Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 05, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • My favorite!

    This episode inspired me for (hopefully) a cartoon series of my own. A character that appears to be stupid yet is highly intelligent. The goofy side also reminds me of what fun I had as a child (which seems to be fading as i get older and my anxiety slowly takes over my life (as Jumba said in "Swapper"): "long story, don't ask".

    I agree with Fallen_Angel363 I do think that Lilo is nowhere near as "stupid' as she thinks she is.

    Pyreo (again), you seem to be a type of reviewer who writes without thinking too much of others (writers), aren't you? "makes no sense" "exploits the stupid side..." I'd like to see some reviews written more objectively instead of stated as fact when they are opinion.

    Please, please think of the writers more instead of pushing words down our throats! Yes, I am referring to how you phrased it. (instead of stating it 'as it is' instead maybe write it more like: "I think", "in my opinion" "Personally" etc. IDK just sounds more polite to me, that's all.

    My question is: what's wrong with exploiting stupidity?

    It doesn't HAVE to make sense for a fictional cartoon series! Seems to me people these days care a little too much about "sense" and "reality"...I'm sorry for posting such long comments like these but things like this really get to me (it's OCD unfortuntely).
  • Hilarous episode!

    This was a funny episode where an experiment 110 is activated who hugs people to make them stupid for a few hours and he hugs Stitch then he becomes dumb for a few hours Pleakley then tells all the experiments to cry and hug and when Pleakley hugs Spike he starts to cry and all the other experiments and then Lilo calls him Spike because he has spikes on his back and also it is the Ohana-Rama game which is like a game show but not on tv and when Lilo finds out Mertle is cheating because Teresa tells her all the answers and Spike gives her a hug so Mertle would lose and say stupid silly stuff that was a classic episode.
  • I love this I luv this Spike cute cute cute! They were very silly silly silly silly and funny too!

    I love this I luv this Spike cute cute cute! They were very silly silly silly silly and funny too! This one is like a masterpiece to the series well plotted too I can't wait till I see more great episodes well I love this trust me you too will they had a good start!
  • This was just a silly episode.

    I loved this episode it was hilarious. This episode was cool because there was lots of goofyness. This episode could have had more adventure , but other than that it was good. I liked this episode because when stitch was acting goofy that was so funny. I just loved this episode.
  • Let's play with the curtains.

    Another one of those episodes that exploits the stupid side of characters for humour. Some of this was actually pretty funny.

    The experiment, Spike, is a good one, looking like a hedgehog but not really modelled after one. But how can a 'one true place' be hugging people? That makes no sense; Lilo's supposed to place where an experiment BELONGS, not give it something to do while having to wear a suit of armour.

    The Ohanarama contest is really good for a giggle, once Mertle's friend Teresa starts giving out ridiculous answers. A tad heavy on Mertle's friendship-intolerant side though. And the E.A.R.W.A.X sequence was pretty well contructed.
  • It's silly, but in a good way. It's hilarious!!!! Especially Stitch.

    Stitch made this hilarious!!!! So stupid but so funny. Although there wasn't much action, it was still funny. Though this episode was funny, I hate that Lilo thinks she's stupid. I mean come on, if she can outsmart Gantu every(well almost) every time, she is not as stupid as she tinks she is.