Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

As Lilo and Stitch are out in the forest, a flying ship swoops down and grabs Stitch. Lilo runs to Jumba and Pleakly for help. She wants to leave at once, alone, to save Stitch, but the two forbid her from doing so without 626 at her side. Pleakly (who is reading some magazines) points out to one with "Kimstyle", showing how Kim Possible could do anything. He sends out a message to her website. Lilo tries to leave anyways, but KP arrives just in time. As she gets filled in, Jumba notices Rufus, and thinks he looks like Experiment 607.

As Kim and Lilo explore the crimescene, they find one of Dr. Drakken's gloves. Wade then tracks him to the middle of the ocean, underwater. As Kim parachutes down, Lilo stowawayed with her, and Kim sent her back, despite all the warnings Lilo gave her. Kim then gets captured, mainly because of the current Lilo warned her about "the people eater". She uses her Kimmunicator gloves to patch through to Ron's cellphone.

As the rest of the crew are on the beach (where they are all chasing Rufus), Kim requests that Ron come and save her, and that Lilo doesn't tag along. However, having heard this, she does. She then swims to the lair underwater with Rufus at her side. Lilo saves Kim and Stitch while Rufus destroys the Cloning machine. Kim then battles Shego and the four escape, collected by Jumba and the others. Afterwards, Stitch smells Rufus and confirms he's a naked mole rat, and they all go hula dancing.