Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 26


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 23, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Experiment 120: SNAFU Nosy, (who escaped at from Gantu's ship at the end of Woops,) complains to Lilo about the fact that she just left all the experiments behind and never found their one true place. (Lilo and Stitch never went back and saved them). So, Lilo plans to save them, especially Angel. But when Snafu, a plan ruiner is on the loose, will Lilo be able to save Stitch's cousins?moreless

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  • My favorite episode of all, there is no specific experiment in this episode.

    When Lilo and Stitch learn that all of the experiments Gantu has captured,which are all imprisoned in his ship the two plan a rescue mission to free them. Unfortunately, they accidentally activate an experiment designed to "foul up" complex plans. As Lilo and Stitch form a rescue team regardless, Jumba and Pleakley try to figure out "love" and Gantu tries to use Angel's song to turn the experiments evil again. In continuity, this is the final episode.we also see reuben's weakness,bum ticklish.

    Experiments Mentioned: Felix (010), Fibber (032), Hammerface (033), Fudgy (054), Stamen (103), Snafu (120), Bonnie (149), Clyde (150), Finder (158), Nosy (199), Nosox (204), Sparky (221), Poxy (222), Sample (258), Cat (298), Dimensonator (299), Progno (301), Amnesio (303), Hunkahunka (323), Dupe (344), Slimy (390), Slushy (523), Thresher (544), Tank (586), Sa (588) Zap (603), Houdini (604), Holio (606), Heat (609), Plasmoid (617), Angel (624), Reuben (625), Tickle Tummy(supposably 275)moreless
  • Lilo and Stitch learn all the experiments Gantu captured (including Angel) are held up in his ship, and plan to free them. But with a new sabotaging experiment on the loose, can they keep their promise?moreless

    This episode made a perfect ending to the series. They way the experiments escaped from Gantu's holding cell was very phenominal and the music in the background was very moving. Everything ended well. Gantu ended up inside a giant container pod and got an earful from Hamsterviel. The experiments got their freedom and best of all, Stitch was reuntied with his beloved Angel. I can't think of a better way to end a series (except maybe a battle to save the world, which turns out was in the true finale of the series: Leroy and Stitch).moreless
  • Great episode

    This episode was what i was waiting for ever since I saw the episode angel... I think it gave the show a great season final. The part i like the most is the last part when angel breaks the chamber thing, but it also fel a little rushed but it was alright, if i could i would give it a 5 star and a 10 rating. I love how it ends too, it shows a great moral to the episode and as I already said ends the seaso in a great way.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.moreless
  • Stitch's Boojibu Is Back!!

    Not the best for a Finale but very Sweet... Lilo was working on her Experiment log till she found a photo of Angel Experiment 624 and Stitch Experiment 626 hugging. She asked Stitch did he remember Angel. He showed her His pink shrine With photo's and a beating toy heart.That He had hidden in secret by his bed.(It had to be not less then One year From the Last Time He had seen Her)He has a Flash-Back of Angel Being taken by Gantu and 625(From the Episode "Angel")He yells at Lilo Saying that she said she would go get her back.Thats when Experiment 199 "Nosey"(who got away from Hämsterviel in the Episode"Woops")comes and tells her That the Experiments Are on Gantu's ship.They round up some of the Experiments to help them with Geting back the other Experiments that they Lost in other Episodes.But Stitch Fears Meating Angel Again,As He should She ended up Working in secret for Hämsterviel And her love for Him had been Lies. But She saved Him from Death(But she did lead him There To start)Could it Just Have been Guilt Not Love? Then Gantu lies to Hämsterviel telling him he as found over 100 Exeriments.So he plans to use Angel's song to make all the Exeriments Evil.So He Makes 625 get and record 624's song but 625 ends up flirting with her The most part. With Geting the singing They Leave the Ship.With Jumba's Help Lilo gets the plans for Gatnu's GF 18-48 Star Cruiser but then Pleakley had to Mess it up by Activateing Exeriment 120 "snafu" who is octopus like and messes up plans. He ends up messing up both Lilo and Gantu's plans. When Lilo and the other Exeriments get They were close to freeing the others but then put in pods. But When Stitch Comes out and tells Angel That He loves her and She Then told Him that She realy Loves Him With"The power of Love" Angel broke her pod and she and Stitch got eveyone out Snafu Saw Stitch and Angel's power of Love and he even Helped Fight off Gantu when he came Back. At the End (Also the end to the series)The Experiments are playing in the back yard and Lilo Asks Stitch to help her With finding them homes.But He was alredy Leaveing Holding Angel's paw walking in the the sun-set. Saying He will be home soon. Lilo then says to her-self "I Love you too Stitch" So Sad but so sweet!!moreless
  • great season finale.

    it's great that stitch's booji boo is back, this episode is one of the best season finales i've watched. Espesially because angel is one of my favorite characters in the series. Also a great sequel to the episode angel. I wonder why angel was only able break out of her container when stitch addmitted that he loved her. They also did not show where the one true place for angel and the rest of the experiments that were rescued by lilo and stitch were. none the less,this a very good season finale.I am going to miss the lilo and stitch series.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: When Lilo is updating her logbook of experiments who have found "their one true place", one of the photos yet to be placed in the book is of Zap (603). But Zap is still a prisoner of Gantu and at the end of the episode, we see him escape with the others, so it is not possible for Lilo to count him in the list of successfully rehabilated experiments.

    • Lilo said that they have 18 experiments to break out of Gantu's ship, but Gantu himself said he only had 17, not including Nosy.

    • In this episode, all of the experiments Lilo left to Gantu are rescued including Angel. After accidentally being set free after Hamsterviel was forced to send the experiments back to Gantu Nosy makes his way back to Lilo and Stitch and informs them that all of the experiments are now in Gantu's ship. They break in with the help of a bunch of other experiments and while they are caught Angel breaks out sets Stitch free and they free everyone else. Gantu is trapped by Snafu who is turned from bad to good by the touching moment when Stitch admits he loves Angel.

    • The "Angel" episode is revisited at the scene where Stitch fails to protect Angel.

    • After Plasmoid breaks Gantu's blaster, when Tank is eating it his teeth, and all the detail in his mouthe disapear!

    • It was shown that Angel and Stitch can break open those containers, while no other experiment can. Angel has been inside it for months now. Why didn't she break out earlier?

      It couldn't have been that she just 'needed Stitch for motivation', because she didn't realise she loved him until he showed up, and anyway, wouldn't she have wanted to break out and be with Stitch, if that was the case?

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  • NOTES (3)

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)


      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Thu 08/18/05, Wed 09/07/05, Fri 10/14/05, Wed 12/07/05, Tue 01/17/06, Wed 03/08/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)


      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)


      To be added

    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> "SNAFU" is an acronym for Situation Normal: All Fouled Up, means plan ruiner
      --> This episode most likely comes right after Woops in the timeline. Nosy goes to Lilo and Stitch and tells them that experiment 600 ratted Hamsterviel out, and that all the experiments were sent back to Gantu!!

      --> We see Nosox for the first time. And we see two new experiments Tickle Tummy and Stamen. And we see Fudgy's whole body

      --> This episode takes place after Tank, Angel, Dupe, Hunkahunka, Amnesio, Felix, Bonnie&Clyde, Finder, Sample, Holio, 627, and Houdini, and it occurs before Spike and The Asteriod

      --> We see that Stitch has a shrine of Angel!
      --> This episode continues from the episode, "Woops".
      --> Lilo has the last line in the series.
      --> This is actually the last episode.
      --> None of the rescued experiments' one true places are shown.
      --> We learn that Sparky eats batteries!
      --> Angel's back pattern is different from the way it used to be when we first saw her. Also, after she breaks her container, the markings disappear altogether.
      --> Well, for those that think Felix (010) was renamed, think again. He was never renamed! He was only called Felix in this episode!
      -->Bonnie and Clyde are paroled.
      --> Stamen is experiment 103.

      --> The 17 experiments that are rescued from Gantu's ship, are: Fibber, Thresher, Poxy, Felix, Hammerface, Heat, Fudgy, Tickle-Tummy, Hunkahunka, Amnesio, Plasmoid, Zap, Slimy, Tank, Nosox, Stamen, and of course ANGEL!!!

      --> The main experiment is of course, is Angel!
      --> We see more of the catalog that Lilo had in 'Drowsy' she was updating it
      -->This episode is the sequel to the 'Angel' episode
      --> Jumba says he doesn't understand love, but didn't he create HunkaHunka, the love experiment? Questionable.
      Note: Hunkahunka only causes infatuation, not 100% true love.
      --> This episode aired in the United States Friday night on June 23, 2006 as part of Disney's So Hot Summer. It was the second of two never-before-seen episodes (the first being "Glitch/Woops") shown followed by the premiere of the Leroy & Stitch movie.

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Snafu
      Number: 120
      Pod Colour: Purple
      Activated: when Pleakley stupidly brought the hose in to the house
      Function: Designed to foil enemy plans by any possible means. He is the havoc wreaker of all havoc wreakers! He will ruin any plans to catch him, the only way to catch him is to catch him on accident.
      Gender: Male
      One True Place: Unknown

      Experiment Cameos: Poxy, Fibber, Amnesio, Holio, Houdini, Tank, HunkaHunka, Slimy, Zap, Angel, Tickle Tummy, Dupe, Hammerface, Plasmoid, Thresher, Heat, Stamen, Nosox, Slushy, Nosy, Finder, Felix, Sample, Sparky, Fudgy, Bonnie, Poxy, and Clyde
      Who is missing?
      Moral: Love conquers all
      Character Nicknames


    • When Gantu tells 625 that he is going to make him an offer he won't refuse is probably a refrence to the famous line from The Godfather said by Don Vito Corleone, "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

    • Experiment 120's name Snafu is a play on words of the acronym, SNAFU, which means "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up"

    • Spiderman Refrence: Snafu uses his tentacles to move around and walk like Doctor Octopus from Spiderman

    • The music that plays at Angel's shrine and when Stitch and Angel walk off is the love theme from Romeo and Juliet.