Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 27


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 23, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • My favorite episode of all, there is no specific experiment in this episode.

    When Lilo and Stitch learn that all of the experiments Gantu has captured,which are all imprisoned in his ship the two plan a rescue mission to free them. Unfortunately, they accidentally activate an experiment designed to "foul up" complex plans. As Lilo and Stitch form a rescue team regardless, Jumba and Pleakley try to figure out "love" and Gantu tries to use Angel's song to turn the experiments evil again. In continuity, this is the final episode.we also see reuben's weakness,bum ticklish.

    Experiments Mentioned: Felix (010), Fibber (032), Hammerface (033), Fudgy (054), Stamen (103), Snafu (120), Bonnie (149), Clyde (150), Finder (158), Nosy (199), Nosox (204), Sparky (221), Poxy (222), Sample (258), Cat (298), Dimensonator (299), Progno (301), Amnesio (303), Hunkahunka (323), Dupe (344), Slimy (390), Slushy (523), Thresher (544), Tank (586), Sa (588) Zap (603), Houdini (604), Holio (606), Heat (609), Plasmoid (617), Angel (624), Reuben (625), Tickle Tummy(supposably 275)
  • Lilo and Stitch learn all the experiments Gantu captured (including Angel) are held up in his ship, and plan to free them. But with a new sabotaging experiment on the loose, can they keep their promise?

    This episode made a perfect ending to the series. They way the experiments escaped from Gantu's holding cell was very phenominal and the music in the background was very moving. Everything ended well. Gantu ended up inside a giant container pod and got an earful from Hamsterviel. The experiments got their freedom and best of all, Stitch was reuntied with his beloved Angel. I can't think of a better way to end a series (except maybe a battle to save the world, which turns out was in the true finale of the series: Leroy and Stitch).
  • Great episode

    This episode was what i was waiting for ever since I saw the episode angel... I think it gave the show a great season final. The part i like the most is the last part when angel breaks the chamber thing, but it also fel a little rushed but it was alright, if i could i would give it a 5 star and a 10 rating. I love how it ends too, it shows a great moral to the episode and as I already said ends the seaso in a great way.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.
  • Stitch's Boojibu Is Back!!

    Not the best for a Finale but very Sweet... Lilo was working on her Experiment log till she found a photo of Angel Experiment 624 and Stitch Experiment 626 hugging. She asked Stitch did he remember Angel. He showed her His pink shrine With photo's and a beating toy heart.That He had hidden in secret by his bed.(It had to be not less then One year From the Last Time He had seen Her)He has a Flash-Back of Angel Being taken by Gantu and 625(From the Episode "Angel")He yells at Lilo Saying that she said she would go get her back.Thats when Experiment 199 "Nosey"(who got away from Hämsterviel in the Episode"Woops")comes and tells her That the Experiments Are on Gantu's ship.They round up some of the Experiments to help them with Geting back the other Experiments that they Lost in other Episodes.But Stitch Fears Meating Angel Again,As He should She ended up Working in secret for Hämsterviel And her love for Him had been Lies. But She saved Him from Death(But she did lead him There To start)Could it Just Have been Guilt Not Love? Then Gantu lies to Hämsterviel telling him he as found over 100 Exeriments.So he plans to use Angel's song to make all the Exeriments Evil.So He Makes 625 get and record 624's song but 625 ends up flirting with her The most part. With Geting the singing They Leave the Ship.With Jumba's Help Lilo gets the plans for Gatnu's GF 18-48 Star Cruiser but then Pleakley had to Mess it up by Activateing Exeriment 120 "snafu" who is octopus like and messes up plans. He ends up messing up both Lilo and Gantu's plans. When Lilo and the other Exeriments get They were close to freeing the others but then put in pods. But When Stitch Comes out and tells Angel That He loves her and She Then told Him that She realy Loves Him With"The power of Love" Angel broke her pod and she and Stitch got eveyone out Snafu Saw Stitch and Angel's power of Love and he even Helped Fight off Gantu when he came Back. At the End (Also the end to the series)The Experiments are playing in the back yard and Lilo Asks Stitch to help her With finding them homes.But He was alredy Leaveing Holding Angel's paw walking in the the sun-set. Saying He will be home soon. Lilo then says to her-self "I Love you too Stitch" So Sad but so sweet!!
  • great season finale.

    it's great that stitch's booji boo is back, this episode is one of the best season finales i've watched. Espesially because angel is one of my favorite characters in the series. Also a great sequel to the episode angel. I wonder why angel was only able break out of her container when stitch addmitted that he loved her. They also did not show where the one true place for angel and the rest of the experiments that were rescued by lilo and stitch were. none the less,this a very good season finale.I am going to miss the lilo and stitch series.
  • Alright!

    Alright! Stitch gets Angel back in this episode. At the start Stitch has great memories of her. Lilo has promised to get Angel back until Nosy shows up and Lilo decides to bust Angel and all the Experiments out. I liked the way Stitch gets exicted and then gets worried. I also liked the end when Stitch goes out with Angel and said he will be home later.
  • This episode was adorable; I always knew they'd rescue the other experiments. Still, Stitch seemed REALLY OBSESSED with Angel...

    It seemed obvious that Lilo and Stitch had to go and rescue the other experiments after Gantu caught them, but it seemed odd how Stitch never mentioned rescuing his boojee-bu Angel until Lilo brought it up first. I'd always thought Stitch and Angel fell in love a bit fast, but still Stitch wasn't as totally obsessed with Angel in the first episode she appeared in. There were loads of continuity mistakes in this episode, like Pleakley not understanding love (he'd understood it before) and Angel suddenly realizing that Stitch loved her and she loved him back (she'd seemed to "realize" it at the end of the Angel episode too). And of course, love conquers all. Stitch and Angel walk off into the sunset. Lilo doesn't care like she did in "Angel." Yeah. But what can I say, the episode was kinda cute. Not the best, but still very cute.
  • Finally, Angel makes her return!

    The episode I have been waiting for ever since "Angel", "Snafu" is the answer that I have been waiting for. 'Experiment 120: Snafu'--Lilo and Stitch plot to save the remaining cousins that Gantu captured and sent to Hamsterviel--especially Angel! This episode itself, like most of the other Season 2 episodes, isn't necessarily about the featured experiment as it is plot-based. The experiment itself, Snafu, just adds tension to the plot and its home is not revealed. Which is okay, considering that I wanted to see its main attraction, anyway. The follow-up to one of my favorite episodes in the series, 'Snafu' gives another look at all the experiments that Lilo and Stitch have successfully rounded up. I loved seeing Stitch's shrine to Angel; it was, for lack of a better word, adorable. Following up on ' Experiment 600: Woops', Nosey complains about Lilo leaving the others behind and of course, Lilo and Stitch plot to save them all. Lilo doesn't per se leave Bonnie and Clyde to rot in jail; they, along with Sparky, Finder and Sample are in Lilo's troop to save the other experiments. Sparky eating the batteries was a funny little bit. Gantu's karaoke mix tape was good for a laugh, as was Jumba and Pleakley attempting to discover a physical feeling similar to that of love. Lilo's 'training' methods for Sample, Sparky, Finder, Bonnie and Clyde was also very funny. Following this episode, I think it is safe to say 'Snafu' kills there being any chance of 625/Angel (as I say in my review for 'Angel', this is fine. I don't like to see Angel paired with any other male experiment anyway). Angel is meant to be with Stitch and I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

    I loved this episode for it giving more personality to Angel; in addition to her she is spirited, strong-willed and physically strong to boot. I also loved how she actually got more chances to speak; before she primarily sang her song and only had one word sentences. The message behind this episode is 'Love overcomes all'. I was pleased with this message as it made this episode seem special. I was so happy when I saw Angel break herself and Stitch out from their glass capsules and they hugged...I was smiling estatically. The ending was perfect and it left me feeling warm. It is exactly what I would have wanted to see Stitch and Angel do once back together--spend some quality time, for all the time they spent apart. Thank you, Disney. You have given me exactly what I wanted to see and I was not disappointed at all with this episode. Long live the love between Stitch and Angel!

    "Meega tai bujibu! Meega tai bujibu! Chuppy Cheepa! (smashes glass) Da bujibu!" --Angel, little lovergirl, 'Experiment 120: Snafu'
  • Yay!Angel's back!

    I have been waiting forever for another Angel episode she is my favorite experiment besides Stitch.I mean I couldn't believe at they end of here episode when she was captured again ever since I have been watching every episode and looking for new ones to see if they were going to rescue her and they finnaly did.I love this episode it's my second favorite the first of course being 'Angel' Angel's origanal episode.I even taped thoes episodes I love them so much I hope this episode is on again soon I also love that the serise finally episode was the one with Angel.Stitch and Angel make such a cute couple.Don't you think?
  • Now that I've seen it, Snafu really isn't that good...

    Many mistakes went on in this episode that made me decrese my opinion about Lilo and Stitch. First of all, our beloved Angel loses her magenta-colored fur from her own episode and is stuck with a crappy light pink color. Her magenta-colored fur was better, way better. It's as if the magenta had worn off to a slinky pink.

    Second of all, in certain scenes you can see that Angel has gained some weight, thanks to those slackers back at Disney. Yes, they made Angel fat. Fat! That's not the Angel I know! I mean, come on! In her episode she was alot thinner. That gave Angel her figure. Now those crappy Disney slackers back at Disney decided to make her look fatter. I've got three words for you Disney. WTF?!

    Third of all, Angel loses her 'v' marking on her chest! That was what ticked me off the most. That 'v' on her chest made HER BE Angel. Thanks to Disney, they decided to leave that out thanks to the slink pink and weight gain. I was very disappointed with this episode, and with Disney.

    And the mistakes go on. Throughout the episode, Lilo, Stitch and several others said Angel too much, especially Stitch. Everytime he said that more than once, I say "We get it already Stitch!" Then Lilo forces the experiments into grouping up to assemble a rescue team without asking them if they could help. Some friendly experiment catcher she is. And last but not least, how the heck could Angel break the glass like that? And what's even more indepth about that is why didn't she break out earlier and didn't have to wait all this time to break out on her own if Lilo and Stitch didn't break her out?! That really confused me, and that was what recduced my opinion about this episode.

    In conclusion, Snafu was worse than I expected. The lame modifications to Angel, how the episode was written, and especially why Angel didn't break out earlier. Dispite all these mistakes, the episode was still pretty solid. But that still doesn't change my opinion. I give this episode a 6.5. Pyreo was right. It seemed that Disney wrote up this episode in a rush. Even a hamster running around the keyboard could do better...
  • This is about how I think and feel about this episode. For how greatly happy I am to see Angel and Stitch together again!

    This episode show us that love triump evil! Seeing that Stitch and Angel coming back is great. Stitch and Angel are happy they see each other again which is why this episode is special. But I cant believe this is the final episode! Why couldnt Disney Co make more episode of Lilo and Stitch. Angel could of been the perfect experiment to turn all experiment to good so Lilo, Stitch, and Angel, dont forget Lilo other friend Victoria, they can get the job done faster than ever. I wish there was another episode that show Stitch and Angel again.
  • Perfecto lovely o love is sweet as honey and it is a great thing to see love!

    Perfecto lovely o love is sweet as honey and it is a great thing to see love! I like the experiments so much that is why I was so happy when I saw them all!! Oh the love of Stitch and Angel it is great they are so cute together oh I am just so happy!!!
  • I wonder if Snafu was on the loose when they were writing this episode.

    Anyone in the Lilo and Stitch fan community knows that 'Lilo and Stitch saving the other experiments' is one of them most overused fanfiction storylines. Frankly, even the most poorly written of those rescue stories tops this episode.

    Ever heard of favouritism? It's constantly on the go here - Stitch and Lilo wander around telling everybody they are going to rescue the forgotten cousins: ESPECIALLY ANGEL. Even though Lilo hated her until the very last second when she was taken away before. Remember, back when they let Angel get carried off without bothering to chase after Gantu?

    After some pointless messing about to introduce this episode's experiment - who, very conveniently, is made to wreck plans - a bunch of cousins are rounded up to help with the mission. Instead of being asked like the sentient beings they are, some are drawn away from their 'One True Place' with treats - batteries in Sparky's case. They manage to break into Gantu's ship - just like every other time they've broken in - only this time they head for a new door we've never seen before, behind which, every captured experiment is being stored. Hamsterviel had to send them over to Gantu for some very convenient reason.

    All the plans are ruined when Snafu shows up again and traps everybody. Stitch looks at Angel to tell her he loves her. That must have happened offscreen somewhere, I suppose, since we've barely seen them interact, and there's never been any reason for Stitch to 'fall in love' with her at any point. Regardless, Angel suddenly loves him as well, proclaims them to be buchibus, and breaks out of her own container. As it turns out, Stitch and Angel are both able to break any of these containers. Yes, even Angel, who has been trapped inside that very one for some months now. For some reason, she decided she'd rather stay a prisoner and couldn't be bothered to break out. They also forgot that Stitch had these powers as well, since Lilo gave up all hope as soon as they were captured.

    Stitch and Angel then run around breaking out all the other experiments, who are apparently helpless to open their own containers. They all make a dash for the exit. After leaving there is a short sequence where the released experiments enjoy their freedom, and Lilo asks Stitch to help her think of One True Places for them all. Stitch, however, has already left to have 'private time' with Angel. If they're going off to talk I wonder what they'd say - they've never shared anything before and Angel, being the personality-less mute that she is, would stay rather quiet, I imagine.

    All in all this is a total disappointment, albeit a necessary one after the complete mess left over the 'Angel' episode. It's quite clear why they can't make another series of L&S - it was formulated so that all the experiments they couldn't think of a home for were captured, to be rescued at the last minute. Rather than be creative and make experiments that could have a power used for both good and evil, the useless ones were abandoned. Most of them were never meant to have a One True Place, which pretty much defeats the point of this series. The ridiculously cheesy moral - 'Love can overcome anything' was repeated throughout, yet thrown out the window at the first sign of danger. Lilo must have forgotten that her genetically engineered pet had super powers. It looks like Stitch will have to abandon Lilo, like she did with their cousins, to be with Angel now. Well, he's been pining for her, hasn't he. He had an obsesive shrine and everything. What's that you say? He's been perfectly fine in every other episode? And he was happily watching DVDs at the beginning of this? Why yes, yes he was. I suppose the cheap trick of pretending he'd missed his buchibu all this time by revealing a hidden alter to his love is the best these people can do.

    It's very depressing to think that this is the best a team of people entrusted with the most astonishing and magical world to ever come out of Disney can make up. I can do better. You could do better. In fact, they'd probably have come up with a better episode if it had been written by letting a small hamster loose on a keyboard.
  • My POV on this episode and The Stitch/Angel COncept.

    Just because Stitch gets a girlfriend, doesn't mean he will forget his Ohana. Saying Stitch will run away with Angel and leave Lilo is proposterous. Thats like saying having a soulmate means you only love that one person. Like saying that Love ruins everything or something. I think Angel comming back is great, and a wonderful way to end a series. But I too, wish the show would go on. Stitch will not change, he will grow, and become even better. He is just learning a new kind of love. For those of you who dont like Stitch/Angel, all I have to say is that I respect your opinion, and I hop you can finds someway to cope with this. Many people have created a fan experiment for Stitch and written fanfiction, and done fanart. It has helped them a little. All in all, I am extremely happy about this episode. I Love Angel. She is the resaon why Im the hardcore L&S fan that I am, if it weren't for her, I would have never even met my boyfriend and MY possible eternal soulmate. and I can never thank Angel enough for that.