I fell in love with it. I remember the movie, the movie was good as well.
  • I've seen the first movie and loved it then came this great TV series

    I remember seeing the first movie as well as loving it. When I heard there was a TV series I just had to check it out. I'm glad I did. This show is awesome. The other three movies were great too. It's about the two main characters Stitch and Lilo trying to catch Stitch's fellow experiments that they call his cousins before Gantu gets them to send to the evil Hamsterveil. Characters also include Stitch's creator Jumba and the cross dressing one eyed alien Pleakley. I think Jumba and Pleakley are both really funny characters. There's also Lilo's older sister Nani who looks out for Lilo. I like her too. I also loved Stitch's sandwich loving cousin, 625. Then there's the bully Mertle and her three friends who keep saying "yeeeaahh". By the way Mertle is the only character in the show that I despise. I really don't like the way she treats Lilo. This show is great to watch and has some funny parts in it as well. Lilo and Stitch are both too cute for words and their friendship is adorable. I just love Lilo and Stitch
  • A childhood show I liked

    It has been a long time since I watched this show but I still remember when it aired on Disney channel. The show was well though out and all, but it did feel a bit repetative as I watched it. Still, I really enjoyed it and most of the movies as well. Plus, the crossover episodes were pretty decent as well.
  • A clever title goes here

    Though I have not actually seen the movie
  • Not A Fan

    I'm not really a big fan of Lilo and Stitch that much. Granted, I do enjoy some of the crossover episodes, such as the one with Kim Possible, but overall, I just don't care for it. It's not a terrible show (although some episodes suck), and I do see why it's a success, but I could really care less about it.
  • Lilo and Stitch: The Series-- Awesome!

    Hilarious, cheesy, and entertaining, Disney's Lilo and Stitch: The Series was a hilarious show. Stitch is always cute yet hilarious, Lilo is the brains of the outfit and the cute kid, Pleakely is the doofus who gives you some hilarious laughs at his obliviousness. It's an awesome show. Has to be one of Disney Channel's best.

    Gantu and 625's shenanigans, though, are just priceless. "Oh, Blitsnack!" Classic. 625's obsession with sandwiches is fun to watch as he always gets on Gantu's nerves. As a kid, I never realized how great these two were as characters. Along with Stitch, they are personally my favorite characters from this series for all the laughs I get from them.

    Unlike Pokemon and other shows, this show manages to start and end where it needs to before being drawn out to the point where almost nobody likes them anymore who started watching them. It's a classic, and anyone can enjoy it. A great series. I give it a 10/10.
  • Funny show!

    This show was better and funnier than the movie.
  • Awesome show

    I remember this show. They always get new experiments and make friends with them. They gotta make sure and this giant character doesn't catch Stitchs cousins. I always liked jumbas experiments. They were always interesting.
  • Could not have been better...

    Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel. No, scratch that. It IS my favorite show on Disney Channel! Basically, it is about a little Hawiian girl named Lilo and an illegal genetic experiment named Stitch who is stranded on Earth with Lilo, her big sister, Nani, his creator, Jumba Jookiba, and Wendy Pleakley who was part of the Alien Council. The show revolves around Lilo and Stitch trying to find Stitch's "cousins" who are all of the other 624 experiments spread across the island. Stitch is experiment 626, and 625 is busy "helping" Gantu, the experiment catcher, by making sandwiches. Gantu gets paid to send experiments he captures to the locked-up-in-prison Hamsterwheel. (THAT'S HAMSTERVIEL! VIEL! YOU OH-SO-SILLY REVIEWING MANIAC!!) Lilo and Stitch is one of those shows that are just awesome and that sums it up. It has an amazing mix of action, adventure, and comedy. Not to mention the animation is great. Especially compared to other shows at the time (Kim Possible, Recess, etc.). The theme song is a fun song, it kind of sounds like a "party" song. The show never did last 624 episodes... (of course, that would be dumb.. it would still be running by now). There is only one episode that I don't really like, but other than that, this show never fails to please me. I always loved this show, every morning it would come on at 8 in the morning and I would watch it and love it, and when I got home from school, it came on at 3 in the afternoon, along with two other shows I really liked! This show was the real bomb, and I can't think of another Disney Channel show after its time that could beat it. Long live Lilo and Stitch!
  • One of the best Disney Channel animated shows that I have ever seen


    I miss this show so much and I wish that it never ended. That movie "Leroy and Stitch" was the series finale to this show. I own that movie on DVD so that's good. Anyways, I can't believe this show only lasted two seasons and I found it stupid that Disney Channel only had that 2 season rule. If they wanted to, this show could've had more than 2 seasons BUT Disney Channel just had to have a strict rule. Well... before this show, it was the movie that started this show in the first place which is the movie "Lilo and Stitch" and I love that movie. What I really loved about this animated series is how all of the original voices from the movie "Lilo and Stitch" stayed for this spin-off series and they didn't miss it up which is awesome. Okay, if you people think that "Phineas and Ferb" is the most original show on Disney Channel then you are so wrong. This show is possibly the most original, most funniest, and most cutest animated show/spin-off from a movie that I have ever seen. I loved pretty much every episode of this show and all of the characters were all enjoyable and hilarious. None of them were annoying to me and I found the storylines in each of the episodes to be very original. The only character that I don't like is Mertle but she is just a recurring character so that's a good thing at least. Overall, you want to watch a Disney Channel animated show that is actually funny, cute, and original then watch "Lilo and Stitch: The Series"... one of my favorite cartoons from Disney Channel that should have never ended. 10/10

  • One of Disney Channel's better shows.

    This show follows off from where the sequel to the original 2002 Lilo and Stitch movie left off. Okay, so by making a TV show I guess they are basically trying to make as much money off of Stitch as possible. Despite that this is actually one of Disney's better TV Shows. I mean, come on, I'd rather watch this show over Hannah Montana, The Suite Life, The Proud Family or the High School Musical films. All of which suck. Anyway, time to finish up so I'll end with this. If you are to watch the Disney Channel it might as well be to give this show a chance. So while I have seen much better this show can be pretty entertaining.
  • awsome show!!...

    this show's about lilo and stitch teaming up to find the 624 experiments while Gantu tries to find them too. i love this show and all the movies!! disney was incredibly retarded to end this wonderful show! stitch is soo cute. when i heard about the anime version of this show, i decided to check it out on youtube. after iwatched it, i relized the anime was mediocre(sp?) the animation looked the same as the original L&S. it's really cute how stitch has a crush on angel. i love the animation style in this show and the movies too. for anybody who loves aliens, this show is for you. diney should really reconsider canceling this show.all i can say is really cool show!!!
  • Lilo and Stitch! You gotta love those aliens!

    I have watched some episodes on this show long ago, it has been ages since i have seen episodes of this great classic show along with the Proud Family. I loved the original movie of this show too! The movie was awesome and had some great events happen in it! A great story of aliens and experiment 626 ending up in Hawaii! So this became pretty successful having a TV series of this that was originally a movie, too bad Disney Channel canceled this show now too about 2 years ago. Why is Disney Channel getting rid of all of these animated shows though? Some of them were great! And i also feel that they were ended too quickly with not enough episodes to carry on the great storyline with more time to enjoy the show by seeing new episodes. This show was at least decent in my opinion, some of the episodes i liked, even though a few of them were a little on the boring side here and there, this was still a great show that i miss now already. It should be still airing though at least, because the characters are so cool! I love aliens! Lilo and her sister are cool too along with some episodes featuring some of the great charactes from the movie! That was also amazing when i saw a Lilo and Stitch and AD:JL cross-over! This was a great Disney Channel classic that (even though i don't know whether it is or not) shold at least be kept on the air (also along with Timon and Pumbaa, i love that show too.)
    so far there has been 4 shows that i reviewed that should be brought back somehow.
    1. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
    2. The Buzz on maggie
    3. The Proud Family
    4. And now, Lilo and Stitch. Good day everybody!
  • I love this show!!

    This show is about a young Hawaiian girl that has pet alien named Stitch. Together, they try to capture all 626 of Stitch's alien cousins before they can wreck havoc on Hawaii. They were released when Lilo and Stitch stopped Dr. Hamsterviel from invading. So it is a race against time to gather all of them before his evil henchman, Gantu and his sidekick experiment 625 get them. They are helped by a former evil alien scientist named Jumba (the creator of the experiments), and another alien named Pleakley who just happened to get into the mess. This show has many exciting twists and turns, so the episodes never get old.
  • Only one episode made me attached to this show.

    This show is a continuation of the movie Stitch!:The Movie. It focuses on a little girl, her pet alien Stitch, and two aliens who came to take 626(Stitch) back, named Jumba, an evil scientist who created all of the 626 experiments, and Pleakley, a one-eyed, three-legged neat freak. This show's plot is about cathing the 624(625 is not included) experiments, turn them to good, and find the one true place they belong. This show has somewhat of a storyline, what happens in one episode affects another. The only actual major mini storyline was the Angel "saga". It is basically based on how Stitch finds a female experiment, which he calls Angel, (624) who originally (starting at episode 25) worked for Gantu. After she met Stitch he became good, very slowly. At the end of the episode, she sings her siren song backwards (the song originally turned experiments back to evil, but sung backwards turns them to good) to restore the good in the captured experiments. The other half is the last episode "Snafu", but I won't spoil the ending.

    all experiments turned to good

    Dr. Hamsterviel
    Experiment 625(technically does nothing though)
    all evil experiments
  • One of Disney's last classically animated cartoons on TV.

    Sadly, Disney keeps shutting down the good shows and replaces them with little pop star girl singers and crummy cliche cartoons that look like everyone else. What made this show so great was the unique design and colors. It had it's own feel and animation that was smooth and different from the rest. The characters are in fact loveable and deep in development. It is only weird though how nobody else seems to really notice the aliens, but it is a great show. Lilo and her friend Stitch try to find all these alien experiments that are scattered all over Hawaii, their home. There are no bad things in the show, but some funny things. A mostly innocent show, I think families could enjoy together.
  • I want to see more.

    Well, as you can see I'm one of the biggest fan of the Lilo and Stitch Franchise. As I remember when I was just 8 years old I watched the movie called Stitch! the Movie and it was off the hook. As, I remember it was showed on Disney Channel during the New year special. It was really awesome, I can tell. Then it was followed by the first season of Lilo and stitch the series, with the episode of spooky, Mr. Stenchy, Yin and Yang, Richter.etc And The first season was followed by the second one, it was the episodes of Mrs. Hasagawas cats my favorite, Woops, Heckler, Snooty, Ace.etc And the Lilo and stitch the series made some crossovers to other series in Disney Channel like The Proud Family, The American dragon: Jake Long, Recess,etc.
    The series was really good not just any good it was out of this world adventure. But no, It is replaced by other uncool shows which is so lonely. I want to bring Lilo and Stitch the series back to its time slot. Jess If you can see this please tell the others to make another episodes of Lilo and Stitch the Series, because it gives joy to us all.
  • Disney's movie is turned into a weekly cartoon series.

    I miss this show. It was kind of kiddie oriented but it was still good. The show revolved around the characters from the movie "Lilo and Stitch". Lilo and Stitch are in charge of capturing the experiments that were accidentally freed on earth. Lilo and Stitch capture the experiments and then find the place where they belong. Along with Jumba and Pleakley, they find, Lilo names them and they place them where they are needed most. This was a good and original show. I hate that Disney canceled it. There is talk of an anime version of the show being produced in Japan though.
  • It was okay.

    The first movie (Score: 8.3) was excellent and was a good start for the series. Stitch: The Movie (Score: 5.2) wasn't that good, but was still mildly entertaining. The series (Score 6.1) was alright, but it did start to get boring with the same plot being used over and over again. Stitch Has a Glitch (Score: 8.5) was pretty good, except for Dakota Fanning's role as Lilo. Leroy and Stitch (Score: 7.0) wasn't that good for a series finale, but was an okay movie. Overall, the animation and humor were really good, and the voices were fit for their characters. I think it got cancelled when it should have, because most of the episodes towards the end of the show's 2nd season were starting to get pretty boring.
  • Lilo and Stitch is a show about a little Hawaiian girl having an alien pet with crazy and tremendous powers!Together they travel across Hawaii searching for other experiments like Stitch and the treu meaning of Family or in Hawaiian, 'Ohana'!!!

    Lilo and Stitch was one of my top three shows!It isn't anymore thanks to its retirement!Lilo and Stitch the movie was a big hit and a great success!Because of that, a second movie aired.In it, hundreds of Stitch's cousins, or 'experiments', accidentally landed in Hawaii. Now in the sereis, Lilo and Stitch and their 'ohana' have to find all the cousins and find their true home! There are six-hundred and five experiments on the loose.Later on in the show number 627 appears and later in the movie Leroy and Stitch, 628 appears! After the movie aired Lilo and Stitch the sereies said goodbye one final time!I hope it could come back, but it probably won't!I will never forget this marvelous show!
  • Lilo and Stitch

    Lilo and Stitch the series is the best show on disney channel. The show is my personal favourite because it is about a girl named Lilo thats finds her new best friend named Stitch but Stitch is not a normal dog like anyother it is a experiment, with another 624 experiments to catch Lilo and Stitch team up to capture all the experiments .
    The other reason this show is my personal favourite is because it is really funny and also shows the true meaning of family, also the show is great because it shows how two people / creatures can come together to become true friends.
  • Lilo and stitch the series is the best cartoon in disney channel...

    I really like the show a lot, But many people says that it is a total waste of time watching the series but I say no, The series is really cool just like its movies... Especially the experiments, I really like how they destroy our world XD, With the help of Lilo and stitch they will capture all of the remaining 624 experiments. Imagine if the experiments were real, I think it would be a total disaster. I think the presidents should get some alien exterminator. Lilo is rally cute and beautiful especially when she's dancing, while stitch is cute too and furry and also cuddly. I hope you all enjoy my review here... Aloha
  • No wonder I really like this cartoon show because it is very exciting, funny and adventurous too!

    I am really addicted in this show coz' everytime the time has come for the experiment episode at Disney Channel, I am really WOW! It really makes my day complete if I see a new experiments from Jumba's evil experiment which was scattered everywhere in Hawaii.

    Lilo is just a simple girl who lives in a simple life until one day she meets an alien dog that she thinks it's a dog, then, after days has come, she made the dog that she named it stitch good as she expected. They both became good partners and they also both capture the other 625 experiments.
  • An extra-terrestrial mad scientist named Dr. Jumba Jookiba is imprisoned for illegally experimenting and creating creatures to cause chaos and destruction.

    An extra-terrestrial mad scientist named Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) is imprisoned for illegally experimenting and creating creatures to cause chaos and destruction. His latest experiment is Number 626 (Chris Sanders): a cute, little, blue alien with four arms, two legs and antennae who is deceptively strong, fast, intelligent, destructive and indestructible.

    Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson), a shark-like alien, is assigned to take 626 to a penal colony, but during the trip, 626 manages to escape in a smaller spacecraft, and crash lands on the small Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi, on Earth. Masquerading as a dog (but looking more like a koala), 626 is adopted by a little girl named Lilo Pelekai (Daveigh Chase) who is living with her 21-year-old sister Nani (Tia Carrere) after their parents died in a car accident. Lilo is lonely and a bit of an outcast until she finds a new friend in 626, whom she names "Stitch." Stitch initially attempts to escape the island but finds that it is impossible because he is afraid of the water and cannot swim because his body is too dense. Stitch resigns himself to stay with Lilo when he spots that he is being watched by Jumba and Galactic Agent Pleakley (Kevin McDonald), who have been assigned to recapture Stitch without being detected by humans. Lilo notes Stitch's violent tendencies and attempts to teach him to relax.

    Nani and Lilo are visited by social worker Cobra Bubbles (Ving Rhames), who tells Nani that unless she finds employment and improves their living conditions, he will have to take Lilo into foster care. She has three days to change his mind. Nani, with the help of her boyfriend David, tries several times to find employment, but is unable to secure a position as Lilo's attempts to tame Stitch by having him behave as Elvis Presley generally lead to disaster. After one such tiring day, David offers Nani and Lilo a day of surfing at the beach. While the three of them are trying to help Stitch learn how to surf, Jumba and Pleakley attempt to capture Stitch from underwater, leading to Stitch grabbing onto Lilo and dragging her under. David manages to rescue both Lilo and Stitch, but Nani believes that Stitch was attacking Lilo. However, Cobra Bubbles saw the entire event take place. He tells Nani that it's time to separate from Lilo from her and will be back in the morning to pick Lilo up. Stitch realizes that it was his fault and returns to Lilo's house alone. After seeing Lilo and Nani show their feelings for being together as a family, he decides to leave and hide in the woods feeling lost.

    The fallowing morning, Jumba and Pleakley are fired for not capturing Stitch. The Grand Councilwoman assigns Captain Gantu to capture Stitch. This leads Jumba, no longer bound by Galactic Code, to aggressively chase Stitch in one last effort. He finds Stitch in the woods and finds out that Stitch is waiting for family to arrive. Jumba says that Stitch doesn't have one and that he can never belong. Before Jumba can catch him, Stitch runs from Jumba ensuing a chase. Meanwhile, Lilo is quiet and Nani asks what's wrong. She says that Stitch left. David then confronts Nani and tells her he as fond a job for her. Nani tells Lilo to stay at home and not to answer the door. Stitch comes back and meets Lilo in her home which also leads Jumba to it. Jumba and Stitch begin to fight inside Lilo's house, while Lilo calls Cobra Bubbles calls for help. Lilo gets out of the house just in time before Jumba and Stitch cause a plasma cannon explosion that destroys Lilo's home. Nani returns home just after this occurs, unfortunately Cobra is already there and is taking Lilo away. Seeing Nani and Cobra arguing, Lilo runs off into the woods and ecounters Stitch. He reveals his true alien form which makes Lilo furious. But before Lilo can say any more, Gantu captures both of them. Stitch manages to escape but is then confronted by Nani. At this point, Stitch finally speaks to her in English and shows that he is an alien and that he does understand the meaning of ohana, which means "family" and "that nobody gets left behind or forgotten". Jumba is able to capture Stitch in this moment of understanding, but Nani pleads Jumba to let Stitch free and to help save Lilo from Gantu, and he reluctantly does so.

    Employing Jumba's spaceship, they and Gantu give chase around the Hawaiian mountains. Stitch manages to land on Gantu's ship and attempts to free Lilo but Gantu reconfigures the angle of the afterburners to blast Stitch off the ship. In a momentary state of unconsciousness, Stitch wakes up just in time to save a frog from being run over by a gasoline truck. Hijacking the same truck, Stitch drives it straight into an active volcano. Stitch taunts Gantu and releases the fuel into the lava. The explosion launches Stitch straight into Gantu's cockpit. Gantu tries to smash Stitch but ends up getting thrown off the ship. Stitch rescues Lilo just in time before the ship explodes. When everyone lands in the ocean, David is coincidentally surfing nearby and he helps transport everyone back to shore.

    Immediately, The Grand Councilwoman arrives to arrest Stitch, but becomes reluctant to do so when she sees that he has reformed into a civilized creature. Prodded by Cobra Bubbles (who is revealed to be a former CIA agent who had previously met the Grand Councilwoman at Roswell, NM), Lilo presents her certificate of adoption which makes her Stitch's legal owner, causing the Grand Councilwoman to release the little creature. Stitch's sentence to life in exile provides a loophole; he is now in Lilo and Nani's care as his warders. The movie ends with both Jumba and Pleakley staying on earth to help rebuild Nani, Lilo, and Stitch's home with some of their own alien technology, and with Stitch being fully accepted into Lilo's family.

    Throughout the movie, the message provided tells the audience that family must stick together in all cases, however difficult. It also stresses the importance of Lilo and Nani's Hawaiian culture and how it must be kept alive. Furthermore, it is also meant to remind children of the importance of good behavior as well as adults that not all children are "rotten to the core", and that every child has some goodness deep inside.
  • a spinoff of the movie lilo and stitch that follows them while they capture all 625 expirements

    this spin off changed everything from the movie. gantu is like only five feet taller than nani when in the movie he was like 300 feet taller. the animation also lacks greatly from the movie. its almost like the animators and writers had never seen the movie and disney asked them to create a spin off. i think the thing that bugs me the most is that jumba calls lilo little girl and in the movie he called her lilo. its like the writers are trying to make him more alien like, but thats hard when he walks around in a hawaiin shirt and bermuda shorts now isnt it? overall not a favorite ( or near favorite) show of mine and i understand why it only got two seasons.
  • A girl name lilo and her dog Stitch try to find the special place for Experiments.

    A 9 yr old girl named Lilo finds a dog named Stitch in an earlier movie. The 2nd movie concludes when experiment pods rain to earth. Lilo must find all pods and find the experiments a place to call home. There are 628 experiments in all with elements for their ability. Snot suckers to Lightning to Fire to Ice to Flying to Chocolate to Super Stengh to Dreameaters to Stinkbombs to Dog to all kinds of more. If u notice later they begin to run out of ideas of experiments. Change the channel because this is one El tigre sort of show ok?
  • My one of the favorite...^^

    This is one of my favorite show, I really loved this show a lot specially the movies. "_" I really like how lilo and stitch catches all the other 625 experiments or even 628 experiments including experiment 627 and leroy... How they carry all of the challenges they intake through out the series. But my most favorite episode was when Mrs. hasagawa activated many experiments including boomer, manners, shredder, forehead, woody, etc. ^_^ I really love how lilo and stitch captured at the same time made them from good to evil... I also liked the episode of experiment 627 I never thought that jumba jookiba would make another experiment. I also liked the movies and sometimes it even make me cry a little...T_T lolz... specially the first movie... hehehehehe
  • This was a good movie, but once they started doing the shows it lost its spark...

    Don't get me wrong the movies were fabulous and i still think Stitch is uber cute, but there is something about all shows that are made after movies, they are not as good as the original, I enjoyed the original lilo and stitch and the stitch movie, leroy and stitch wasnt' that great. The tv series goes through all the other 625 experiments, who has time for this? I don't know why they did it but it took so much away from the movie you have no idea. I will admit that i have watched it, but this show is going downhill fast, it needs to stop being overrated and get to another point in its life, retirement. I think maybe in a few years or so they can bring it back just as they did with the disney classics, but until then they need to keep it calm over in disney studios.
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