Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel
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CROSSOVER: With KIM POSSIBLE When Dr. Drakken and Hämsterviel team up to kidnap Stitch in order to mass multiply him in order to destroy the world, Kim Possible and Lilo set off to try and save Experiment 626. Jumba, on the other hand, is quite sure that a certain Naked Mole Rat is his experiment 607...moreless

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  • Horrible... crossover... must... kill!!!!!

    First of all, let me say i'm not a big fan of crossovers. usually they are tacky, out of character, or do things that make sure they have a permanent place on the series.

    Also, I must note that Lilo's remark was a 'slight' exagerration, that hawaiians can swim deeper because of their lungs or something.

    Well, in some ways this can be true, and some ways it can't. I mean, a boy raised up in farmland will probably know more about farming than someone from a big city who has never seen a sheep.

    But, of course, if the boy on the farm never did any farmwork, he'd know very little,

    which is the case in today's youth of Hawaii, too many are effected by western culture and watch television without getting the recommended dose of exercise, and I'm starting to sound like a health documentary host.

    Well, yeah, I know Lilo's different, and she definetly gets alot more exercise and experience than her peers. And we've seen her swimming in episodes like 'ploot' so she's definetly not bad in that category.

    But still, 60,000 feet deep? I think she may have scuba'ed after being dropped off halfway, but still, geneaology aside, I think it was a bit of an exaggeration.

    And, as well as that speech about geneology,

    I have to say that I did not like this episode that much. thank the lord rufus didn't turn out to be an experiment, because THAT would be lame.

    And, I was annoyed at how protective Kim was.

    Although this did have it's funny points, that doesn't make up for the fact that this was a crossover, and crossovers must be destroyed.

  • sarcastic above. this one smelled like poo!.

    this was just stupid crossovers crossovers all the disney characters seem to magnetically visiting hawaii and the exact same island blah blah.

    this was a very pathetic storyline in an attempt to grab ratings.

    all i can say if \\\" Dr Drakken Capturing stitch?\\\" *nostrils snort* from past experience of him he couldnt catch a cold.

    if there was any real sense stitch woudlve easily escaped because drakken is such a dimwit.

    also to reply with kinzu kiwi. 60\\\'000 feet under water? pfft at that depth your lungs would compress and beleive me it wouldnt be pretty.

    any scuba diver would know that 60\\\'000 feet is so deep it would be pitch black and you would have 4 tons per cubic square or somnething of pressure and that would be enough to burst your lungs.

    seriously cant animators and writers actually research aquatic diving before writing a very stupid goof.moreless
  • One of Disney Channel's popular show joins in with one of Disney popular movie characters. The result?

    Near the end of L+S the series run, the show ended up getting a lot of crossovers with other current neighboring shows at the time (even one that had long since ended). Granted for a rabid Disney channel viewer, this seemed rather cool. But for us with a keen eye for tv series, it would seem like a cheap way to bring in an audience, even jumping the shark. Still the prospect of Kim Possible dropping into Hawaii seem interesting. So here what I thought after a watch

    Premise: While out playing (at night no less), Stitch is suddenly captured from under Lilo's nose by Dr. Drakken (later reveled to be working with Hamsterveil). Having nothing to go on and at Pleakly's prompting. Lilo calls Team Possible to help. However whenever Lilo tries join in the investigation, Kim constantly keep her out of it for fear of her safety. As this goes on, Jumba tries to confirm if Rufus (Ron's pet) is or isn't one of his experiments.

    Eh basically a textbook crossover, villains team up prompting the heroes to team up to defeat their enemies but must overcome each other differences first before achieving their goal. Ho-hum, but Kim was rather annoying in this episode. I understand her concern for Lilo's safety but her consent "Shoo this is big kid stuff" like attitude is rather unlike her. Granted this mostly Pleakly's fault but you would think after seeing Lilo's vigilance, Kim would get the message. It only take her after being captured does she finally come around (I mean Kim was once rescued by her own brothers in her own show). Ron basically had nothing to do here other then just trade jokes with Jumba and Pleakly while Rufus of course end of coming through by helping Lilo To be fair though most of the jokes are rather funny, Stitch making fun of Drakkan was nice and the bust in and climax were all well done so it not a total bummer. Still out of the crossovers on L+S this one comes in last on my list.moreless
  • I was actually surprised to see a magazine with Kim Possible on the cover, and thought, cool there is Kimi. For me that would have been enough of a "crossover".

    But then Ron and Kimi turned up. Though I don't really like the invasion of outside characters in an episode, in this case Kim, Ron and Rufus did not do the obvious "I am out of my background, thus I need to act like a dork" act.

    Personally I think this should have been the one and only crossover episode, but alas Recess made a very annoying appearance in the "Lax" episode :(

    It was fun to see Kim Possible, but this "idea" should not be overused.moreless
  • Great crossover I guess!! So what's the sitch!! Well I don't really know the spelling silly me!! It was fun seeing this!

    Great crossover I guess!! So what's the sitch!! Well I don't really know the spelling silly me!! It was fun seeing this! Catfights happenned in this episode like Kim vs. Lilo because Lilo doesn't like Kim and she thinks that everything won't be solved by Kim and all the stupidity of Jumba thinking Rufus is 607 and come on look Rufus doesn't have back spikes!!!

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    • The Frog Fancy magazine Pleakly holds up before finding the KimStyle magazine is from an episode of Kim Possible called "Return To Wannaweep".

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)


      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Fri 08/12/05, Mon 09/19/05, Fri 11/11/05, Thu 12/22/05, Fri 02/10/06, Wed 03/08/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)

      Thu 09/28/05


      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)


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    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> Rufus, the naked molerat, is confused with the experiment 607 who is designed to wrap the fabric of space and time causing the entire universe to collapse upon itself.
      (Note: There was NO experiment in this episode, nor do we know the actual name of experiment 607)

      --> Kimstyle from Kim Possible episode Kimitation Nation is present in this episode. This could just mean that this episode took place during Kim Possible Season 1, and would explain the references to Josh Mankey.

      --> Contrary to popular belief, this episode does not seem to happen after the last Kim Possible episode/movie, so the Drama.

      --> This will be the last (animated) appearance of Kim Possible. [EDIT: This is no longer the case, as Kim Possible has a fourth season.]

      --> Wade from Kim Possible appears as voice only. (Which is a new absence low for him) [EDIT: Actually, Wade is seen on the Kimmunicator at least once.]

      --> When Pleakley is telling the gang about Kim, the "Call Me, Beep Me" theme plays in the background. In addition, some Kim Possible music plays here and there, in the episode... something they didn't do for the other two previously airing crossover episodes

      --> This is one episode that Hamsterveil appears without the need of Gantu and 625 to make an appearance.

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: No experiment in episode
      Experiment Cameos
      Who is missing?: 625, Gantu
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