Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 26, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Pretty good Episode for Season Two, Had Just the right level of sci-fi and Funny!!

    In a Race to stop Gantu who had caught Experiment pod 234 Lilo and Stitch get the pod wet and out came Experiment 234 Designed to eavesdrop on private enemy conversations. On there way home the Experiment Evesdrops on people. One of the BIG shocks Lilo learns from all the very odd facts about her friends, Is That Mertle Hates her friends(The YEAH Girls)In Wich she tells the YEAH girls(Who now hate Mertle)and is invited to Play with them. In the defeat that gantu had he looses his job for the 5th time.In Wich Dr.Hamsterviel Sends his Robot drone to Give the job to Mertle(Who he had a Odd likeing too in other Episodes) There was some slow" Evesdrops is not good" Talks parts. And Lilo Learns that Mertle dose not hate her friends but was talking abot her dolls. And then feels bad. But It realy gets going when Dr.Hamsterviel Turns Mertle in to a robotDrone and sends her out to fight Stitch and Lilo. She takes down Stitch (Useing Ray Beams From her Robot Eye gear) and takes 234 now named "Shush". When all looks lost Gantu comes back and fights Mertle for his job after some fight. Lilo Gets the Mertle part of the Drone( That hates Lilo)to shot at her but go's in front of Dr.Hamsterviel's drone and the beam blocks him and hits her. Lilo Takes Mertle to Jumba, he finds it easy to fix that its only T-179 in wich on his home planet it's can be bought at any store. Then Shush is given to Cobra Bubbles as a CIA operative. One of the best of Season!!!