Season 1 Episode 32

Resound, Lil' Pri's Song! Pri!

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2010 on
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Wish has invited Ringo, Leila and Natsuki to be on a live TV music program. The girls are excited to see Wish and other performers who they've only seen on TV rehearse right before them. Wish's rehearsal finishes and it's Lil' Pri turn. The girls take the stage as Wish watches from a corner. As they finally start singing, the studio lights suddenly go out leaving them in the dark. After a short time, the lights come back on and a woman faces and walks toward Lil' Pri. Her name is Yuuko Nakajou, an important figure known as the Princess of Enka. Yuuko approaches with an incredible aura, the intensity of which has the girls completely frightened. What Yuuko wants with the girls is...moreless

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