Lilo & Stitch: The Series

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  • Season 2 Episode 27: Leroy & Stitch (VIDEO)

  • How could Leroy have captured Glitch (Experiment 223) if he (Glitch) was imprisioned in Lilo's video game?
    Edit: He probably got him out of it.

  • Major Goof: Perhaps the biggest goof that occured in the movie was an animation error in the Aloha Oe musical. During the scene where the screen closes in on the experiments that are cheering during the song, if you play that scene slow enough you will see Angel and Bonnie's animation with major errors. Angel's lips seemed to have been oversized and her teeth has been removed, and Bonnie's eyelashes have been removed.

  • Goof: Leroy's uniform is ripped when he brings out his second pair of arms. However, when he poses as Stitch to fool Lilo, the holes made by Leroy's arms are gone, only to reappear in the next scene when Leroy is back to his normal self.
    Edit: Maybe since he can shapeshift into Stitch, he can also shapeshift away the holes.

  • Trivia- 625 (Reuben) reforms when Lilo names him, teaches him about Aloha spirit and gets him to help her fix Gantu's ship, Gantu reforms after Hamsterveil is really mean to him and Reuben explains Aloha spirit to him, Mertle is still somewhat mean but seems to be a little more accepting of Lilo in the end when she finds out the truth about her dog Gigi (experiment 007 I think) when Gigi talks

  • Cool Trivia- In order to defeat Leroy all 626 experiments, Lilo, Jumba, Pleakly and Gantu fight together and win by singing Elvis song "Aloha Oe"

  • How can Mr. Stenchy be back on Earth since Jumba sent him to live on Pleakley's home planet.

  • Trivia- 625 (Reuben) finally taps into his powers to help Lilo when she names him and tells him to make something of himself

  • During the credits a remake of Elvis Presley's hit song, "Don't Be Cruel" is sung by the girl group, Everlife, who are on the Disney label.

  • Angel and Reuben finally fight.

  • The final number in the film is "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley.

  • Ploot appears in his monster form...

  • Slimy is blue in this movie, instead of his normal color, green. This is the third color change for him, in Stitch! The Movie, he was large with dark green coloring, in the series he was small with lighter green, now he is a darkish-blue....

  • Phoon appears twice at the same time, in both her mutated form and her normal form...

  • Phoon makes an appearence... But why does she appear in her mutated form?

  • Leroy does not have a number.

  • Season 2 Episode 26: Snafu

  • Goof: When Lilo is updating her logbook of experiments who have found "their one true place", one of the photos yet to be placed in the book is of Zap (603). But Zap is still a prisoner of Gantu and at the end of the episode, we see him escape with the others, so it is not possible for Lilo to count him in the list of successfully rehabilated experiments.

  • Lilo said that they have 18 experiments to break out of Gantu's ship, but Gantu himself said he only had 17, not including Nosy.

  • In this episode, all of the experiments Lilo left to Gantu are rescued including Angel. After accidentally being set free after Hamsterviel was forced to send the experiments back to Gantu Nosy makes his way back to Lilo and Stitch and informs them that all of the experiments are now in Gantu's ship. They break in with the help of a bunch of other experiments and while they are caught Angel breaks out sets Stitch free and they free everyone else. Gantu is trapped by Snafu who is turned from bad to good by the touching moment when Stitch admits he loves Angel.

  • The "Angel" episode is revisited at the scene where Stitch fails to protect Angel.

  • After Plasmoid breaks Gantu's blaster, when Tank is eating it his teeth, and all the detail in his mouthe disapear!

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