Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 19, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • A lot of Shows do the Mind Swapper plot but with the Start of a New Character I thought Lilo & Stitch the Series did it Pretty Good.

    Lilo Frist meets New girl Victoria When Lilo Was selling lemonade that made people change colors. She finds out that Victoria will be Starting the Same hula school Lilo go's too. Lilo hopes that they Could be Friends But Mertle soons ruins it By calling her a Wierd-o. So Lilo fears that she has lost her Friend. So she plans to Have a Welcome pary/Lilo's Not Wierd pary. At Gantu's Ship He was sending Dr.Hamsterviel experiment 355. But things go Bad and 355 switches Gantu and Dr.Hamsterviel's minds. Dr.Hamsterviel is happy to be out of jail but soons hates Gantu's Walking fish body not fit for him. Lilo & Stitch were on there way to the new supper store to get Things for there Party. But They meet 355 and switch minds. Stitch(As Lilo) Go's to get a hair cut but ends up geting a freaky blue new look. Then Lilo(as Stitch) trys to Go to the store ..But the no Dogs can go in so she breaks in but the dog pound guys come she had to use all of Stitc's powers to get out. Now with a Bad hair cut no Party food and there Minds switched The party Failed. Just before It started Jumba and Pleakly Get switched. Mertle soon dubs it a wierd and asks Victoria to leave with then but she says she was having fun. Hamsterviel(as Gantu) comes too be switched back. And all ends well with Lilo Makes a New friend even one almost as Odd as her. They never said 355's true place but still a Great Episode
  • A new character and so rather cool out of body hijinks.

    Ah yes another staple of the cartoon media, the \"swapped bodies\" episode.

    A new girl named Victoria has moved into Lilo\'s town and the two hit it off rather well. However and typically Myrtle tries to ruin the newfound friendship by pointing out Lilo\'s weirdness. So Lilo resorts to having party to prove other wise. Unfourunatly a new experiment swaps Lilo and Stitch into each other\'s bodies. With the party looming can they pull off being each other till the problem\'s fixed.

    Heh a very well pulled off episode. While Lilo\'s adventure in Stitch\'s body was funny it was seeing Stith in her body that made it for me. Try as he might Stitch just can\'t seem to shy away from his animal nature (I was surprised he could do that roll move in her body, wow). Jumba and Pleakly of course find out what it like to be each other as do Hamsterviel and Gantu (which was rich to me as it about time that walking furball see how rough his employee has it). Also loved the way this one ended with Victora liking Lilo for who she was and not what other people think (Bite that Myrtle). Kinda shame Victoria didn\'t get more episodes throughout the series run though (Snooty was her next major episode and everything else was a cameo)

    Still though one of the better episode of the series and a good exercise of an old cartoon chestnut.
  • A girl named Victoria has moved to Hawii. Lilo wants to be friends so she has a party. Hearing the the theme Lilo is not wierd Mertle and her gang come to the party also. But when an experiment switches Lilo and stitch's brains, L&S must find way back.

    I thought this episode was very very good. I personally love episodes where charachters switch bodies. But I have some things that I thought about. If Stitch was so smart, why did he forget that Lilo wanted to have the haircutter to cut a little on the edges. Also, couldn't pleakley see that the that the blanket was on the container for a reason? I'ts just common sense. At the market, there were no dogs allowed so Lilo snuck in under a cart. Why didn't she just climb on the ceilin? Maybe she didn't know she could do that. This epidoe was GREAT nonetheless.
  • I loved it very funny I am telling it to you right in front of your freakin' face

    I loved this you would anticipate, you would wanna watch this episode again and again well at least in my opinion well the point is that this episode rocks I loved it especially the parts where they were swapped it is funny to hear Jumba's voice into Lilo's and Gantu appeared cuter with the Hamsterville voice.
  • Mind-switching, how often have you come across this? Nevetheless, as the other reviewer said, this episode was good.

    This episode's idea was quite unoriginal. What was? Switching bodies, everytime I see that my eyes begin to burn. We have seen this type of episode in Kim Possible, Teen Titans, Brandy and Mr Whiskers, the movie Freaky Friday, Lizzie McGuire, The Powerpuff Girls and many more.

    Why I gave the episode a mediocre rating 5.2 was because of the unoriginality of "finding out more about someone that you dont know" part. The good parts was that Lilo finally made a friend and Hamsterviel got what he deserved, to be Gantu. I laughed and am disappointed at the fact that Hamsterviel still wants the experiments. 625 never spoke in this episode at all, I wonder why? Overall, unoriginal yet strangely good.
  • This episode is the best after Snooty as is all of the second season of Lilo and Stitch. Featuring a wonderful storyline, interesting new characters, and some unexpected twists, this episode is clearly one of the better episodes of the Lilo and Stitch ser

    After Snooty, this episode was my favorite. This episode is the best season two premiere because it really starts out the season. Victoria joins the hula class and Lilo tries to show everyone that she isn't weird. And there's the excitement of Lilo and Stitch swapping brains. And of course, we also get another evil genius experiment and Gantu and 625 are out to get it as usual. Gantu switches brains with Hampsterviel making a nice twist and Jumb switches brains with Pleakley. Snooty, which is pretty much the sequel to this episode, is also very good.