Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 0

Stitch: The Movie (VIDEO)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 26, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Stitch: The Movie (VIDEO)
Direct to Video. Pilot for Series While Stitch is trying to fit in on Earth, Dr. Hamsterviel has called Gantu to him to help him find the other 625 experiments. And, as luck would have it, Gantu knows where they are... On Earth.

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  • Some Say "Lilo & Stitch 2" is the Best Sequel to the first movie but "Sitich The Movie" Is the ONLY true Sequel...

    In the Turo sector Ex-Captain Gantu takes a job to Find the other 625 Experiments for Dr.Hämsterviel, Dr.Hämsterviel is Dr.Jookiba's Ex-Labpartner(As show in Leroy & Stitch they both graduated from Evil Genius University) He also Paid for The Experiments to be made. Back on Earth Stitch Can't seem to fit in with the other people on the Islands. Sure his new Found Ohana Loves him but He still feels like a Freak.Then Gantu abducts Jumba when he Wont tell him about the other 625 Experiments. Gantu Finds Only a Blue pod and rockets off (Stitch Trys to stop him but He still Gets away)in his brand new Space ship (Note His old Ship was destroyed in the first film) Stitch Highjacks Jumba and Pleakly's ship wich Starts a big Space Battle. Stitch almost Brings Gantu's ship down but He gets hit With a power draning beam and falls to earth. Pleakly Lilo And Stitch soon Find out About the other Experiments. Disobeying Pleakley Stitch and Lilo and hydrate Experiment 221(So they can power up the ship) a Yellow "Sparky" Experiment who Creates Power surgers He soon gets aways. As Guntu hydrates the pod he found He gets Experiment 625 who has all power the same as 626 But Dosent want to use them. Hämsterviel wants a ransom of the 624 experiments in return for Jumba. But with 221 gone it makes 623 experiments When Lilo&Stitch Find 221 now "Sparky" Stitch says he's his family. So When Hämsterviel was about to kill for not giveing he the experiments Cobra signal the Grand Councilwoman's ship. She Brings out the Big guns and is about to kill Hämsterviel and the experiments in pod form. 221 zaps the ship but Hämsterviel gets away. After a Hard time in the ship Lilo&Stitch gets away and back home(But they ad too drop The pods On to earth to get away) They now Have to Find and Turn good All 623 experiments to good.moreless
  • Stitch begins to enjoy his new lifestyle as pat of an ohana and being welcomed into the Hawaiian community. But when Gantu arrives one night and kidnaps Jumba to find out the location of the other 625 experiments, can Lilo and Stitch save them all?moreless

    This movie begins with Gantu being hired by Hamsterviel to find the remaining 625 experiments. Meanwhile Lilo, Stitch and the nearby residents are participating in a festival on the beach. Lilo tries to teach Stitch how to greet others in Hawaii, "aloha cousin". This results in faliure and disappointment. Soon after that, Gantu arrives and demands Jumba(who has created a storage for the dehydrated experiment pods) to tell him the locations of the other 625 experiments for Hamsterviel. He then results in kidnapping Jumba. Lilo and Stitch try to rescue him but they fail in doing so, and also activate Sparky to help repower Jumba and Pleakley's ship, only that Sparky escapes. Pleakley finds out that Hamsterviel is only willing to give back Jumba in exchange for the remaining 625 experiment pods. When hearing this, Nani calls Cobra Bubbles to help. Lilo and Stitch both figure out that the whole \"kidnap Jumba\" thing is all part of a plan by Hamsterviel to use the experiments to take over the galaxy. When they capture Sparky and arrive at the old lighthouse(the meeting point)they end up on Hamsterviel's ship, where each of them is about to get their just desserts. All looks lost until Sparky arrives to the rescue. Gantu accidentally releases the experiment pods on Kauai and he and 625(activated by Hamsterviel as part of a failed torture Jumba plan) end up crashing on Kauai and taking up temporary residence there. Hamsterviel gets sent to prison and Lilo and Stitch set out to find the remaining experiments. A great start to a great series!!!moreless
  • nothing special.

    this movie wasnt anything special and the animation wasent as good and the sotryline was rather boring,

    even though this movie was in french i can tell it wasent anything special the experiments that are seen being activated at the end of the movie never apear agai did anyone notice that?

    also jumba didnt really do much he couldve taken one step further in preventing gantu from getting the experiemnt pods by getting his plasma cannon he has and using it on gantu but he just lets gantu kidnap him and for most of the movie jumba is kept squashed up in the restraint ceiling on hamsterviels ship and lilo and stitch go looking for sparky fro a long time because he got away the only thing keeping this movie from being really short is the fact that stitch and lilo jumped onto hamsterviels ship after he got the experiments just before it took off and when gantu\'s ship crashed it left a trail of destruction wich seemingly disapears on the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Trivia- In this movie Lilo and Stitch started using cars to get around: they first stole Cobra Bubble's car to get around the island and then they took the buggy at the end of the movie which became their experiment catching car in the series

    • After the credits roll, Pleakley hopefully says to Jumba, "Hey! Maybe the Grand Councilwoman will let us go home with her this time!" Only to disappointed by hearing her ship launch.

    • C: Today's Experiments Info and Standard questions

      Names: Sparky and Experiment 625
      Numbers: 221 and 625, respectively
      Pod Colours: 221 green, 625 blue
      Activated: Sparky is activated by Stitch after he drops his pod in a bathtub full of water; 625 is activated by Gantu and Hamsterveil using a glass of water in an attempt to interrogate Jumba.
      Function: Sparky creates powerful lightning surges; 625 has all of Stitch's abilites but is too lazy to use them, only real talent is making sandwiches (he was intended to be Stitch, but came out flawed).
      Gender: Both male
      One true place: Sparky is used to generate electric energy for an abandoned lighthouse, 625 stays with Gantu.

      Experiment Cameos: Richter is shown only in pod form.
      Who is missing? None
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

    • When 625 is activated, he has nothing with him, so how does he make all those sandwiches out of nothing?

    • When looking for experiment 221 in the woods, the 2nd rock that Stitch looks under appears from nowhere.

    • When Hamsterviel first stands on the pile of books to reach Jumba, it is 19 books higher. Later on, when Jumba is talking on the phone, it is only 13 books high.

    • When Hamsterviel walks away from Lilo, the bottom book of the pile he was standing on rotates and changes colour.

    • The direction in which the lighthouse light rotates changes. When it first is powered up it rotates anti-clockwise. As the film's end credits start it is rotating clockwise (as viewed from above).

    • The color of one of the locks on the chest changes from black to red.

    • When Nani leaves, there is one of Lilo's drawings pinned to the bookcase next to the door (a face). When the "pizza" arrives, there are two (a person and a plant)..

    • When Gantu peers in through the window, the plant and box that used to be on the windowsill have vanished.

    • As Pleakley is cooking, David's t-shirt acquires a red logo.

    • When Nani hands over the cooler and the rest of the stuff, the red umbrella turns itself around.

    • After the beach buggy crashes, Jumba's seatbelt disappears.

    • At the end of the movie when some of the pods are being activated, there are two orange ones with the same number, and 2 balls 311 float past.

    • When Pleakley is tipped out of the chest, he is accompanied by lots of Lilo's toys. When Stitch activates the pod, the toys have vanished from the floor around Lilo and Pleakley's feet.

    • At the end, when the experiments are activated, there are 2 experiment 455s. [Mary (the fat experiment) and Jam (the bat experiment).]

    • In the first movie, the aliens all belonged to THE UNITED GALACTIC FEDERATION, but in this movie (and in the series), they belong to THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE.

    • HAMMERFACE is listed on the Disney site as Experiment 033 but in this movie when Lilo & Stitch stumble across him on the computer while trying to find an experiment to help them, he is listed as 124. Could there be two of them? We know that Hammerface is activated by Gantu in DUPE, but in THE ASTEROID there is another Hammerface, only Pleakley calls him HAMMERHEAD!
      EDIT: There is only one! Him being listed as 124 and being called Hammerhead was a mistake!

    • How did Gantu get his ship back? I thought it was destroyed in the first movie.

    • When Gantu captures Jumba in his ship, he is smaller than the container. However, in space when Stitch starts shooting the Gantu's ship, Jumba is much bigger than he was before

    • When experiment 625 said he only had cheese, if you look at his sandwich, it appears he has ham and mayo too.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Hamsterviel and Gantu see 625 eating sandwiches)
      Jumbaa: Funny thing, 625 has all powers the same as 626, even advanced language programming, unfortunately, he's also a lazy coward, but he makes good sandwiches.
      625: Ham or Tuna?
      Hamsterviel: Grrr! I AM IRKED!

    • Nani: While I was going out to dinner you went to Outer Space?!?!?!

    • Gantu: I don't want a sandwich!...Unless you have...egg salad.
      625: Nope, only cheese. Have you not been paying attention?

    • (Gantu bursts in when the computer detects a call being made in detention cell 2)
      Gantu: 625?! What's the emergency?
      625: (covers the receiver with his hand) I need to know our coordinates. I just got us a deal on a bunch of bologna.
      Gantu: Grrrrr...

    • Pleakley: Maybe the Grand Councilwoman will allow us to go home with her this time!
      (Councilwoman's ship takes off in background)
      Pleakley: I'll go get the wig.

    • Man: Who wants to cut the pineapple?
      (Stitch jumps up with chain saw, everyone runs for cover)

    • Lilo: You had coffee today, didn't you?
      Stitch: Coconut cake and coffee!

    • Lilo: Now, I made a chart of your badness scale.
      (Lilo holds up Sparky's chart; he appears to be approx. halfway between good and bad.)
      Lilo: As you can see, it's not as bad as Stitch's was.
      (Lilo pulls chart away to reveal the one she made of Stitch, in Lilo and Stitch. Stitch swells in pride.)

  • NOTES (13)

    • This movie was nominated for the 2004 Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Home Entertainment Production".
      This movie was nominated for the 2004 Golden Reel Award for "Best Sound Editing in Direct to Video".

    • The DVD cover art includes images of Experiment 221 [behind Lilo] and Experiment 625 [behind Stitch].

    • Opens with the Elvis song 'Slicin' Sand'.

    • DVD Features: Stitch in animated menu, Trivia challenge, Dr. Hamsterviel's "The Making of Stitch!", Experiment finder, Experiment gallery, Deleted scenes, Pilot of TV Series, Technical Specifications: Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, DTS 5.1 Digital surround sound, Family-friendly widescreen (1.66:1)- enhanced for 16X9 televisions, Spanish and French language tracks

      Running time: 64 mins

    • Has been said to lack the warmth the first film had, and is filled with a lot more action and chaos.

    • Some changes have been made to the characters, most obviously; Jumba. He has been made much fatter and his ears have been moved slightly down his face. Gantu's skin color has been lightened up, and he has also been drawn shorter. Lilo's pudgy face has been modified to stay the same, and she looks a little taller. Stitch has lost his dark blue fur color, and appeares that he is not flexible any more.

    • Sparky is repurposed to make the light in the lighthouse work

    • Some of the foreign DVD covers include images of experiments featured in the series too.

    • Gantu is much smaller than he was in Lilo & Stitch.

      Edit: Gantu's size varies constantly

    • The animation is the same as the series.

    • After Stitch's rejection at the beach party, when he is practising his 'hello', you can see the Ugly Duckling book open next to him.

    • Two new pods are shown. One is called 150 and the other is 411. Richter also is shown only in pod form.

    • UK release: 22 September 2003