Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 12, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Jumba is scratching his first costume, his belly pops out with his belly button showing, but when he changes into his shirt, it is removed.

    • Pleakley's mother is voiced by fellow Kids in the Hall veteran Scott Thompson. The Kids in the Hall were notable for playing cross gender roles, so Thompson's appearance as a female character is not only not surprising, but highly appropriate. He reprised the role in Episode 13 "Fibber".

    • Gantu and 625 do not appear in this episode!

    • In Spring 2004, Disney Channel ran a 'Fan-tastic Marathon' to find out the Top 10 fan-favorite experiments. 'Experiment 300: Spooky' was #4 on the Top 10 list.

    • When Nani answers the door to find Cobra Bubbles (Spooky cloaked as her worst fear), she is barefoot. When Lilo jumps the imposter Cobra and Nani is trying to pull her off, Nani is suddenly wearing her sandals. After Nani pulls Lilo off and they land on the couch, Nani loses her sandals again.

    • Lilo's princess costume is pink. But, once she gets inside the haunted house, it changes to blue.

    • Lilo drags Stitch into the haunted house. If he is so strong, she shouldn't be able to do that.

    • Stitch is an odd shade of blue in this episode. However, this could be because it is suppose to be dark.

    • From the episode you'd think this is Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley's first Halloween. However if you saw the end of the first movie you'd see Lilo and Stitch celebrating Halloween.

    • When Lilo is hanging from the beam, you can hear Jumba and Pleakley's voices inside but in the next scene, they walk in through the front door.

    • In the scene where Spooky turns into water, you can see Stitch momentarily floating to get up on the stove. Stitch is not supposed to float.

    • Lilo says that Hallowe'en is a federal holiday. However, Hallowe'en is not a national federal holiday, but a religious holiday for Wiccans. It is also a Celtic holiday.

  • Quotes

    • Spooky/Pleakley's Mother: I give you the best years of my life and this is the thanks I get?
      (Pleakley wails, Jumba walks in)
      Jumba: Oh, no, is Pleakley's worst fear!
      (Spooky transforms)
      Jumba: Is my worst fear! Ex-wife!
      Spooky/Jumba's Ex-Wife: (in thick Russian accent) When are you getting real job? It's not like you help around the house!

    • Spooky/Pleakley's Mother: Pleakley? How come you never call?
      Pleakley: Mother!

    • Jumba: (about 300) I hope he doesn't come here! Impression of ex-wife is veeery scary.

    • Nani: Now he's rearranging the furniture!

    • Jumba: Impossible. Nothing scares 6-2-6.

    • These are the house rules.
      Lilo: I stick with Stitch.
      Jumba: I look after little girl like she was delicate flower.
      Nani: And Pleakley...
      Pleakley: Dog food is for dogs, not little girls.

    • Nani: Lilo, Stitch is boarding up the windows!

  • Notes

    • When Toon Disney held a marathon to find the Top 10 episodes, this episode came in #3.

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)

      10/30/04, 10/29/05

      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Fri 01/02/04, Thu 02/26/04, Wed 04/21/04, Tue 06/15/04, Mon 08/09/04, Tue 08/24/04, Tue 10/019/04, Tue 10/26/04, Sun 10/31/04, Wed 12/15/04, Wed 12/22/04, Tue 01/04/05, Wed 02/09/05, Mon 02/28/05, Tue 05/24/05, Mon 06/13/05, Fri 09/09/05, Tue 10/11/05, Tue 10/18/05, Thu 10/20/05, Mon 10/31/05 (both time slots), Fri 12/09/05, Thu 01/19/06, Fri 03/10/06, Tue 04/04/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)


      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)


      Tue 11/01/2005, Thu 12/01/2005

    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> Jumba's ex-wife says to him "...until you are getting real job...." Hearing this dialogue, we can infer that genetic engineering is a science that either, pays low on planet Kweltekwan, is very outdated, or not well appreciated.

      --> We learn Nani is afraid of Lilo being taken away, Jumba is afraid of his ex-wife, and Pleakley is afraid of his mother.

      --> We learn Lilo is afraid of broccoli, clowns, and the scary house on the hill

      --> The song Lilo and Stitch sing to cure their fear is the song Nani sung to Lilo in Lilo and Stitch, in the hammock

      --> This episode, along with Holio, marks the first appearance of the series on the Disney Channel

      --> First aired in UK: 31st October 2003

      Halloween Costumes.

      Lilo --> Dead Hula Girl
      Mertle & Gang --> Princesses

      Jumba & Pleakey
      1 --> Ceaser & Cleopatra
      2 --> Rhett Butler & Scarlet Ohara

      Pleakey's 3rd costume --> Matadore

      Spooky's Transformations

      Cat --> to scare a mouse
      Dog Catcher --> to scare a dog
      Headless Lilo --> to scare Mertle & the gang
      Spider --> to scare Moses
      Water --> to scare Stitch
      Cobra Bubbles --> to scare Nani
      Clown --> to scare Lilo
      Mother --> to scare Pleakley
      Ex-Wife --> to scare Jumba

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      Name: Spooky
      Number: 300
      Pod Colour: Green
      Activated: When he rolls into a bucket of water.
      Function: Transform into your worst fear
      Gender: Male
      One true place: Scaring people on Halloween while haunting the creepy old house on the hill.

      Experiment Cameos: None
      Who is missing?: Gantu, Mr Hamsterveil
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

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