Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Season 1 Episode 20

The Asteroid

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Dec 01, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Jumba says the asteroid squatter will be in a trance for 20 minutes (hypnotized by Swirly), the computer announces impact in 4 minutes.

      Therefore, the squatter should not have woken up until after the impact. He wakes up before the impact (to yell abuse at Earth).

    • Jumba refers to Experiment 529 (Digger) as "digging experiment" (no number no name, just function) yet in the next breath, Jumba refers to experiment 513 (Richter) as "experiment 513". Why would he have called digger "digging experiment" instead of his number?

    • Stitch's plan to destroy the asteroid never would have worked, because Richter never showed up.

    • Stitch smashed the globe and the hole was in North America but later, you see the hole in South America, it also changes size.

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  • Notes

    • Toon Disney held a marathon to honor the Top 10 episodes of this series. This episode made the #8 slot.

    • A: Airdates for channels other than The Disney Channel (US)

      1. ABCKIDS (Canada/US)

      02/21/04, 05/01/04, 07/03/04

      2. THE FAMILY CHANNEL (Canada)

      Sun 12/21/03, Sat 12/27/23, Tue 01/13/04, Mon 03/08/04, Fri 04/30/04, Thu 06/24/04, Wed 08/18/04, Sat 08/28/04, Thu 09/02/04, Fri 10/29/04, Mon 12/27/04, Thu 01/13/05, Sat 01/15/05, Fri 02/18/05, Wed 03/09/05, Wed 06/01/05, Tue 06/21/05, Mon 09/19/05, Thu 10/27/05, Mon 12/19/05, Fri 01/27/06, Tue 03/21/06, Thu 04/13/06

      3. DISNEY CHANNEL (Australia/NewZealand)


      Mon 11/07/05, Tue 11/22/05

      5. TOON DISNEY (UK)

      Fri 10/21/05, Sat 10/22/05


      To be added

    • B: Miscellaneous Notes

      --> Jumba's species eats by absorbing nutrients through the skin.
      --> Stitch hotwires and joyrides in the moon buggy. (He only stops because he runs into Cobra)

      --> EVACUATION: Lilo is seen telling, the ice-cream guy, a surfer dude, and Mertle & gang. Stitch is seen telling Sparky, Spooky, and Digger.

      --> Jumba places his ships hyperdrive in the Asteriod
      --> The asteroid will cause a LEVEL 12 colission
      --> We learn that Jumba's home planet is KWELTEKWAN
      --> Digger is #529
      --> Lilo rides Stitch across the ceiling
      --> Looks like the ice-cream guy will never get to eat his mint chocolate-chip ice-cream cone. (This rotound nameless, dialogue-less person with a tan and shades, in a singlet and shorts, has appeared in nearly every episode since the motion picure, always pictured with a mint chocolate ship ice-cream cone, and he always has the scoop fall to the ground before he can even get started on it.)

      --> The large colored clown wig that Stitch was wearing is the same one the Jumba was wearing in Clip.

      --> The scenes when the ship takes off and lands are all CG animated, making this the first episode to do so.

      --> First aired in UK: 28th October 2003

    • C: Today's Experiment Info and Standard questions

      There are no experiments to be captured in this episode.

      Edit: However it does show Stitch and some of his re-purposed cousins banding together for a cause.

      Experiment Cameos: Swirly, Sparky, Spooky, Kixx, Hammerhead and Digger.
      Who is missing?: Gantu, 625 and Dr. Hamsterviel
      Moral: Home is where ever you are.
      Nani's Job:
      Was the Buggy destroyed?:
      Character Nicknames

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