Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Dec 10, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • They should have made more like this.

    This episode was a good one it was like the first movie (kind of) and shoe has a personalityand leaves after overhearing lilo saying that no-one would like what he does,
    shoe was god and gantu gets a 1 million dollar check from a man and so do Lilo but when pleakleyflips the horns the man is arrested then when the horns are flipped again the police officer see\'s abut a reward so offscreen gantu apparently quit his job to cash in a fake check and then have to go and ask hamsterviel for his job back :S

    this episode was good but the one te place was DUMB as pyreo says was wasted i mean good luck shouldnt be wasted on a dumb game of mini golf

    shoe was well made.
  • Lilo is weird but hey I like her she named Shoe as Shoe because he does not have any shoes isn't that silly!!!

    Lilo is weird but hey I like her she named Shoe as Shoe because he does not have any shoes isn't that silly!!! Well this episode is actually likable for the reason that it was really cool and great I liked it and it was such a fun episode with all the bad lucks and mischiefs that Shoe brought well Shoe was cute well most of the experiments are except Yin and probably Snafu!!
  • Not half bad.

    Shoe is a pretty decent experiment, since a generator for 'bad luck' would be classed as nothing less than evil, and in order for that to work it shows off just how much of a genius Jumba must be.

    They also spent a good amount of time considering this experiment's feelings. Shoe was depressed during the middle section of the episode because nobody liked him, and seemed to cause even more bad luck than normal.

    The subplot here was strange and sometimes baffling. But I have to admit I did at least find some parts funny.

    Only the ongoing problem of over-simplification and childishness stopped this from being a really good episode, when they completely wasted Shoe's lucky talents on a silly golfing game.
  • The odds of the things that had ourred is funny.

    Shoe is the best kind for the good luck part because we can become rich forever. But the bad luck part can make us poor or homeness but the news is Shoe has a home thats the big part not using the powers for evil because it can go wrong for everyone.