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AIRED ON 4/26/2016

Season 1 : Episode 22

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Limitless, the television series, can be considered a sequel to the feature film. Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) discovers the power of the mysterious drug NZT which allows him to access 100% of his brain, and he is then coerced into using his newly found drug-enhanced abilities for good by solving weekly cases for the FBI. Bradley Cooper will reprise his Limitless character for a recurring role. Unbeknowest to the FBI, Brian has also been taken under the wing of Cooper’s Edward Mora, who’s still a regular user of the drug and is now a senator and presidential hopeful.  The series also stars Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.  CBS TV Studios, K/O Paper Products and Relativity Media produce, with Bradley Cooper, Marc Webb, Craig Sweeny, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Heather Kadin, Todd Phillips, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley and Tom Forman executive producing.


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  • Jake McDorman

    Jake McDorman

    Brian Finch

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

    FBI Special Agent in Charge Nasreen “Naz” Pouran

    Jennifer Carpenter

    Jennifer Carpenter

    FBI Special Agent Rebecca Harris

    Hill Harper

    Hill Harper

    FBI Special Agent Spelman Boyle

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    • Love it!

      I love the premise and I'm very pleased that they continued the story from the movie and kept the soundtrack as well. Some solid special effects and use of camera for a network TV show.

      The best part about the movie was when Eddie Morra improved himself by learning all kinds of new things, which I'd like to see a lot more of on this show, that is, Brian developing new abilities and having fun with them.

      I'm a huge fan of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman who did Alias and Fringe and are now the executive producers for Limitless, and I have faith in their ability to make quality television.

      Note to the show runners: Brian's change while on NZT and what he does while on it, is the entire hook of the show, so any police procedure is utterly pointless in comparison to showing Brian's character development and reaction to NZT. We've all seen enough cop procedural's with a pseudo genius to last an eternity. (ie. The Mentalist, Elementary, Person of Interest, Chuck, Agents of Shield, Gotham, Bones, Minority Report, Castle and so on).

      I can see this show getting very stale very quickly if Brian doesn't forge his own path like Eddie Morra did, and use NZT for his own fun and games.

      Also, great to see the cast of Dexter on Limitless, maybe they'll bring the entire cast on by the end of the season; Laguerta, Batista, Masuka, Doakes... :)

      *Update: As much as I like the premise, I eventually lost interest with Limitless as it became repetitive and boring but I hope you guys still like it.moreless
    • An entertaining show to watch!

      For all who love criminal shows with a hint of comedy and not having a need for violence,

      this series is a welcome surprise.

      I really like the style it is being shot. The visualisations of Brians mind are excelling!

      Only downside were the last two episodes of season 1. Seems like the writers wanted to strike.
    • A fun ride with enough comedy, drama, and adventure for everyone.

      First off, watch the show regardless of whether or not it gets a renewal - the season finale isn't a cliffhanger and it wraps up nicely. For the show itself I was initially hooked by the premise and my enjoyment of the movie, of which the show and story directly launches from. The advertisements didn't do this show the justice it should of, advertising it as more of a dry dramatic action show rather than the fun adventure it was. Random episodes will flip the standard primetime show format on its head with a bit of whimsy, occasionally showing things from the perspective of different characters. If you want a 'fun' show, this is it.moreless
    • I hope

      I hope season 2 is on way. 2 god show to be cut of

    • Definitely TV material!

      It's the Freshest, Smartest, Funniest and most Talented televised movie on TV.

      Its talent is to transform the most ordinary cases into pure entertainment! It's a show that has no dull moments, a show that doesn't allow you to think, "oh, ok... I've seen that before!"

      LIMITLESS, is the definition of what good TV is all about!

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